Chapter 7- All In my mind

Spike was sure Faye Valentine was going to drive him out of his mind. Now that small bounties were coming in they were going their own ways.

She was still mad at the incident last week.

He'd actually believed that the less he saw her, his life would be less complicated. He thought that now that she was out of the bebop for a while, spending her money in casinos, he would keep his hormones in check, but it wasn't turning out that way.

She was on his mind night and day.

'Its because you haven't slept with her.' He thought over and over. 'If they'd gotten that out of the way he wouldn't feel the now constant ache.' He said to himself.

He would be halfway to being over her. Instead, he was sex deprived and sleep deprived. With every moment that passed, he felt himself more and more drawn to Faye's rowdy and mysterious ways. Her strength and determination to recover fully and to reclaim her shattered life.

He signed heavily, glanced up and suddenly realized that he was being stared at by Jet.

"What?" he demanded

"It's Faye isn't it?" he said with a knowing expression on his face.

Spike frowned "What are you talking about?"

"were you or were you not completely unaware that you have been standing here for the past ten minutes?" Jet said.

"Yes, but-"

"Were you or were you not occupied with the thoughts of our lovely houseguest?"

"I don't have to answer that."

With that Jet turned around shaking his head headed to the kitchen. On his way there he stopped and winked an eye at spike. "I rest my case."

Spike took out a cigarette and placed it in his mouth. "Shut up Jet."

Jet heard this from the bebop's kitchen and responded. "I wont take that seriously, but if you're going after Faye are you finally forgetting about Julia?"

'What was it about Faye? She was nothing like Julia who was almost like the only women he could ever love. He was used to mild chatter and easy flirting. But Faye was a conflict all on its own.'


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