"C'mon Spence, hold him." JJ urged her friend, offering her newborn."You aren't going to break him." JJ smiled encouragingly at Reid.

"If he breaks my gorgeous godson, I will break him." Garcia threatened from the doorway, where she was standing with Morgan.

"See that right there," Reid pointed an accusing finger at Garcia, "is just one more reason why I shouldn't hold Henry, that and I'm now good with kids. I know nothing about children!"

JJ rolled her eyes. She wouldn't believe that Reid knew absolutely nothing about kids. He knew something about everything, "Support his head." JJ told him, placing Henry in Reid's surprised arms.

JJ pushed her hair out of her eyes so she could see her son and stopped. She felt like a ton of bricks had just dropped on top of her - breathless and paralyzed. She was used to the heart pounding, sweating and the somersaults that her stomach did whenever Reid came near, but she had never felt anything like this. This was like a bolt of lightning.

The sight of Reid holding the baby she had carried for nine months made a warm feeling spread through her. She smiled when Reid did, except she was smiling at him, while he was smiling at Henry. Reid smiled a peaceful at the small wide-eyed baby. Henry waved a hand in the air, and JJ let out a small laugh as he grabbed a small handful of Reid's long hair and gurgled.

Will tightened his arm around JJ's shoulders, and she jumped, having been lost in the moment. "For a guy who knows nothing about children, he looks real comfortable with Henry." Will whispered in her ear.

"Yeah," she agreed, just as softly, fixing the image of Reid swaying Henry in his arms, Henry's hand still tangle in his hair, in her mind.

Will put a hand over hers and she let him hold it, allowing her baby's father a few more moments of comfort. She hated herself for what she knew she had to do, but it would be unfair to Will to let him think that their relationship could really go anywhere. For nine months the man beside her had done nothing but wait on her hand and foot, and while she would always be grateful for his support, she didn't love him. At least, not in the way she thought she did.

She loved Spence. Tall, gawky, awkward, looked completely at home with a -her- baby in his arms, Spencer Reid. She didn't know why she didn't acknowledge it sooner. Maybe if she had, she could have saved Will this pain. JJ had made that mistake, though, and she would cross that bridge when she came to it. All she knew now for sure is that she needed to this. Reid with her baby in his arms. Them, together, as a family.

"He's asleep." Reid whispered, giving the sleeping infant back to his mother.

"Time for a picture," called Garcia. She ran into the room with a pink bedazzled camera. She smiled, "Cheese!" She announced, and the flash went off.

When JJ looked at that picture months later, she would laugh. The picture had been of her, sleeping Henry and Reid. You couldn't even tell that Will had been anywhere near her at the time the photo was taken. It was just her smiling, with Reid standing protectively over her and Henry. Later, JJ would wonder, how did Garcia know what I was thinking?

Years later, after JJ and Reid married, JJ would tell him that the moment she knew she was truly in love was when he held Henry for the first time.

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