We are back. My friends really wanted us to do another Byakuya and Gin Story. We had to get some other friends to help us out. This story may have a slight BDSM theme. But we will try to keep as slight as possible. Enjoy

The Captains were walking out of the morning meeting. The thirteen Captains were complaining about the same information being told over and over again.

Aizen noticed Gin walking away.

"Ichimaru-taichou, How are you today?"

"Ahh, I am well and you?" Gin responded politely to the Fifth Division Captain.

"I am also well," Aizen respond cordially. "The weather is nice today. A nice day for a stroll through the park. May I accompany you to your division?"

Gin smiled and nodded. The two walked off toward the third division.

"How much you wanna bet that Gin will be sitting at his desk by the time we pass, Ukitake?" Shunsui asked his friend. The two men watched as Gin and Aizen walked away.

"You know that I will not bet with you on that. Besides, we both know how it will turn out," Ukitake said to his friend.

Gin and Aizen walked in silence until they got the Third Division entrance.

"Thank you for walking me to my division. I hope that you enjoy your day." Gin smiled and bowed. He turned and walked to the door. He turned; waived at Aizen and walked in his building.

Aizen stood with a dumbfounded look on his face. Shunsui and Ukitake walked up beside Aizen.

"Hey, don't give up. I see Gin slowly giving in to your attempts. Why don't you ask him out? What is the worst thing he can say? No?" Shunsui smiled and he slapped Aizen on the back. The three continued to walk. "Aizen, please come and talk with me sometimes. Drinks will be on me." Shunsui laughed.

The men walked until they got to the Fifth division. Aizen bowed; exchange greetings and walk into his division. The two Captains looked at each other; sighed and continued to walk.

As they walked past the Sixth Division, they bump into its captain, Byakuya Kuchiki. He stopped and bowed to the elder captains.

"Good day, Ukitake-taichou, Kyoraku-taichou."

"Good day to you, Kuchiki-taichou. How are things with you?" Ukitake asked.

"Fine," the noble captain answered in his monotone voice. "Good day." He bowed and left the two gentlemen.

"That young man always seems so sad, since his wife died," Ukitake said.

"Yeah, he needs to get a good. . . . ."

"Please do not talk about me like I need help or at least wait until I am gone," Byakuya said with his back to the elders. He then continued to walk away.

"I always wonder about him," Ukitake said.

The two men walked away.

Gin sat at his desk. He was going over the stacks of paperwork on his desk. His head very seldom looked up from the paperwork. Although Gin was considered a child genius in school, the paperwork is something that stumped even the best of the captains. Gin placed his paper down and also his pen. He sat back and thought about what he was going home to. An empty place. He was lonely but he liked it that way.

Gin grew up alone, so not having many friends did not bother him. Although everyone tried to include him in their plans, he always turns them down and proceeds to go home. Although Matsumoto is a childhood friend, he knew that he had to keep his distance because her mouth would carry news quicker than a hell's butterfly.

"Ichimaru-taichou? Are you okay?"

"Yes, Kira-fukutaichou. Are you getting ready to leave?"

"Yes. Is there anything else you need?"

"No. Enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow," Gin said. He picked up his pen and proceeded to go over his paperwork. He heard Kira walk out the door. A few seconds later, he heard Kira and his friend Renji Abarai talk about going out drinking. They laughed and talked loudly until their voices faded out. Gin worked for a few more hours until he was tired of signing. He got up and placed the completed papers on Kira desk.

He was walking out of the division door when he bumped into Byakuya Kuchiki.

"Good Evening Kuchiki-taichou."

"Good Evening Ichimaru-taichou, how are you this evening?"

"Well and yourself?"

"Well, thank you. You enjoy the rest of your evening, Ichimaru-taichou," Byakuya said and continued to walk away. Gin watched him until he was out of his sight. Gin started to walk away until he looked up and saw Aizen. He stopped and spoke to him.

"Aizen-taichou, here to walk me home?"

"I can, if you like. I was hoping that you have dinner with me. Would you be so kind?" Aizen asked with a look of hope that Gin would say yes.

"Well, since you asked so nice, why not." Gin said as he started to think that it was not a good idea. The two went out the gate and to a restaurant.

Inside restaurant, the two captains sat a table and ordered drinks. Gin sipped on his drink. Aizen gulped his down and ordered another. As Aizen ordered his third drink, Gin wanted to order something to eat. The waitress took their order and Aizen started to talk to Gin.

"Why did you decide to come out with me tonight?" Aizen said as he focused on Gin.

"You asked so politely and how could I refused," Gin said in a sarcastic voice. "You walk me home every night and ask, so tonight I thought it would be no harm."

"Well, I want to thank you."

The waitress brought their food and Gin ate but was careful to eat too much. He did not like eating out much. They both ate in mostly silence with only division gossip to speak of.

At the end of the meal, Gin asked for the check. Aizen insisted but Gin won out. Gin paid the check and they both walked out the restaurant. Aizen walked Gin toward his home. Aizen asked if he would like to have a late drink at his house. Gin nicely refused but Aizen was insistent. Gin then told him no and Aizen grabbed his arm. Gin tried to pull away but forgot how powerful Aizen. Aizen pulled him closer to him.

"You will come home with me and have that drink. You will not make a scene here and you will obey me," Aizen said to Gin as the grip became tighter around Gin arm. Gin tried to squirm away but could not. "Do you understand me?" Aizen hissed in Gin ear. Gin shook his head yes.

Aizen loosen his grip and proceed to escort Gin to his house.

When they arrived, Aizen made Gin stand in the middle of the room. "Don't try to leave. I know your moves better than anyone else. I will get you before you get out the door," Aizen said in a very low voice. Aizen was walking around the room while talking to Gin.

As Gin stood there, he was not scared but he was nervous. He did not think Aizen would hurt him. He just did not know what to expect. He heard Aizen come close to him and recite a binding spell and Gin felt his hands tied behind his back.

"Aizen, what are you doing?" Gin yelled. Before he knew it a ball gag was placed in his mouth and tied behind his head. Gin tried to break away but then the blindfold came over his eyes.

"Be still and it won't hurt," Aizen whispered in his ear.

Gin nerves started to go off the meter. He felt a pull on the gag like it was a leash on it. Gin followed the pull. Gin felt him being pulled into another room.

"You can try to send out all the reiatsu you want to. No one can feel or read it. This is a protected room. No one knows you are here.

As Gin felt he was pulled in to another room, he heard a door close.