Well, this will be our last Byakuya and Gin. My friend wants to put Gin to rest. My Friends want us to do a Yumichika story or a Kira story. It will be hard for me because I like Gin but I am a typist and they come up with some great ideas. So, thank you guys for all of the support and hopefully we can come up with a good series for Yumichika. One of my friends said we owe her a Kira/Shuhei story. We got enough to keep us out of trouble for a while. We want to thank you and enjoy.

Byakuya worked late into the night. He had not heard anything from Gin. He was about to go check on Gin when he appeared in the doorway. He could tell that Gin was upset and probably read about his thoughts of his attack.

"I was raped?"

"Yes you were."

"Did I know who?" Gin asked as he fell to his knees. Byakuya walked over to help Gin off the floor.

"Yes, you did. It was Iba. We have him in jail but with your amnesia, we may not be able to prosecute him. But for now, he is in jail," Byakuya said and he held Gin tight.

Gin became very angry. "I hope he burns in hell," he yelled at Byakuya. "I hope he burns in hell." Byakuya told him that they will get through this together. He held onto him until Gin calmed down.


Gin did not sleep well. He held on to Byakuya all night. Half way through the night, Gin fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up, Byakuya was dressed and walking out of the door. He turned and spoke to Gin.

"Good Morning, Gin."

"Good Morning, Master. I'm sorry if I kept you up last night."

"You didn't keep me up. I slept well and I think you slept well also. I have a captain's meeting so I will see you later today." Byakuya walked out of the room.

-------Captains Meeting-------

Byakuya was the last one to walk through the door. All the captains became quiet. The commander called the meeting to order.

"Last night, Iba died in his sleep. We do not know of him being ill. Since he has passed the case of the kidnap and attack of Gin Ichimaru has been suspended until we are able to locate Sosuke Aizen," the commander said.

"It is strange that Iba is dead. I guess that makes you happy that Gin does not have to face him," Soifon said as she looked at Byakuya.

"Are you insinuating that I had something to do with Iba's death?" Byakuya said as he flashed an angered look at her.

"Where were you last night, Kuchiki taichou?" she yelled.

"How dare you ask me that question? I do not have to answer." Byakuya said in a strong monotone voice. He was prepared to do a battle of will with Soifon.

"Quiet. Soifon taichou, if you have any information that would shed some light on Iba's death, please let us know," the commander barked.

Soifon backed down. Byakuya stared at Soifon with a icy glare. She backed down further.

Gin lay in the bed for a few more minutes. He got out of the bed, and started his routine of his chores and tasks that Byakuya had set for him to do. After he was through, he went outside and started to draw. He caught himself day dreaming about what he read in the journal. He tried to write in his new journal but he could not concentrate. He was not in the mood. He was staring into space when he heard a voice.

"You must have a lot on your mind if you did not feel me coming close to you," Byakuya said as he sat next to Gin. "What is on your mind?"

"I know you love me but did you ever fall in love with me?" Gin asked as he looked in Byakuya eyes.

"Yes, I did."

"Do you love me now?"

"Yes, I do." Byakuya said as he looked at Gin trying to follow where these questions was leading.

Gin looked him straight in his eyes. "I remember falling in love with you and I know that I love you. But I want to know if I changed after the rape?"

"No, you did not. I did." Byakuya lowered his head. "I became very protective. I did not want you to be hurt anymore. I vowed to myself that no one would ever touch or hurt you again. My feelings for you have gone beyond our first contract."

There was a moment of silence between the two. "What are you working on?" Byakuya asked as he tried to pull the drawing from Gin's hand. "When did you start this one?"

"Today. It's not close to being finished. It is a drawing of you." Gin smiled as he was started to work on the drawing again. "You know, I want to remember so bad so that I can face him and make him pay for what he did to me."

"In the meeting this morning, it was announced that Iba died last night in his sleep."

Gin looked at him. "W..What? Iba is dead?" Gin was surprised. He looked at Byakuya. He reached out for Byakuya's hand. Byakuya grabbed his hand and pulled Gin closer to him. Gin placed his head on Byakuya's shoulder.

"I know that you wanted this to end but not this way. Now you can put this behind you and start to build your life from this point on," Byakuya said and he hugged Gin. Byakuya had a smile on his face. His started to think about last night.

He knew how upset Gin was about reading his last journal. He was able to place Gin into a deep sleep. He left out of the room and went to the cell that held Iba. He hypnotized the guard at Iba's cell into a trance and walked in the cell. He hypnotized Iba into choking himself. It looked as though Iba could not breathe and he just died in his sleep. When Iba was dead, he walked out of the cell and instructed the guard to go to sleep and wake up in one hour. He returned home and got back in the bed with Gin and fell asleep.

"Your case is in suspension until Aizen is found. But I do not think that Aizen will ever come around this area again," Byakuya said with an evil smile on his face.

He knew Aizen would not come back to face charges. Aizen was dead. When Gin was in the hospital, Byakuya searched for Aizen. Being a Master in the lifestyle, he knew where to look for Aizen. When he found Aizen, he knew that Aizen like to use his power of hypnosis but he knew that his power was stronger than Aizen. He knew that he could not only hypnotize but also the make people do his will. When Aizen tried use his zanpakuto, he countered with his own hypnosis and made Aizen fall on his sword. He stood there and watched Aizen die. He made sure that he was the last person Aizen saw before he died. He made sure he knew why he was dying.

After a few minutes of silence, Gin looked at Byakuya and smiled.

"Master, I am ready to go in. I am ready to put my collar on again. I am to be yours again."

Byakuya smiled and kissed Gin's forehead. They got up, walked across the courtyard and went to their playroom. Byakuya walked in and Gin followed and closed the door.