Evangelion: X-treme Measures

Chapter 1: Outside Help

In the halls of the secret underground base of NERV Shinji Ikari, Asuka Sohryu, Rei Ayanami, Misato Katsuragi, and Ritsuko Akagi were walking to the office of the Gendo Ikari.

"What's the commander want with us anyway?" Asuka asked offhandedly.

"He said he had something to discuss with us, dealing with security measures." Misato answered.

A week earlier a group of terrorist attempted to kidnap the children. The children were unharmed but were chased for well over ten minutes before Section Two actually responded. Luckily the pilots were able to avoid the would-be captors by ducking into alleyways and cutting through parks to avoid them. The commander was furious over the incompetence of the so-called security force of NERV.

Especially when it endangered the life of his "precious" Rei. Ritsuko thought bitterly.

The bottle blonde doctor found herself becoming more and more bitter and angry towards the world. She blamed this on her 'visits' to the commander and his seemingly uncalled for aggression towards her. Ritsuko was currently covering the proof of her lates visit with some make-up on her jaw. She hated herself for going to him but something in her kept sending her back, and each time Gendo had sent her with a bruise and her feeling dirty.

The group reached the large doors that led to the dark, grim office of the equally so commander.

They knocked and got a very cold.

"Come in." in response.

They entered and saw the dark man sitting at his large desk, Fuyutsuki was standing beside him as usual, along with Section Two Squad A, the very squad that had almost lost the pilots, standing on one side of the room. Our group decided to stand on the other side of the room away from the large, suit clad men.

"It has come to my attention that the ability of our current security force is inefficient." Gendo started. He looked toward the men standing on the far side of the room. "And to compensate for this inability to do the job handed to them, I am firing the pilots personal squad and getting outside help."

The group of Section Two agents looked up at the commander shocked they had just been fired and were being replaced. The pilots along with the two women were surprised by the turn of events, and glad about them. They had always been extremely annoyed by Section Two's incompetence, and had wanted better bodyguards for the pilots and the base which not long ago had been disabled by someone causing a blackout in the entire base during an Angel attack.

"The new security detail will arrive in two days, until then the pilots will remain at the base. Dismissed." Gendo stated.

Both groups left the man's office. Asuka had a complete bitch fit over the fact she had to stay here for two days.

"I WILL NOT STAY HERE FOR TWO DAYS!!" Asuka yelled in the NERV break room, where Misato and Ritsuko had taken the pilots to discuss sleeping arrangements.

"Yes you will Asuka." Misato said going into her 'Major Mode' tone of voice. "We can't risk you or any of the other pilots when you have no escort."

"We did perfectly fine when those idiots at Section Two were guarding us!" Asuka countered.

"Let her go Misato, with any luck she'll get taken by slave traders. I hear a pretty German gets a nice price on the black market." Ritsuko said with obvious annoyance in her voice. The occupants in the room looked at the blonde scientist in shock at her bluntness, including Asuka.

"OH! Fine! I'll stay here at this stupid base!" Asuka said stomping out of the room heading towards the barracks that NERV rarely used but had incase of lock down built them. The other two pilots eventually left also, to get ready for bed.

"Thanks for earlier Ritz. Asuka can be a handful, but I think that scare made her be quiet." Misato said sitting next to her college friend, who was currently typing at her laptop.

"It wasn't a scare. I really hope the little bitch gets kidnaped. She's not that hard to replace." Ritsuko said. Not once looking up from her laptop.

Misato stared at her friend with wide eyes. She stood up abruptly, which caught Ritsuko's attention.

"You know if I knew you'd eventually become some bitter old woman, I don't think we'd be friends ." Misato said without looking at Ritsuko before leaving the break room.

"M-Misato! Wait!" Ritsuko tried to talk to her friend but she was gone. Ritsuko knew she was becoming bitter but if she was bitter enough that Misato was rejecting her something was wrong in her life.

Duh She thought.

Of course something was wrong with her life. She was helping Gendo Ikari, a man she was sleeping with, but showed her not one ounce of kindness, destroy the world so he could be reunited with his dead wife.

A lump formed in Ritsuko's throat. She was going to help destroy the world, kill millions of people, and for what! She wasn't getting anything!

The only reason she didn't do something to deify Gendo and his plan was because either Gendo or SEELE would kill her if she didn't do what they said, and as much as Ritsuko hated what she was doing; she wanted to live more than stop it.

Ritsuko felt something wet on her face. She brought her hand up and felt.


In the years that followed her mother's death and since she had been helping Gendo, Ritsuko had cried not once. It made her feel weak. And now that she was crying, she felt just that-weak-hopeless, lost, scared, tired of trying to cover up her feelings of insecurity she couldn't take it. She wouldn't. Ritsuko held herself and cried herself to sleep that night, in the NERV break room, alone.

Two Days Later

The same group from two days prior along with Gendo and Fuyutsuki were currently walking to the NERV heli-pad to meet the new security force. Gendo had let no detail about who the team was or where they came from get out. The whole group was curious about who would be guarding the pilots.

They came up to the heli-pad just in time to see a large military helicopter land on the concrete slab. The NERV crew walked up to the helicopter and when the rotors stopped spinning the back ramp lowered and out came a US military colonel, according to his uniform, of middle age with a crew cut, and dark aviator sunglasses that covered his eyes completely. He walked over to Gendo and saluted.

"Commander Ikari. It's nice to finally meet you." The colonel said extending his hand.

"It nice to meet you to Col. Stryker. I'll leave the group to you." Gendo said. Not accepting the hand and walking back into NERV base Fuyutsuki following close behind. The colonel seemed shaken but shook it off and faced our group of pilots along with Misato and Ritsuko.

"Well." He said with a smile. "I guess the man in charge of the organization that's going to save the world is busy. My name is Colonel William Stryker, US Military, head of the Weapon X program." He said extending his hand to the two adults who this time shook his hand.

"Weapon X? Never heard of it." Asuka said in tone that said 'If I've never heard of it then it's useless'.

"Special branch of the US Army, controlled by the United Nations, top secret, even to evangelion pilots. Specializing in Anti-terrorist and other special operations. When we heard about NERV needing new bodyguards for the children that will save the earth we jumped right on it." He said with a tone that said 'You ain't shit so shut up'.

"I guess I should introduce the team." Colonel Stryker said turning towards the helicopter, just in time to see a Korean man descending down the ramp, dressed in a white dress shirt, black tie, black slacks, black shoes, and a pair of nice looking pistols on either shoulder in a holster.

"This is David North. Codename 'Zero'. Expert Marksman, and my second in command." Colonel Stryker told the group

"Call me Zero please. Pleasure to meet you." He said extending his hand.

Next a large, lumbering man in a black coat with large side burns and deadly looking claws extending past his finger tips.

"Victor Creed, Canadian, expert tracker, and..." Stryker paused to look at his claws. "Very unique individual."

"Hey." Victor said in a dark voice that unnerved the pilots and the two women.

Victor noticed Shinji staring at his claws.

"Don't worry kid. The only way your gonna see me use these is when someone messes with yah." Victor said holding his hand up, and chuckled when Shinji shivered slightly.

"Next we have." Stryker started and turned to see an African-American man in a hat and sunglasses, walking down with a man probably about Misato and Ritsuko's age, with spiky, brown hair, a red tank top on and twin katanas on his back.

"John Wraith and Wade Wilson." Colonel Stryker said.

"Ev'ning." Wraith said tipping his hat.

"Howdy." Wade said tipping an imaginary hat to mock Wraith, John took it in with a laugh.

"Um, excuse me." Asuka said with her hands at her hips. The two group sturned to look at her.

"These goofs don't exactly look like military personnel. How are they gonna protect us? They look like a bunch of amatue..." Asuka saw a flash out silver and noticed one of her bangs were missing. She looked up and saw Wade had a sword out and a smirk on his face.

"Haircut?" He said with sarcasm. Suddenly John Wraith was replaced by a cloud of smoke and a BAMF!

"Sorry miss." John said now behind Asuka, startling her. "But Wade doesn't like his skills being down played."

"But my mouth you can down play. Cause I talk all the time, seriously all the time. Just yack yack yack yack-OW!" Wade replied before being smacked by a large, muscular man with a tattoo on his arm. Beside him was a scrawny, blonde man, who looked rather nervous.

"Fred Dukes and Chris Bradley." Colonel Stryker told the group.

"Geez, Fred you got a fat hand!" Wade yelled out.

"What was that? A joke about my weight?" Fred said.

"No not at all Shamoo." Wade said with a smile.

"WHY YOU LITTLE!" Fred yelled in fury, with a fist raised.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Wade screamed comically. He ran right past the group, dodging Dukes punch, and headed towards NERV HQ, all the while screaming.

"AH! LOOK OUT! KING KONG'S ON THE LOOSE! RUN!" He screamed running at full speed.

"GET BACK HERE WADE!" Fred yelled after him.

The two groups looked on in either amusement or embarrassment.

"We're actually more disciplined than we look." Chris said with a look of amusement.

Author's Notes-

Sparky Storm: Ah, here it is the first chapter of my Wolverine Origins/ Evangelion Crossover.


1) I won't use all the Angel fights after this, they'll still happen but it will be mentioned unless I can figure out a way for the Weapon X team to help somehow.

2) Wolverine will appear and he will have adamantium just not now.

3) There will be couples. They will be Maya and Chris, and... that's all I got so far.

Wade: Can I have the blonde?

Spark Storm: Uh. You want Ritsuko?

Wade: Hell yeah! Kinda reminds me of a young Bea Arthur.

Sparky Storm: I don't know.

Wade: I'll give you twenty bucks.

Sparky Storm: (Blinks) Ritsuko, your gonna date Wade in the story!

Ritsuko: What!?

Sparky Storm/Wade: Gotta Go!