Evangelion: Xtreme Measures

Chapter 8: I Need Your Help Ms. Katsuragi

It had been a crazy week. Gendo dead. Hikari a mutant. New commander. It was a lot for the secret organization to handle. Especially the purple haired Major AKA paperwork dump, Misato Katsuragi.

She was currently walking down to the new commander's office. He had called her specifically to discuss something. So far Misato's impression of the new commander was that he was a vast improvement over the looming evil of Gendo. But in some ways he was worse. With Gendo you had the feeling of confronting some sort of evil, an easy to identify evil. But Commander Lensher, he was a different story.

He had an unsettling presence but also a trusting presence. It was like being with two different people.

Misato reached the doors of the commander's office. She knocked.

"Come in." Came the refined voice of Lensher.

Misato did so and took in the newly redecorated office. It was completely different then before the dark walls and ceilings were now painted a dull white, and the place was lite brightly. The furniture was now a glass and metal desk with a computer on it, two white chairs were settled in front of it for any guest in the office. A book shelf and small music player playing classical music lightly were also present.

Eric Lensher was looking over a book he was unpacking when he turned to Misato.

"Not to speak ill of the dead but the former commander had extremely poor taste." He said closing the book. "So some reconstructing was needed."

Misato nodded but other than that didn't comment.

"Please sit down." Lensher said while waving a hand at the chairs in front of his desk as he sat down himself.

Misato did so and stood of straight in the chair.

"You wanted to talk to me sir?" She said professionally.

Lensher looked at the young woman in front of him for a moment.

"There is something terribly wrong inside of NERV Ms. Katsuragi." He said in that cold voice.

"What do you mean sir?" Misato asked.

Lensher looked up at her and raised himself out of his chair.

"I trust you've gained knowledge about the pilot's bodyguards Major." He said walking towards the music player.

"Yes they're mutants." She commented shortly.

"Tea?" He said from the small dresser the music player sat on stirring himself a cup.

"No thank you sir."

Lensher finished making his tea and turned around. He didn't say anything he merely sipped and looked at Misato. The silence was uncomfortable and awkward for Misato. She wanted to say something but Lensher interrupted her.

"Take out your gun Ms. Katsuragi."

Misato was confused but did so. She held up her handgun and had the handle out towards the white haired man because she assumed he wanted it.

"Thank you." He said waving his hand. The gun flew out of her hand and stopped a few feet in front of her. It floated aimlessly for a few seconds before it started flying slowly towards Lensher. She with all the things she had seen in her life she was still speechless at the display. The hunk of metal slowly floated into the elderly man's hand before he grasped it with a powerful hand.

"You humans and your guns." He mocked.

"You're a mutant!" Misato said without anything else to say.

"Yes. Speechless Ms. Katsuragi?" He again mocked with his overbearing power.

Misato ran over the information the current conversation had displayed. And a few gears clicked in her mind over what Lensher had been hinting at.

"Does this have something to do with Team X?" Misato asked instantly going into Major Mode.

"Only one of them. Colonel Stryker is a man who has convinced himself that he is fighting monsters, and when you fight monsters you become one yourself." Lensher said.

Misato listened intently to the old man.

"Mutants were not caused by Second Impact. They existed long before and even with a decreased population they'll exist long after that incident has become a thing of the past. I was a young man who met another mutant by the name Charles Xavier. We both wanted to ensure the survival of our kind. But our perspectives on the subject were vastly different." Lensher leaned his head down in a solemn memory.

"Due to past experiences I was sure that humans would try to exterminate us and I was willing to fight to ensure that wouldn't happen. Lives of innocents be damned." Lensher said coldly.

Misato was suddenly feeling much more uncomfortable then she was before. This man just said he had no problem killing people and she was unarmed against a man who clearly could do her harm.

"Charles had a much different opinion. He thought we could help the world and then we could be accepted. I thought him a fool. For many years we fought with our own groups and our own powers trying to get to our own goals...never once realizing they were the same." Lensher continued becoming more melancholy.

Misato realized this man and the one he told her about were two different ones. The same name but two different times.

"What happened to Xavier?" Misato asked.

Lensher smiled sadly at Misato and sighed.

"During Second Impact my friend lost his life."

Misato could see tears line the eyes of the older man.

"No matter how many people I killed in my younger years an event like Second Impact will take the fight out of a person. After that I promised to make Charles' dream a reality as peacefully as possible." Lensher finished his story by folding his hands.

Misato ran over the information she was given by the mutant. He seemed sincere and she certainly knew what he meant by "take the fight out of a person"; hell Ritsuko still joked about her excess talking because she was mute for all those years.

"What does this have to do with Stryker?" Misato asked getting back to the situation at hand.

"Before Charles and I began our personal war on each other we tried working together, started a school. To help mutants control their powers. Stryker sent his son, Jason, there." Lensher said.

"STRYKER'S SON WAS A MUTANT!" Misato shouted completely suprised.

"Yes." Lensher said digging in his ear to stop the ringing.

"I dealt with a mutant that called himself 'Banshee', had a sonic scream that could turn walls into ruble. Never once did I have ringing in my ears after being near him." Lensher joked.

Misato glared at the mutant commander but said nothing.

"Indeed he was a mutant. He could put images and situations in people brains directly. Both Charles and I tried to help the boy but his most prominent problem wasn't control...it was anger. He had a certain hatred towards his parents because they sent him to us, 'like a freak' he sometimes said. Stryker wanted us to 'cure' his son not help him, when he realized that he brought young Jason home. That was probably the worst thing he could probably ever do." Lensher retold the story of the young illusionist.

"Why, what happened?" Misato asked. Lensher looked towards her with a knowing glance.

"When someone has power over someone else they can abuse it. Jason did just that. His father went to work one day and while he was out Jason made his mother experience the most horrible images he could possibly conjure." Lensher looked up to punctuate the sentence. "It took a power drill to make them stop."

Misato gasped and covered her mouth. How horrible to be killed by your own son.

"Stryker found his wife and son. That's where Charles and I lost any further information on Jason. For all I know he's dead. After Second Impact Stryker got what he wanted most. A way to kill mutants. The team of bodyguards knows nothing of most of it."

"What do you want me to do?" Misato asked.

"Nothing really. You know the bodyguards better than I do, if I try to interact with the bodyguards too much Stryker will become suspicious. I just need the information: which bodyguards are truly loyal to Stryker?" Lensher said leaning over the desk, looming over Misato.

Misato sat in her chair and thought for a moment.

"With Victor gone the only person really loyal to Stryker is Zero; Fred and Wrath seem to just be around to stay out of trouble with Stryker; Bradley is afraid of Stryker more than anything else; and Wade is only with Stryker so he can be himself, but Ritsuko pretty much has him wrapped around her little finger." Misato ran down the list of mutants that surrounded the colonel.

"And what about the Wolverine?" Lensher inquired.

"Logan? He's here to kill Victor the next time he sees him, Stryker is just room and board." Misato revealed.

Lensher stared at Misato for a minute solid before smiling and leaning back.

"Thank you Ms. Katsuragi. That's all I need."

"Really?" Misato was incredulous that all of this was just about her being a character witness.

"Yes my duties to NERV are second to trying to bring down Stryker but that is something that I can't do in a day so you can return to your duties." Lensher explained.

Misato stood up from her seat and saluted. She walked to the door and opened it. She was halfway out when Lensher spoke again.

"Ms. Katsuragi-" Misato glanced over he shoulder "What I'm planning won't be small and it may bring others into the fray, be prepared."

Misato nodded and walked out of the office.

Weapon X apartment

The bodyguards from Weapon X had been put up in their own apartments when they moved to Japan. John Wrath enjoyed not being in a stuffy barrack with his fellow mutants or what he loathed even more being stuffed into a plane between Fred "The Blob" Dukes and Wade "The Merc With A Mouth" Wilson playing twenty questions.

He was currently lounging on his couch with a beer when he heard a knock on his door. John looked towards the door. He begrudgingly got up and answered the door.

"How do you impress a woman?" Wade said the second the door opened throw the teleporter off.

"What?" John asked confused.

"Well I would have asked Fred but every time he meets a girl we see her on his arm before we see her in person." Wade explained missing John's confusion.

John tried to piece together the conversation and finally just came out and asked.

"Wade what's this about?"

"I have a date." Wade said as if it's the most normal thing in the world.

Author's Notes: FINALLY! AN UPDATE! Sorry you guys for such a long wait but my biggest challenge about this story is it's hard to make these chapters do what I want. For the longest time I tried to make this a non-dialogue heavy chapter but it turns out it had to be.

I also didn't want this to be a sum up of Magneto's past but I needed to explain where Xavier is and why Magneto's here instead...well besides just me liking him better.

Okay so Misato learns Magneto is Magneto. But not really, for those confused she gets he can move things but she doesn't know he can only utilize magnetic fields to move metal.

Also a little action in the Wade/Ritsuko relationship. Had to have him in here somewhere or it'd be two chapter with no Wade, which would be sacrilegious!

Next chapter will focus on that and a little bit of Hikari.

Now to respond to something that multiple people have suggested and I have responded to a few times the pilots getting powers. I won't do it. And the reason for it is simple... I don't want Team X to be the only cool thing in this world.

Look at it like this: In the Marvel Universe the X-Men are cool, they have deep characters and wonderful storylines, plus the powers are cool. But mutants aren't the only thing in Marvel that's cool and has those qualities. Hulk and Iron Man are really cool but have nothing to do with the X-Men other than the fact Hulk has kicked the crap out of Wolverine a lot of times.

It's the same thing with this story. Weapon X is cool but so are the pilots and the Evangelions. And by giving the pilots powers then it's kind of like me going "FUCK THE EVANGELIONS! SHINJI CAN SHOOT FIRE BALLS!" and I don't want that. The only reason I let Hikari have powers is because she's under used in the series and I'll say this now she'll probably get her own story at a later date.

Until next time readers enjoy the current chapter.