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We are not your thirteenth tribe





Colonial Liberation Fleet
1,000 light years from the Sol System

Stood at the head of this 200 strong Battlestars is the Warstar-class the Jupiter escorted by 5 Glorious class battlestars and behind them is the Mercury-class battlestars in formation followed by the rest of the fleet. Admiral Nagala stood and watches his fleet with pride at an observation deck that overlooks the entire fleet, unaware that their movements have been observed by a VF-171 Stealth

It took the CDF over two years of politicking and then planning, then the stockpiles of munitions, and equipment and new ships in order to begin the invasion of the territories of the thirteenth tribe.

A lush fertile planet called Demeter is their first target and the place where first contact was made.

Demeter the goddess of grain and the harvest, and daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea in Greek mythology

It was on that world 2 years ago when a Kobolian deepspace mining explorer made first contact with Demeter's colonist, and it would have been a delightful first contact, that is until several Genomese priestesses, took torches and flammable liquid and set fire on two of the Christian Churches named Church of Sta. Barbara dedicated to the patron Saint of Builders and Church of Saint George, patron Saint of Farmers.

The Genomese priestess declared their religion as heresy, saying that they have been misled by false prophets and was about to throw what looks like an incendiary bomb inside a Jewish Synagogue when the colonists decided to stop them by beating the crap out of them.

Needless to say, everything went sourly downhill as Demeter's colonists demanded the Kobolians to leave their planet in peace and never return.

The Kobolians are now unwelcome guest, but instead of leaving, the Kobolians came back and brought armed men into the colony to subdue their thirteenth tribe cousins

The Demeter colonists however, realized that they are coming back armed and most likely will start trouble. So immediately they organize their militia forces where thankfully, 90 percent of Demeter's colonists are either trained or veteran soldiers in the UN Spacys. That along with a dozen M-21 (-21A1) Anaconda Heavy Tanks that they have hidden for protection. They made a hasty retreat back to their ship.

The twelve anti-ship ion cannon emplacements on top mountains protecting their settlements started to power up and began targeting the Kobolian ship should they try to do something they will regret afterwards.

When the Kobolian explorers returned to their ship, they were just in time to see an UN Spacy Oberth Class Space Destroyer, the Agrippa approaching them with two squadrons of VF-4 Lightning III.

The Agrippa was on patrol when they heard a distress call from Demeter and immediately change course and arriving just as the Kobolians were leaving.

The UN Spacys track down the location of the twelve colonies of Kobol, and then last year they followed a 600 meter long alien ship with human crew to a system called the Cyrannus Star system, and it is there they found the twelve colonies of Kobol.

For over a year, the Spacys watches them and listens to them as they try to figure out why there are humans so far out in the galaxy and also wonders if there are others out there.

They kept several Garfish class stealth capable ships near the system, watching them and never making any attempts of first contact for fear of repeating the last one.

They sent a few Intelligence teams to gather their history and figure out why they think that Earth is their Thirteenth tribe.

Interestingly enough, they detected another system not very far and found what remains of another civilization they believe to be the robotic race called the Cylons.

Cylons are biped machines created by the Kobolians 50 to 60 years ago, they are humanoid in form commonly called as 'Walking Toasters' and they do the jobs people don't want and then a few years later, they were made to fight their wars. 40 years ago, the Cylons achieved sentience and began to rebel against their creators in what was known as 'the First Cylon War'

The first war ended with an Armistice Treaty twenty years ago, and the Cylons left to find a home of their own.

They went away but not very far, and so both sides are locked in cold war where it ended in the Cylons attempted invasion of the colonies five years ago. The attempt failed, Kobolians retaliated and annihilated the Cylons.

After a year of watching them, Intel groups requested immediate evacuation from the colonists, especially from Caprica.

What they brought back to Earth is a disturbing report of an imminent invasion by the Kobolians into their territories is underway and they are starting with Demeter in order to find Earth, their thirteenth tribe of Kobol.

The year is 2060 AD
New United Nations Spacys Headquarters

40 years after the First Space Wars, the Earth and her people have been living in relatively peaceful time and have spread across the galaxy, and colonizing one thousand new worlds in order to spread mankind and preserve the species from extinction.

For a while at least, the years have been peaceful even with the Vajra Incident that occurred last year with the Frontier Fleet and the only real concern for them now is the discovery of humans who called themselves 'The Twelve Colonies of Kobol' on the Cyrannus System in the Cygnus Arm, some 50,000 light years from Earth.

Demeter system is located in the Perseus Arm and only about 5,000 light years from Cyrannus and one of Earth's farthest established colonies, well it was. Now the farthest as Planet Vajra is now the farthest in the Sagittarius Arm of the galaxy.

Ever since the discovery of the Kobolians, the NUNS tries to figure out how humans speaking in Greek ended up so far from Earth, so a careful exploration around the Cygnus Arm reveal something peculiar, now a report from the forward Starbase at Aegis System have alarmed the NUNS.

Macross 3 is one of 4 Macross Mainfleet deployed in the Perseus Arm and the closest to Demeter. Macross 3 is a one thousand battle ready war fleet not counting the support ships and colony ships with them.

It also commands ten Macross Super Cannons and one hundred fifty of the new Macross Quarter class battleships as well as squadrons of VF-25 and the VF-27 fighters. They are NUNS tip of the sword and now Macross 3 heads for Demeter as a threat from a race of humans is approaching Demeter.

On Demeter, seven ships from the Perseus Patrol Fleet is now in orbit and are in the process of deploying satellite defenses and the evacuation of the colonists using their flagship a Nupetiet Vergnitzs class Zentraedi vessel named the Argonauts.

More ships will come later on to help defend Demeter. Then when word reaches them that, Macross 3 was rerouted to Demeter because of the Kobol threat, the Perseus Command thought that it's a bit of an overkill since they are dealing with a race whose military capabilities is close to that of mid or late 20th Century Earth level.

Admiral Thomas L. Spelling of the Perseus Patrol Fleet requested a moderate reinforcement and not a full scale war fleet which is the Macross fleet

The NUNS HQ however, said that they should never take chances whether they are a threat or not, one must approach with caution when dealing with other races even if they are humans.

Then one day after Demeter was evacuated, more than 200 battlestars of different types appeared just a million kilometers from Demeter. Perseus Patrol Fleet of 6 ships, one ARMD II, two Oberth's and three Europa class missile cruisers face off a fleet with superior number but not superior weaponry.

Admiral Nagala of the Colonial Defense Fleet first observation of 6 ships of the Thirteenth Tribe was to him is of no consequences. So with one single order without even talking to them first, he ordered the attack of six battlestars against six the thirteenth tribe ships as not to say that they did not give them a chance.

The Kobolians presumption that their cousins has equal level of tech with equal weaponry to theirs is an error when they see their six battlestars and squadrons of Viper and Raptors who first started blinking out from their DRADIS and then their battlestars surrounded by the thirteeners own fighters and started shooting at their battlestars with a hail of APS and thousands of missiles.

The Overwhelming numbers of missiles, Reflex Warheads engulfed the six Battlestars in a matter of seconds where not even their armor and anti fighter guns are unable to stop all of them

From Dradis of the rest of the colonial fleet, they watch six battlestars went silent and on the radio, they hear the cries of screaming and dying as their ship dies and Raptors watching the destruction cried out in horror to what they saw.

The six ships of the patrol fleet haven't even move an inch or opened fired on the battlestars yet. They let 500 VF do all the fighting both the battlestars, vipers and raptors yet some of them did try in taking pot shots at them.

None of the Kobolian fighters came close to damaging them as CIWS and interceptor fighters kept them at bay.

With the loss of six battlestars, Admiral Nagala took them more seriously now and ordered fifty of their ships to move against the thirteeners while the other half went on a flanking maneuver and the rest of fleet head for Demeter to occupy it.

Seeing what the Kobolians plans to do, the patrol fleet Admiral Spelling orders the launch of all VT to go full attack. From 500 VF now there are over 2000 VF along with hundreds of QE-3000 E Ghost fighters and Lancer Space Cannon.

The second wave of battlestars saw the numerous fighters launching numerous missiles at them at long range. Both Raptors and Vipers were ordered to shoot them down and though they were able to shoot some of them down, most of the reflex missiles avoid their interception as they are A.I. guided weapons and went straight for the kill.

Reflex missiles like the old RMS-1 'Angel of Death' that are in massive surplus, are still in use even though they are now considered the lowest yield from 10 to 50 kilotons in reaction missile warheads; they are no longer considered as first strike weapons as more modern and advance ships with energy shields can shrug them off easy.

Today they are being used by the Patrol fleet as first strike, as they are more than enough to sink any warship the colonial can send against them.

A Mercury class ships are hit by 50 kiloton reaction warheads four maybe twelve times every 5 second is a bit of an overkill against a Battlestar, but during the Space Wars, multiple warheads strikes like these are designed to kill a Zentraedi capitol ships with better and it shows how weak a vessel the Battlestars are.

The colonial fleet now found themselves being hit by powerful railguns and energy weapons from the thirteeners at incredible range not to mention the speed of their vessels made it nearly impossible for them to hit them with their weapons.

Near Demeter, hundreds of Parasol class satellites fired their heavy ion cannons to incoming battlestars that dared to get close the planet that along with numerous squadrons of VF continued to harass them even though they are outnumbered by the Vipers and Raptors.

Planet based ion cannons and surface to air missile emplacements, opens up against that got thru and yet more came and was to land.

The Colonials were able to land 3 dozen transport ships and by days end, 150,000 soldiers are on the planet out of 500,000 sent to take the colony.

The battle rage on for over 2 hours, and the patrol fleet held their ground with only 6 ships and yet they have lost two missile cruisers and one Oberth and 20 VF, sunk or destroyed thru overwhelming fire and one micro jump tactics, while colonial forces lost half of their numbers and most of their fighters until Macross 3 and the rest of the Perseus Patrol Fleet arrive from two direction.

Five ships from two fleets went ahead and they are the heavy guns of the UN Spacys. The Zentraedi capital ships Nupetiet Vergnitzs class, a Gloria class and Heracles class unleash a firestorm against the colonial fleet in four different directions… and it was over in an instant.

Of the 200 ships sent by the colonial fleet, less than 12 survived to jump out of the system alive.

The ground forces of the colonial fleet that began their assault and occupied the empty colony after driving out the Demeter defenders thru sheer numbers. Now they are trap and watching massive ships deploying what can only be describe as assault troops and giant Cylons.

The NUNS deployed their Destroids and Tomahawks first followed by the ground troops. The colonial marines thought that the Cylons was bad, what they are facing is a nightmare from Hades as the Destroids and Tomahawks systematically destroyed the colonial Transports, APC and their Battle Tanks. The 100,000 colonial marines or found themselves retreating into a box canyon just a few kilometers from the colony while 50,000 stayed to give the others a place to hold up until reinforcements arrived, reinforcements that will never come. Those who stayed in colony, were either killed or captured by Spacys ground troops

For three brutal days the colonial marines were slowly being wearing down to the point of exhaustion, the dead and dying are everywhere in their heavily defended canyon. Though the Spacys could have overwhelmed them, they decided not to, so they plan to starve the Kobolian soldiers.

30 days after they landed on Demeter, the colonial marines or what's left of them, have come out of the canyon they are hold up to surrender to the Spacys. The were all starving, dysentery sets in, their injured are suffering from numerous ailments due to bad sanitation, lack of medicine and little water. Of the 100,000 marines that were holed in that canyon, there were no fewer than 20,000 that surrendered.

Of those 30 days, Macross 3 appeared in the Cyrannus System and launched a full scale assault on all the Kobolians military and space holding while sparing the civilian population.

Military bases on every colony planet were either destroyed by orbital laser bombardments or captured by the NUNS military might without using nuclear weapons on them, as Robotech Mechas and Cyclones smash thru every colonial forces they encountered. The Spacys gave no quarter, but showed mercy to those who surrendered peacefully.

Caprica and Picon who has the highest number of bases on the planet took the worst orbital bombardment while Veritech fighters went on surgical attacks to destroy smaller installations and military facilities and infrastructures within and around their cities and population centers.

30 days later, war ended with the Colonial Governments surrender, Macross 3 accepted their surrender and made it brutally clear to the Kobolians that neither earth nor her people, was ever part of their thirteenth tribe as the Spacys lay down undeniable proof that humans evolve on a planet called Earth.

Many however, are unconvinced of the evidence the Spacys showed mostly from the more religious groups persistent in forcing their way of thinking.

A year later, the Spacys left the Cyrannus System but only after they demonstrated the 'Rain of Death' to the Kobolians should they continue to force their beliefs on them again.

Caprica's moon which is a bit bigger than Earth's moon was glassed down by the one thousand warships of Macross 3 using their primary weapons the 'Macross Cannons' then the coup de grace, they fired an MDE (Mini Dimension Eater) Missile which ate half of Caprica's moon

This demonstration of power became an endless reminder for the Kobolians to leave the people of Earth alone for should they dare try another one of their crusades on them or any other races that looks human, then they may find themselves in a far worst situation than they are now.


Author: I don't know if Caprica has a moon or not so I gave them one.