Admiral's POV

William 'Bill' Adama Journals

Its been seven years since a deep space explorer found a planet called Demeter, inhabited by the thirteen tribe called Earther's. Our First Contact with them became ugly thanks to a few religious fanatics going overboard because the Earthers don't worship the Gods any more, and then two years later, Adar decided to invade Demeter to find Earth and forcibly unite the lost thirteen tribe, with the twelve colonies of kobol.

Adar you fracken Idiot!

That decision was the biggest screw up in all colonial history. So sure of our power and beliefs that we invaded or tried to invade a people though human is more alien to us than we are to them. We went up against nation whose power and territory is so vast they made the twelve colonies look small in comparison

A mistake made and was paid for by the blood of our soldiers, and though our civilian casualties is small which is less than ten thousand, and remarkably low, but sadly…most of the death were resulted in the actions committed by a desperate colonial military remnant fleet.

The remnant fleet caused more death to our own people than the enemy did throughout the whole frackin war, and we never apologize to what have been done during that time.

Worst yet, we let a commander with a personal crusade, get command of what's left of the fleet and get it killed on a fools mission…damn bitch.


Day 15

Fifteen days ago, a vessel arrived on orbit of Caprica and identified itself as the Daedalus (Tokugawa class) representing the United Nations of Earth where a diplomatic team brought with them a number of grievances concerning their colonial military invasion of Demeter.

The arrival of the Daedalus was supposedly to prevent further hostilities; however, one commander with 10 Battlestars decided to force Daedalus surrender thru force of arms while diplomats are trying to settle things peacefully.

The attempt failed as the Tokugawa class vessel fought 10 Battlestars in a bid of getting thru their blockade. In the battle, the Daedalus destroyed five Battlestars and severely damaging five others in a running fight

Hundreds of Vipers fighters went toe to toe against squadrons of VF-25, which the end, resulted in a Viper massacre.

Twenty-four hours later, an armada of thousands of warships appeared above the skies of all 12 planets and in a colony wide broadcast, the armada identified themselves in kobolian (Greek) language as the armed forces of the New United Nations Space (Spacys) Forces or NUNS or the Spacys for short, and they represent the people of planet Earth.

Their presence is a response to the colonial military attempt to invade an Earth colony and to forcibly integrate and convert the Earth and her people to the twelve colonies of kobol. Any attempts of a peaceful solution were gone the moment the colonial forces committed a hostile act against the Daedalus.

Ragnar Anchorage

Admiral William "Bill" Adama was supposedly retired 15 days ago the same with his ship, the Battlestar Galactica to live its remaining days as a flying museum.

The planned retirement have been postponed upon the sudden appearance of the Daedalus and where in an act of stupidity from someone in the colonial fleet, tries to take the ship by force.

Fifteen days later, the colonial fleet or a quarter of the fleet that stayed behind while the majority went on a crusade against Earth is finding themselves out numbered, out classed, under armed and now on the run.

On the first two days of the war, the Galactica immediately headed for the nearest rearmament base at Ragnar Anchorage, a space station inside a gas nebula. Now everytime they went out to fight the new enemy, they kept finding colonial ships and fighters in need of rescue and finding very little or no engagement with the new enemy.

Within fifteen days, they continued their search and rescue after battles resulted in finding a dozens of colonial military vessels ranging from Vipers, Raptors, Patrolstars to as big as a Fenris class Battlestar and a Mercury class where this one has a gaping hole at its main hull while another lost one of its launch bays.

All of them are mostly survivors of major battles, as some fled after the Spacys Valkyrie fighters overran their battlegroup in every engagement they made. Adama hears nothing but defeat after defeat, mostly by the hands of the Spacys superiority fighters whom according to survivors, fighters called Valkyries carrying enough firepower to destroy two Mercury class Battlestar with enough leftovers ordinance to cripple another.

In every battle the survivors reported, the Spacys sent only two to three ships against ten to twelve battlestars. This thought to be an overconfidence of the Spacys and they would regret looking down on the colonial forces.

However, every battle ended with all of their Battlestars destroyed by long-range weapons that they can only be described as a Laser guns firing at five to fifteen thousand kilometers away and none of the Battlestars came close to their range to fire own weapons.

What is also surprising to them is finding numerous civilian vessels mostly fleeing areas of battle and the majorities of them with FTL capability are hiding with other colonial military forces.

The Spacys don't care about the civilian ships, and are mostly ignored. Still, the Spacys captured those that are not FTL capable and are impounded at the captured Scorpion Shipyard in Picon.

In the two weeks of the war, there was not a single colonial victory against the Spacys. Now, every orbit of all twelve planets is now under the NUNS control. Now the Spacys are in the process of attacking colonial military ground on the ground with a vengeance.

The survived colonial military remnant fleet continued to receive word of attacks by giant cylons on military bases and installations on the planets while leaving the civilian populace untouched. Many thought that the Earthers were influenced by the cylons, which give reason why they seems so hostile to them.

The colonial military on every planet resisted them but they barely made a dent in the onslaught, and those who survive were captured, killed, or gone into hiding and some even deserted when seeing lumbering Destroids approaching them. Mostly however, the colonial forces retreated into the cities and population centers where the Spacys seem to stop their offensive at the entrance to the city.

In fact, the Spacys made a decision not to target their cities and major civilian populace even though the colonial military is hiding inside the cities or urban population.

On board the Galactica, Admiral Adama receives Intel from Caprica saying that the systematic destruction of every military bases, facilities, and infrastructure involved in that military on all 12 planets is mostly complete. Now the NUNS are sending a message to the government.

The messages sent are terms of the unconditional surrender of the twelve colonies of kobol.

The message sent carries no compromise and they are in no position to do so. The Spacys gave the colonial government two weeks from today to respond to their demands and if the government fails to respond or rejects their terms, then the Spacys will begin leveling all of the colonies necessities of life such as water, electricity, roads, bridges, their spaceports and communication network.

Until the deadline, a 14 day ceasefire between the two sides is established and a broadcast from the colonial government to all surviving colonial forces on the declaration of the ceasefire and negotiations for peace is underway.

For Adama, this message, signals the possible end of a one sided war against their Earther cousins that they rub the wrong way and it is costing them. However, the unconditional surrender may even cost them even more and it's scaring the other commanders other than him.

Adama is one of only a handful of senior officers on board Ragnar, and he is the lowest ranking officer, a junior grade Admiral while the highest-ranking officer among this motley group is Admiral Helena Cain of the Battlestar Pegasus.

Cain brought her battlegroup of 12 Battlestars to Ragnar Anchorage ten days ago, after escaping a Spacys raiding force by doing a blind jump away from Scorpio Shipyard at Picon.

Her battlegroup reformed outside the system and there was a rumor that she force enlists people of a group of civilian ships in hiding, strip them of supplies in order to replenish her battlegroup, all under the military emergency, they… requisition them the supplies. When the civilian's refuses to give any more assistance to Cain, she ordered her soldiers to shoot to kill anyone who refuses…12 people were executed on the spot. She practically strips them of everything they needed to survive and left to die.

In her arrival at Ragnar, Cain declares herself as supreme commander as she outranks everyone including Adama.

In one of the Anchorage rooms now designated as the War Room, Admiral Cain called every senior officer's to show them a plan she devised. A counteroffensive against the Spacys and it's aimed at attacking their biggest ship, Macross 3 orbitingaboveCaprica.

"Cain, you are out of your fracking mind!" said the words coming out of Admiral Adama mouth, which surprised everyone in the War Room including Helena Cain

"Excuse me Admiral Adama?" she looks at him annoyed

"If you haven't heard, were in a ceasefire right now, and have you looked outside lately, have you seen what's left of the colonial fleet!" he pointed outside at the porthole overlooking Ragnar Anchorage

"That is all that's left of the colonial fleet, and every ship out there has sustained severe battle damages in one form or another after fighting a superior foe in both number and technology that we can't match. And now, you want us to go after this…monstrosity of a warship" Adama taps on the table with a photo hard and that photo is a snap shot of the Battle Class Stealth Space Attack Carrier Macross 3 (still connected to Island 3 mobile colony)

"May I remind you Admiral, the Spacys have over a thousand ships with one ship carries the firepower ten times more than the your our own Mercury class, now you want us to go after their flagship which in my opinion is SUICIDE!"

"Well I am not asking your opinion Adama" Helena spoke back

"Macross 3 is a mobile colony ship, a fantastic ship designed to ferry colonizer to distant star for their long range colonization missions," she said and she showed photos of the Macross 3 dome image, which shows a city inside the dome.

"This fleet moves all across the galaxy with its own civilian population in tow and it is also their seat of government and command and control for all of their forces, and if we take this ship out using precision jump point, then we've crippled their means of waging war on us,"

"That's wishful thinking," Colonel Tigh spoke up

"What's make you think that taking out Macross 3will cripple their ability to wage war," he asks "for all we know it could make them escalate the war"

"And you don't think decimating the colonial fleet an escalation of war?"

"They haven't used nukes on the colonies nor have they attack any civilian population," Adama ads and said his fears to them

"They could bomb us back into the stone age if they want to and if you do this they will start bombing every city throughout the twelve planets"

Despite the Spacys undeniable power, what they are showing to the twelve colonies does not come close to; their true power and Adama suspected that they are holding back.

He believes that they have more power than they are showing them, and if so then could easily overwhelm the colonies in one swoop if they wanted to but haven't.

"In all honesty, I'm not the most popular supporter for the government, but if you go thru this plan and defy the colonial governments' ceasefire orders then fine, screw yourself" Adama said "the Galactica will not be part of this folly"

"Dammit Adama, don't disobey my order!"

"I'm upholding our government's orders of a ceasefire" Adama felt the shivers thru his spine in saying what he thought he would never say, "for once, that take precedence over yours, Helena"

Adama and his XO Col. Tigh was about to walk out of the War Room when they suddenly hears the sound of guns safety switches turned off from Pegasus Marines at their way. They stop and Adama look back at Helena venomously

"You damn bitch" Adama muttered

"I'm sorry Adama, but your ship is needed for this operation, so be grateful that don't throw you out thru an airlock"

Later on, Colonel Fisk who is Admiral Helena Cain security chief on board Pegasus replaces Adama as commander along with Colonel Tigh and several of Adama command staff on board Galactica. All of Galactica command staff have been relieved of their duty and assigned to other ships in the ship or within the fleet.

Within the next seven days, Admiral Helena Cain and her people went out and scour the spaces around the twelve colonies to get as much supplies needed from anyone, anywhere. Under the guise of military emergency during wartime, numerous civilian ships found themselves boarded by their own military and strip of necessities, force enlistments, and death threats should they try to collaborate with the enemy.

They also meet with other colonial forces in hiding and Helena try to enlist them to her cause but not all of them said yes to her.

Seven days, the colonial military forces kept going back and forth to Ragnar thinking that their enemy is unaware of their location. That assumption is in error for, ever since the start of the war, stealth fighters, cat's eye recon planes and AI drones, have been sent to track down possible threats to them. For seven days after the ceasefire, stealth fighter's watches colonial Battlestars come and goes into the Nebula, one even entered the nebula to gather Intel by listening to communication traffic.

The colonial have been very talkative, thinking that the Nebula blocks their communication and keeping it inside the nebula, yet it never occurred to them that someone is there with them listening.

The stealth fighter observed twenty Battlestars of different types are line up in row and they all look repaired while not far from them, are four wrecks of what remains of Battlestars cannibalized for parts. Seeing more than enough the pilot of the stealth decided to leave the nebula and head for open space.

Day 29 Caprica orbit

From flashes of a hyperspace jump came twenty Battlestars appearing on approach to Caprica and close by at 100 kilometer ahead of them are six Battlestars and another six appearing from behind them.

Thirty-two Battlestars participated in Helena Cain plan and all of them are betting their lives to achieve victory against a foe that is now one hundred thousand kilometers ahead of them, Macross 3 on orbit above Caprica.

Believing that they are far enough from being targeted by the Spacys laser weapons and gives the telescope teams time to search for Macross 3 in order to calculate a precision jump attack. Their job is to make sure that the ships can jump as close and personal to the enemy.

"They are taking their time," Helena Cain said anxious "tell them to hurry up the calculation before their patrol," she did not get to say the last sentence because a dozen heavy particle beams came streaking at them and one big one came lancing thru the forward group of Battlestars.

One of the forward Battlestars got a direct hit while two others, though not at the path of the beam is caught by the wake. The wake peeled back the ships armor like some kind of fruit before it exploded into a massive fireball. Smaller explosion came from the Vipers and Raptors surrounding the three Battlestars and now the rest of the colonial military forces are panicking as spacefolds started appearing from every direction and from that came hundreds of warships and thousands of Veritech fighters heading towards them.

Helena watches the DRADIS in sheer horror as thousands of enemy fighters came at them with guns blazing followed by a massive long-range attack from enemy ships.

One by one, she watches her battlegroup dwindled right before her eyes though one or two was able jump out to safety the rest could not jump out of the battlefield. They tried to fight back but they are unable to give an effective response as the Spacys ships are well out of range of their weapons.

On a Viper, Captain Kara Thrace found herself in her damage Viper looking at Helena Battlegroup as it is being mercilessly cut down by energy weapons.

Kara's battle with a VF-25 ended when her fighter's left wing fell off from a burst of 55mm armor piercing bullets. Fighting the VF is unlike anything she has ever experience due to the fact that, other than an excellent pilot, the Valkyries are faster, carries insane amounts of firepower and they transform into giant robots,

Her missiles and 30mm guns doesn't seem to phase the VF-25 thanks to some kind of defensive shield. It also caused most of the pilots in a panic because the first thought comes in mind are the Cylons.

The battle lasted less only 15 minutes. Helena Cain did not survive to see the surrender her battlegroup under her first officer Jurgen Belzen orders who by the way, shot her on the head in order to save what remains of the fleet.

24 hours later, the twelve colonies of kobol surrendered unconditionally.

Ragnar Anchorage
two days later

NUNS' ships arrived at Ragnar Anchorage and found several thousand members of the colonial military not needed by Helena Cain. They were all abandoned with no means of leaving the Anchorage.

The only senior officer among them is Admiral Adama and he along with Colonel Tigh and most of the people loyal to Adama have been incarcerated for disobeying orders of colonial fleet supreme commander, Admiral Helena Cain.

A representative of colonial government with the Spacys, have informed them of the unconditional surrender and the destruction of Admiral Helena Cain Battlegroup.

Adama and Col. Tigh are at an observation deck of a Spacys warship called the Odyssey a Macross-Class vessel. The observation deck overlooks the Anchorage and not far from the station is what remains of four Battlestars that was strip of armor, parts, railguns, fighters, crew, and FTL Drive in order to repair the others.

One of these ships is the Galactica and its making Adama seething mad at Helena have done to his ship and it was most likely been done out of spite because of his defiance.

"That bitch," he muttered angry at what has done to his ship but kept it under control and he was not the only one angry

"She killed the old girl for nothing," Tigh said, "She got a lot of good ships and people killed and she didn't even get a mile from her target to start her mission."

"Her mission was doom to fail from the start" Adama remarks

"Look at this place" Tigh said looking back towards the ship overlooking the inner city as every ship this size are mobile cities slash space fortress and not just Macross 3

"They have only been exploring space for a hundred years and already they have traveled as far and advance farther than we do in a millennia," said Tigh as he took another sip from his flask

Nearby is the military detention camps where Destroids are walking around electrified fences on guard duty. Adama and the other officers are treated differently for they are bunk in more comfortable accommodations than the rest of the crew.

A while ago, colonial government representative explained, that they going back to Caprica and released over to the government as part of the agreement when they signed the unconditional surrender

In addition, the Rep. told them that, the Crusade fleet sent to Demeter has been annihilated and the ground forces that got to Demeter are few and when they surrendered, they were even fewer.

Adama felt like a stab in the heart when he heard that. His son a fighter pilot named Major Lee 'Apollo' Adama is assigned to the Battlestar Hydra his fate is yet unknown.

"From the start… we lost this war from the start Saul…" Adama muttered with sadness in his tone of voice then swipe the flask from Tigh hand and took a sip

"We made the biggest screw up in history of the colonies, damn!"