To say that the building was on fire was an overstatement. Maybe someone had dropped a cigar in one of the conference rooms, maybe someone left a coat on a chair too close to the fireplace. Either way the fire never enveloped more than a rug and the room was left relatively unscathed.

It did not stop the aides from ushering the both out of the building as soon as possible and leaving them both just to stand there on Wall Street.

"Under control in only two an' a half minutes," Alfred whistled. George did not quite understand how Alfred reacted to some things, but felt he had no right to question.

"I saw the designs for the building," George continued the conversation they had begun inside. George had his own criticism on what it looked like, but the basic structure in itself was good. At least they had the idea. Considering who the building was being made for though, it deserved to be more elaborate.

"I only hope you can be around long enough to live in it."

"But you will have it, and that is the important thing."

Alfred stared at him from under the brim of his hat and smiled. "Have I ever told you how honored I am that you are my President, sir?"

"On a constant basis." George did his best not to smile as widely as he felt like doing. "It was either that or King."

"And we have escaped those restraints on our freedom," the other nodded. George overheard John saying they could return inside. "Jumpy."

"We have just ended a war," George reminded him.

"And won."

There was more to it than that. Ending the war did not mean everything was over. Alfred had stood alongside him this entire time, but George was certain he had never seen a single moment where the other was not confident.

"I wish I would be able to see everything you will," George sighed. The younger man laughed.

"You have a country in front of you, sir. Don't be so hasty with those words!"

He was inclined to agree.

George Washington returned to work.

Just found this, I wrote this for class last spring. Little did they know it was about Hetalia. Done without research in about thirty minutes, thank you.