Chocolate À la Edward

By: Kay Cannon

Prompts: bathtub, chocolate, lick

Ask and you shall receive. I know your birthday was a couple of weeks ago but, where I come from, we celebrate birthmonths. And, for all you do for the fandom, I'm only thrilled to do a little something extra for you! Enjoy!

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I couldn't even begin to count the ways that I loved Edward. They were far too vast and wide. In truth, many of them were simply indescribable. However, one of the clearest bases was that, for some absurd reason, Edward worshiped me.

He truly adored every ounce of my being: from my fluster as I endlessly tripped, tumbled, and found numerous ways to bruise myself (although he did not enjoy the contusions themselves), to my tendency to over think things so much it sometimes took me days to uncover my own feelings. And he displayed this adulation in every way possible; whether simply gazing at me for hours, appreciating random freckles and shadings with my skin, spoiling me with things I could never need or realize I wanted, or simply taking enough care to bring pleasure to each avenue of my casing. Edward made me feel like a goddess.

These were the thoughts that swirled through my mind as my incredible husband tasted my chocolate coated flesh. As usual, he took his time with me. He was both driving me crazy with need and savoring the small moments, as if every single one was significant and irreplaceable.

Any form of release I found with Edward was phenomenal and unique. I'd given up setting expectations with myself long ago. I was only certain that his touch would steer me mad, in the very best way. Tonight, I'd felt an insane mixture of being nowhere near close enough to him while never wanting him to cease his teasing, because only he could know what it did to me.

There was something far greater than luck at work between the two of us. This had to be fate. I was destined to be right here, in this tub, with this particular man, at this very moment.

So, for loving me as only he did and could, I did everything in my power to thank him. A man that made any woman feel this special (an inept but fitting word, all the same) deserved to be pampered like royalty. I did this, not only by things like making him dinner but, by seeking out endless forms of bliss for him. I was opposed to nearly nothing. He treated my body as his temple and it was, thus, intended solely for his gratification.

If he wanted to toy with me until I begged for mercy, so be it. When he decided I should orgasm several times in one night, that's what happened. And if he preferred as much for himself – though Edward was never selfish enough to press for such things – I gave him more than he needed. This evening would be no exception.

"Lay down for me, Edward." He gave me his ludicrously seductive grin, that seemed to have a direct line to my pussy, and then did as I asked.

I straddled his bare torso, so that my wet sex was flush with his abdomen, and avoided his length. Since he wanted to take tonight slowly, I'd do just that. I grabbed the bowl and held it about a foot above him.

I scooped some syrup onto one finger and painted my lips with it. His head rose and tongue swept over his own mouth, eager for a taste. I ate the chocolate off of my lips instead of sharing with him and his expression turned to an envious sulk.

"Oh, did you want some? I assumed you'd had your fill and that it was my turn to sample." I believe the noise that reverberated from him resembled that of a growl. Then, what sounded like vixen whispered through the air.

I tipped the bowl forward, nonchalantly, and we both watched the brown fluid ooze along his body, until there was very little in the dish. After returning the container to the corner of the tub, with each of my index fingers, I drew a heart upon his chest. I also used some of the dressing to decorate his nipples.

Edward's breathing was becoming a bit labored from the patience that was required of him. He'd brought me to climax first and, in doing so, had been aroused for a while. Eager wasn't even good enough to describe how he must have felt, by now.

I gave him one fudge covered finger while repeating the tracing of my lips with the other. He lapped his tongue around just the tip before I pushed it forward and he took it whole. I felt myself melting all over again with the warm suction of his mouth. After, I freed my pointer and leaned in until he could finally have my pucker, rubbing in the sauce and then licking it off.

He reached up and combed through my hair, holding me in place so that I couldn't escape his kiss. From the way he devoured me, I couldn't tell which he enjoyed more – me or the chocolate – but my instincts assured that it was the former. I indulged him for a moment, as he'd done for me, but then gently bit his pout to warn him that I wasn't finished, yet.

I lightly clawed my nails down his upper chest while following the lines created with my tongue. Then I went back up the trail a second time, detouring at the fork and heading to a nipple. I slurped off the dab I'd left and proceeded to do the same with the other.

In my efforts, I'd scooted down enough that his cock was now aligned with my middle and he'd begun shifting his hips to create some form of friction. The sensations weren't lost on me and I realized this game would come to an end soon. I pulled my eyes up to meet his and he quickly cupped his hands beneath my arms to drag me upward.

I expected he'd want to kiss me but instead he removed the bit of syrup that had ended up on my chin with his tongue. The new location brought him just over my entrance and it seemed we'd put off the inevitable, at this point. I lowered myself onto him and his eyes rolled behind his lids.

"Bella..." It was hardly audible. I saw his lips move and knew the words that were coming from them. I'd seen them uttered from him, in this way, so many times.

Edward had been supporting me, preventing me from meeting his sticky skin, but with the sudden change, he'd released the burden so that I was resting atop him. His hands ushered to my backside and he moved me over him, slow and deep. The syrup actually created a nice pallet for us to glide upon. It was almost too easy to engage in the motions.

Even though my climax had occurred so very recently, it seemed like I'd waited ages to feel him inside of me, again. Nothing could ever truly deplete the longing I felt for him. I was only ever momentarily placated, at best.

"I love you, Edward." It seemed like such a weak expression.

It was a shame that in all the years the earth had existed, nothing greater had come into play. Perhaps that simply went to show that the next words would ultimately fall flat, as well. Thus, being my only option besides somehow allowing him a glimpse into my mind, I'd spoken the truest words available to me.

"I love you, too. So much…" I saw the same flicker of frustration pass through his gaze. The phrase was just never good enough. But the meaning was.

With Edward, it seemed the one thing missing from me was found whenever we joined this way. Were it up to me, or at least possible, we'd probably never part from this union. I was both filled from inch to pulsing inch, as well as completed in every other potential way.

We moved and generated lustful sounds of unbound delight, together. We caressed, squeezed, and clung to each other, like life support. And eventually, we brought each other right to the edge and then sent one another flying into the closest thing to heaven we could reach.

Edward was paradise and every second with him was held nothing but rapture.


xoxo Kay