Note: For Meilynn 64.

I Have an Army of COWS

Yes, it's as simple as the title. I have an army of COWS.

Oh no, don't worry. It is not an acronym. I just like it capitalized. See. CAPITALIZED!


Gods… I fucking hate my neighbor.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

Can you hear the cracking? That's the cracking of my fists! Exclamation mark! See that?!

I have a really simple motive as to why I would raise an army of COWS and train them to be highly sensitive to the color red.

With the army of COWS marching behind me, I travel over to my neighbor's house, which is just at the other side of my Farm Field.

He doesn't notice the COW army gathered behind me and so, he welcomes me in.

Smirking, I quickly step aside.

My army of COWS is highly professional and perfectly tame.

But when the army encounters something that is red, they will immediately go into action.

No, it's not a coincidence that my neighbor's hair color is red.

He dieddddd.

Trampled by thousand of cows…


Mission accomplished.

Now, what am I going to do with these COWS?