You'll Always Have Ohana

A/N Haven't written any Stitch stuff in a while but watching the movie eariler in a very long while made me write this which goes on from Feels Like Home where Jumba is now an experiment but escaped to Earth but is found by an orphan and her life is changed forever but it's about family and belonging but I hope people like......


It'd been a few years since Jumba had been taken by the Galatic Armada but the Grand Council Woman Alana sighed as she saw the guards enter her chambers but had a feeling it was about her uncle.

"Alana he escaped to Earth.

We have to get him back before he causes chaos!" they said.

The Grand Council Woman sighed hearing that but wasn't sure seeing as Jumba was part of her family even if he was an experiment now but was worried for him.

"No that won't be needed.

I'll go to Earth and find him." she said.

The guards were worried but knew there was no stopping her once her mind was made up.

They watched as she used the transporter to go to Earth........

In the Pelekai household an alarm clock rang.

"Aww man!" a voice said as somebody woke up.

It belonged to a young ten year old girl with long raven hair, hazel eyes, slender but wore black.

Her name was Nika and was Maia's eldest daughter but she hated going to school but sighed going to wake up her younger brother Jiku who was an experiment with navy blue fur, warm black eyes, stubby claws but very curious and lively.

He was five years old and starting kindergarten but was nervous because of his powers which he could read minds and have his powers based on whatever emotion he was feeling so right now he was invisble because he was nervous as Nika sighed.

"Come on Jiku.

School will be fun." she said as her brother came into plain sight.

"Really?" he asked.

"Mmm-hmm it will.

Let's go get some breakfast okay?" she said as they went downstairs.

After breakfast while Maia was taking Nika to school, Jiku was playing in the old X-Buggy that Lilo and Stitch used to drive all the time while chasing after experiments but Stitch smiled watching his nwephew play but knew how shy and nervous Jiku was especially about kindergarten because Maia had talked to Jiku's kindergarten teacher about him being a little different from other kids in appearance and personality but Jiku knew that the other kids would treat him differently but smiled seeing his uncle jump onto the front of the X-Buggy as Jiku laughed.

He liked his Uncle Stitch but wondered where Aunt Lilo had went but nobody would talk about it, not even Pleakley and Maia even though he was curious but she'd been put in a home because she was old but it hurt them to visit her but they decided to leave it for now.

Jiku then saw his mother pull up in her car.

"Come on honey it's time to go to school." she said as the young experiment and Stitch were running around with Nerf guns.

He then grabbed his back pack and got in the car.

But on the way there Maia saw something that made her nervous and happy.

It was an experiment with fluffly purple brown fur, four black beady eyes and was causing mayhem.

"Jumba...... how did you get back here?" she thought as Jiku was curious.

"Wow he's being really naughty.

Let's capture him and bring him home!" the young experiment told her.

Maia sighed hearing that.

"Not right now okay?" Maia answered as she drove off.

But she sighed as she drove to the elementary school........