Grand Theft Auto III:



THIS STORY takes place in a part of Grand Theft Auto 3 that I made up and added in (but it takes off from a major part). Basically, the story line is that Fido (the main character) been betrayed and left for dead, and in my story, Catalina was Fido's Fiancé and still is. Catalina was the one that betrayed Fido by shooting him and running away with an illegal imported drug called SPANK. Luckily for her she got away to Shoreside Vale (and island in Liberty City) whilst Fido and his friend 8-Ball were being escorted to jail for committing a previous crime unknown to any civilians. Fido and 8-Ball escape from the cops, and return to their normal lives, well, 8-Ball does anyway. But Fido is determined to get revenge on Catalina. As in all the G.T.A's, there are missions for certain street gangs and so on, that need completing, so that's what Fido did. He had accomplished all the missions he could find to do, all but one, hunt down Catalina. Then take the ownership of SPANK off of her, and if necessary, kill her.

And so the story begins:

"So, Miguel. Do you think you have had enough beatings yet; your face looks like a thousand bees have just stung you. Or is there more information Maria and myself have to extract, hmmm?" Atsuka teased.

"Ohhh no no no, amigo please, enough beatings, there is no more to say… Ah, señor! Please get these god damned ladies off of me!" Miguel shouted to Atsuka, then at Fido who then stepped out of the small lift and into the room. Fido glanced at the hostage and then walked up to Atsuka, who started saying:

"Ah, my handyman! Wait there and talk to Maria for a while." Then Atsuka bent down and whispered in Miguel's ear:

"Listen, you murdering liar! I know that's not all there is to it. You still haven't told us why you killed my brother, or where Catalina is, so pipe up jackass!" as she finished her little speech, she threw the metal bar over the side over the building and walked over to Fido and Maria. Atsuka lightly wrapped her arms around Fido, who did not respond, and said:

"Look, I know this may bring back bad memories, but this is the last mission that you will get from me. Go and find Catalina and take SPANK's ownership off of her. While you're there question her about her damn Columbian Cartel employees and this jackass, Miguel killing my brother." Since Miguel was free from the metal bar, he worked himself loose of the cuffs, which held him to the scaffolding.

"Come on Fido, if you want, Maria with you…" said Atsuka.

"Way, no way! I am not going anywhere near that b***h Catalina!" Maria screamed, but unknown to the trio, Miguel was up and tiptoeing away.

"Alright then Fido?" Atsuka said. Fido nodded slightly because he didn't really want to see Catalina again. But deep down inside, he really did still love her. All of a sudden, Fido's eyebrows raised, and all in the wink of an eye, his pistol was out of his holster and he was rapidly shooting away at Miguel who was now nearing the lift at a sprint. One bullet scraped Miguel's shoulder, and the other attempts failed by hitting nearby pillars. Miguel bashed at the controls, and managed to get in a few shots at Atsuka before the lift descended. He hastily car-jacked a nearby Yakuza Stinger and made his way to Shoreside Vale. Fido quickly slipped away his gun and turned to Atsuka.

"I'll be fine, o.k? Go and kill Catalina and her Cartel scum. But hey, be careful, Miguel might have already warned Catalina that you're hunting her down." Atsuka exclaimed quietly. Fido nodded and departed from the two women.