Chapter 2 – To Bake or Not To Bake

Nellie Lovett's rolling pin swished back and forth as she pounded the dough that would soon cover the pies waiting to go in the oven.

The faded, dark gray rather worn dress she always wore when baking was streaked with flour. There were traces of flour on her pale slender arms and beads of perspiration on her forehead. It was always warm in the bakehouse.

Her hair was as usual scraped up in a sexy messy brunette tangle. As was also usual her full round creamy breasts were threatening to escape the low cut dress. Her pale delicate face wore an expression of intense concentration as she worked.

She couldn't help humming softly to herself as she rolled and pounded the dough . For once she was in a great mood. Last night she had finally got to have her beloved Mr T. She had loved him ever since he was Benjamin Barker but she had never thought she would get the opportunity to have him all to herself.

It had certainly taken her by surprise when he had turned up in her bedroom in the middle of the night. He had never shown any sign of noticing her that way.

He sure had noticed her last night she thought, her fingers going unconsciously to the tender flesh on the side of her neck where he had bitten her. A grin spread over her face as she remembered how very good it had been. She hadn't even known it could be like that. It had been just perfect. She had slept soundly all night and woken up smiling.

Mr T hadn't been there when she woke up but that was fine. She hadn't expected him to stay all night...and she was sure he had things to do. Customers that needed a shave. She hadn't seen him all morning but she would bring him up his lunch later.

Suddenly large masculine hands slid around her waist and she could feet hot breath in the back of her neck. She jumped slightly. She hadn't even heard him come in.

"Good morning Mrs Lovett" Sweeney Todd whispered huskily in her ear. His deep sexy masculine voice sent a pleasant shiver down her spine. God – he was so irresistible. All he had to do was speak to make her melt.

"Morning Mr T" she said brightly, looking over her shoulder at him with a smile. "Sleep well love?" he said, his voice slightly teasing. Her smile widened and her cheeks colored slightly. "Like a baby love" she said cheerfully.

He chuckled and leaned in to kiss her on the mouth, pressing the front of his body into the back of hers. Her head tilted to face him and her hand went to the side of his face, leaving a trace of flour on his cheek. His firm soft lips met hers in a deep hungry possessive kiss she could feel in the pit of her stomach. It told her he wanted her again this morning even though he had only had her last night.

Just the thought of having him again...of having all that lovely hard length inside her again... was enough to tighten things low in her body. She loved him so much...wanted him so much. His hands stroked her sides as his lips caressed hers.

He broke the kiss, pulling back with a lascivious grin. She turned around to face him, leaning on the edge of the table, his hands still resting loosely on her waist.

"How long are those pies going to take?" he asked teasingly. Her eyes skimmed down the line of his body...down the gray barber's coat to the dark stripey pants. She was surprised and rather gratified to see that there was already a bulge there.

"It depends..." she purred seductively, nibbling enticingly on that pouty bottom lip. "On what?" he said huskily, taking half a step closer to her. She was almost pressed between him and the table. She knew she should really get on with the pies...but how could she resist him? He was already so hard... so eager for her...

Suddenly she felt unusually bold. She leaned in so her lips were right by his ear and whispered "On how fast you can make me come..."

Heat filled his dark eyes at her words and he jerked her to him, pressing his body against her and crushing her luscious mouth with his. She moaned very softly into his mouth...winding her arms around his neck.

He trailed passionate kisses down her jaw...her slender white neck...her collarbone. Kisses that made her head droop back and a soft sigh of pleasure escape her lips.

His lips found the exposed tops of her breasts and he kissed them, making her sigh again. He nipped, licked and sucked at the tender skin until her sighs became soft moans of eagerness and impatience. It was clear she wanted him to put more than his mouth on her.

Soon he had her on her front, bent over the table. The fact he was in too much of a hurry even to take the time to undress her only increased her arousal. She didn't think she could wait that long either.

He yanked the skirt of her dress up until it was bunched around her waist, revealing silky red and black striped bloomers. He slid them quickly down to reveal her small round peachy bottom. The sight of her pale smooth naked flesh increased both the throbbing between his legs and his impatience.

She looked mischievously over her shoulder at him as he fumbled with his pants. The look in her eyes was hungry as he finally released his aching cock.

He gripped her hips firmly and brushed the tip of him against the warm silky wetness between her legs. She shuddered in pleasure. "Please...Mr T..." she gasped.

His grip on her hips tightened and he groaned deeply as he slid just the tip of him inside her. She was so wet...and so very tight. He had to fight for each delicious inch. She couldn't help moaning softly at the sensation of him pushing himself inside her when she was so tight. Shudders of pleasure went through both their bodies as he slowly slid all the way inside.

By the time he was in her as deep as he could go, he could feel her body starting to open up for him. Soon he was able to thrust inside her. Slick silky flesh caressed his cock as he started to move slowly and smoothly in and out of her, moaning softly at the sensation.

Her lips were parted and her large dark eyes were on unfocused from pleasure as she started to rock her hips back to meet his, increasing the pleasurable friction for them both. Her soft gasps and moans mingled with his as he took her...with long slow deep stokes that perfectly hit that spot inside her.

The rhythm of his thrusting got gradually faster...rougher....deeper as he started to lose control. Each thrust jarred her hips and tore a soft moan from her throat. Her responsiveness spurred him on, the throbbing in his cock increasing in intensity every time he pushed his body into hers.

Warm wet flesh contracted around his cock, making his back arch and his eyes roll back into his head with pleasure. Dear god she felt amazing wrapped tightly around his cock.

She really was the sexiest, most alluring woman he had ever had the pleasure to meet. He loved her petite pale curvy body...the sounds of pleasure she made as he had her...that eager way she responded to him. She was so different to Lucy...dark where the other one was fair...warm where the other one was cool...passionate where the other one was restrained. Lucy would have never said "On how fast you can make me come."

The pulsing warmth between her legs increased with every moan that escaped his kissable lips…every shuddering gasp … every deep, rapid thrust between her legs. She could feel him losing control, body shuddering, hips writhing as he fought to keep his rhythm steady.

Her body spasmed, arched, danced against his as she got teasingly...deliciously close to her climax. He seemed to know exactly what she wanted….needed…exactly how to build up the pleasure until till she was aching for release.

Suddenly she felt a stinging pain in her shoulder. He had sunk his teeth in. She was so far gone the pain fed into pleasure…pleasure that bowed her spine and lifted her upper body off the table. She bucked…writhed…screamed her pleasure as she came…his teeth still set firmly in the flesh of her shoulder.

He released the smooth pale skin from his mouth as the final echoes of the orgasm made their way through her body, a line of crimson blood snaking its way down her skin.

She felt him shudder and stiffen behind her as he came deep inside her, his deep groans of pleasure and appreciation filling her ears.

He withdrew with a groan to half collapse on the table beside her. When she could move she got up and sat on the table. They exchanged lustful, satisfied looks.

"This kind of carry on is going to be bad for business…" she said with a cheeky grin. "…I can tell."