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Hello! All this time I've been writing mostly Sasuke and Sakura fanfictions, but I decided to make a change with this one. :) In fact, it's Hinata and Sasuke! I've always adored the pairing but never had a chance to write anything for it until now, so I'm hoping you guys will like this. Umm, anyways, this is told from Hinata's point of view and the storyline won't be making too many references to the series other than the first half, so Shippuuden will not really be included, although I may have some Akatsuki characters appear...but I'm sure most of you guys know them anyways. I just try to keep my fanfictions as accessible as possible, even to those who haven't watched or read all of the series. :)

Dear Diary...


Maybe it was stupid... to be so nervous, to worry about everything... but, something inside just made me tense up and blank out, as if parts of my memory were disappearing and fading away. No—more like, those memories were being covered up, like words on a page scratched out violently by a pen. Even so, the thought of turning the page frightened me. I didn't want to see the imprint that would undoubtedly be there when I looked to the other side. But at the same time, I wanted to remember him, this boy who smiled at me casually and spoke quiet, careful sentences. The one whose obsidian eyes stared longingly at me as if caressing every little detail of my being, almost as though he were engraving the image on his heart... He would brush his hand over mine and chuckle a little, assuring me that everything was alright and that I could rest easy.

I would let a gentle smile pass over my face, the curve of my lips subtle and slow, savoring every moment as if it would be the last... and then I would thank him, voice barely above a whisper. And while the moments seemed so perfect and everything appeared so vibrant and real, it was just a dream.

The fact was that I wanted to get away. I wanted to run and escape—leave everything behind, but the image of that boy chased after me; haunted me. Though it was nothing like the Sasuke I had come to know... In fact, the image was the exact opposite. Dark, and seemingly dangerous, it made my heart speed and my body tremble, but somehow it pulled me in, invited and enticed me to draw nearer and reach out... but the image would always retreat as though it were teasing me, mocking me.

Eventually I grew tired of chasing, and fell to the floor like a broken doll. Bits and pieces of me would be trampled and scattered across the concrete and I wouldn't even bother to protest. It's better like this, is what I told myself, lying there quietly, numbing myself to the pain and closing out the rest of the world as I fell into an abyss. Then suddenly the inky blackness started to thin and I retreated even further into the darkness until I realized that there was nowhere else to go and that all this time, I had been going in circles.

The moment I turned around to face what I was so desperate to get away from, all my resolves melted and everything flipped around as I ran back from where I came—into the arms of that lying, manipulative, arrogant boy who somehow always managed to be wherever I needed him. No matter what I did or said, he would always smirk and lightly shake his head, "I told you so," he would murmur darkly, "you'll always be mine."

End of Prologue

Heehee, I think possessiveness is what I love the most about Sasuke... and I intend to exploit that quality of his a lot in this fanfiction. :) Anyways, I know this is short but it's just the prologue and I'm really hoping to crank out more chapters in the coming weeks. Just as long as school doesn't get in the way too much. :) Well, anyways, I really hope you guys enjoyed this, so thank you for reading and please tell me what you think!

Also excuse the really lame title. D8 At the very least, I can assure you that it has relevance to the story and will be explained soon. o_O;;