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It's been a year... almost an entire year since I have updated this, and I can't apologize enough to all of you who bothered to read this. I never intended to be gone for so long, honestly, even with school and other things getting in the way I have no excuse for being absent for an entire year. I know this chapter is really short, but it's been a long, long process. I spent the year wondering what to do with this story and I still don't quite like how it's turning out.

Anyways, after all this time I finally decided to write out the story between Hinata's and Sasuke's perspectives, but predominantly Hinata's. I'm not sure if it's a strange method of storytelling or not, I picked up the idea from the Boogiepop novels by Kouhei Kadono and I liked the way it let the plot unfold in bits, rather than the plain conflict-solution or from one of those omniscient point of views. I'll be tacking on the point of view below the titles from now on.

Dear Diary


Chapter 2: Reality Check

The pavement crackled below my sandals, sending shocks of sound throughout the silent neighborhood. It was already late into the night, and cool ribbons of wind constantly nipped at my skin while the scent of wet earth and sweet grass blew past me.

The dimly lit streets were bathed in orange, glowing eerily in the blackness of the night. Puddles of rainwater were scattered about, reflecting light in every direction and signaling the end of the paved road. The further I walked, the darker the night became.

Taking smaller steps with caution, I walked until my foot collided gently with a familiar elevation of stone. I took a single step up and reached out for the metal handle, twisting it and shoving the heavy door open in one motion.

The air was stale, and the insides of the place were as dark, if not darker than the outside. Sliding my hand along the textured wall, I found the light switch and flipped it on with a heavy weight in my chest. Lighted or not, the house was still cold and dreary; isolated and essentially lonely.

No matter how many nights—no matter how many years passed, the feeling never faded; that same emptiness was still settled against my ribcage like an irremovable tumor, pulsing with a deep and sturdy thump along with a matching ache.

I could tell myself to ignore it, the way I'd been doing for the recent months, but something about tonight was different. I felt somehow broken or maybe just restless, but either way, I didn't have the strength to ignore the thoughts cluttering my mind.

A feeling of anxiousness was settled alongside that tumor this time, and the result was beating against my chest almost painfully.

Turn it into hate; into power!

I told myself that every night, determined to one day draw the blade that cuts him down. I wanted more than anything in the world to bring his life to an end with my very own hands; to let him taste the bitter-sweetness of death, and make him grovel at my feet to remove the taste from his very lips... but each night passed and the anxiousness swelled up and pressed against me; no matter how many times I told myself I'd get my revenge, it never came.

I knew though, that perhaps it would never be so; that unlike fairy tales the real world was harsh and cruel, sometimes without happy endings. Win or lose, nothing in between.

End of Chapter 2

Again, I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates and for the shortness of this chapter. I'm doing my best to get back on track with this fanfiction as well as keeping up in school; I'm at that point where college is looming ahead and there are all those damn decisions to make. I have no idea what to do with my life yet so hopefully I'll find something soon. Anyways, thank you for reading and please let me know what you think of the whole perspective idea! I'll be aiming to post up the next chapter by next month at latest!