Chapter One

The warm breeze pushed blond locks into troubled sapphire eyes, the teen lazily pushed his hair out of his eyes; without his protector in place to hold back his hair, it annoyingly kept blowing in his face.

Naruto stared contemplatively at the leaf symbol on his protector, slowly running his finger over the indented symbol. He had worked and trained so hard in order to prove himself to others, all the pain and injuries, both physical and emotional, to show he was not 'dead last', that he deserved the respect of fellow shobi, the village elders and the villagers' themselves. He had almost died on their behalf numerous times.

His best friend had almost killed him; his teammate told him, that it had been his fault that Sasuke had left and demanded that he promise to bring him back, to fix what he had broken. She then accused him of ineptitude and breaking his promise when he failed, over and over again. It had not been an easy promise to keep, there had been so many obstacles in his path; Orochimaru had been very determined to keep Sasuke, of course he fought hard to keep Sasuke, the parasite had wanted Sasuke as his new host.

Naruto looked out over the vacant training field, he had come to the realisation that he had to change his current path, his life was not going to change; he was not going to become Hokage, as much as Tsunade may love him, she would not go against the village elders and anger the village to name him future Hokage; such a move would fracture the village and give Danzo the opportunity to finally seize power. To keep peace, Naruto would never become Hokage.

He remembered when he had been younger and far more innocent to the happenings and attitudes around him. He had attempted to play with the other children, only to be slapped away by their parents; being called 'monster', 'demon' and 'murderer'. He had thought they must have mistaken him for someone else, someone that looked like him, and was all that the villages called him. He had tried to explain to the parents of the children that he longed to play with, that he was Naruto, not the other; that he had never murdered anyone and just wanted to a friend to play with.

He slowly realised that they had been speaking to him, it was him, not the mysterious other. Naruto spent many hours trying to figure out, who had been murdered, why the villagers hated him so much, they refused to serve him at the restaurants, refused him service at market stalls and stores. When younger he had been forced to eat whatever was available to him, mostly ramen, sure he liked it well enough but come on, man can not live on ramen alone. He had been forced to wear whatever was available, he was sick to death of the colour orange.

At the age of twelve, Naruto learnt what he was; it had come as a bit of a shock to learn that he had a demon sealed inside of him and not just any demon but Kyuubi no Kitsune, although he understood some of the fear of those around him; he was not the fox demon.

Once he entered the academy, Naruto thought life would get so much better and easier; he would finally have the friends he craved so much, just to be able to connect with someone; this had not happened. He was paired with teammates that did not like him, and he didn't particularly like them.

He had been called degrading names and become a laughing stock. He did not understand why he had difficulty with the simplest jutsu. He finally did establish a friendship with Sasuke; it was not the close, share every aspect of your life kind of friendship he still longed for but is was a friendship nevertheless.

The friendship had changed and warped so much over the years. He no longer loved Sasuke, he no longer viewed him as one of his precious people, and he was no longer a friend.

Naruto had not progressed as fast as he thought he should either, he had once asked Kakashi why he did not train him the same as his other teammates, showing favouritism to Sasuke. Kakashi had told him, that he would never become Hokage if he could not control his jealously and that Sasuke showed true talent that needed to be nurtured.

It was at this time that Naruto decided to manipulate Jiraiya into becoming his sensei. As much as Jiraiya's motivations were perverted and instructional technique was questionable, Naruto did learn more with Jiraiya than anyone else.

When Naruto was brought back to the village close to death after fighting Sasuke; Kakashi confessed, all those years ago, the village elders and the Hokage himself had ordered him not to train Naruto, he was only to have a rudimentary understanding of jutsu; they did not trust him. Kakashi had apologised, saying that he was a disappointing sensei, Naruto was unsure if Kakashi had told him this for his benefit or to make good with Iruka.

Jiraiya forced Naruto to confront the demon that he was. Kyuubi was his most hated enemy; everything that had occurred to Naruto was because of the fox demon. During the confrontation, Naruto unleased all the pain and rejection that had been his life at the demon. When he had finally exhausted himself and his mind cleared of the red haze of hate that he had for the demon, he was been dumbfounded to realise that Kyuubi felt the same about him.

Could he trust the demon when he said that he had been summoned, tricked in to compliance by a mangekyo shiringan and ordered to kill the villagers? Then to top it all off, he had been sealed into an infant, who turned out to be useless. Kyuubi had told him, that if he wanted to improve he had to go it alone. No one would teach him, no one would trust him enough to teach him anything really powerful or destructive; he was after all the host of a highly unstable and manipulative demon. Naruto and Kyuubi came to a pact to free each other from enslavement, find a way to break the seal so both would live through the process.

Kyuubi taught Naruto the basics and how to balance the control of his and Kyuubi's chakra, which had been Naruto's jutsu downfall, the two chakras opposing each other whilst he attempted to perform the jutsu, resulted in failure. No wonder he had been 'dead last'. Instead of controlling only the eight gates along his chakra circulatory system, he had to control an extra gate which connected Kyuubi's chakra with his own.

When finally confronted with success, Naruto absorbed all teachings quickly and was able to interpret and create his own jutsu. Studying in the academy library and breaking into the Hokage tower, again; he had learnt everything he could from Konoha. It was time for him to finally leave the village.

Naruto had contemplated leaving before, several years ago when he had turned fifteen. He had no where to go, no one to take him in. Sure he had friends in Konoha but they did not understand him, he always felt he needed to act like a different person in front of them, would they change their view of him, if they found out he was not the shallow inept idiot? That he was so much more powerful than all of them. Naruto did not want to put it to the test; he did not want to see the mistrust and contempt in their eyes, he did not think that he was emotionally stable enough to handle the possible consequence of rejection.

Now at seventeen, he considered going to Gaara, then quickly dismissed the idea. The sand village had only just begun to trust Gaara, and he no longer had a demon locked inside of him, his legacy of death and blood lust had been difficult to overcome and the wounds left behind were still very raw. How would they react when they learnt that another demon lived amongst them? Sure Naruto was treated well when he visited but that was a visit, he did not live and interact with their children. No, he would burden Gaara with his existence.

But leave he must, for his own sanity he needed to find a place in the world that would accept him, and some one to love him. Naruto felt physical pain at the thought of never having someone to love, at not having a family to cherish and protect. He wanted more than anything to love and be loved, he had never experienced the warm protective feeling of being wrapped in another's arms and know you're truly safe from all the bad in the world.

Over lunch at the academy once his friends were teasing each other about being scared over stupid things, such as the dark or spiders or the field rats that you see in the village. Hinata had confessed that she used to be afraid of a spirit she thought lived in her home, she'd said her mother used to come in to her room and lie in bed with her, being held in her mothers arms made her feel like nothing could ever hurt her, she felt so warm and safe. Naruto had felt a sharp stab of jealously and a deeply profound sense of hurt. He wanted that, he still desperately wanted that.

Naruto looked to the horizon and the position of the sun, it was starting to get colder in the afternoons now, autumn would be soon here; determining it was close to 5pm, he needed to get to Irukas. He had told Iruka that he would have dinner with him; Naruto loved having home cooked meals at Irukas. It made him feel special for a short time, that he had a family to call his own, that he had someone that really cared for him.

Naruto was suddenly distracted from his thoughts by an ANBU wearing a tiger mask, a member of ROOT by the look of him; god he hated Danzo. That bastard had made his life harder than it already was.

"Naruto, the Hokage needs to see you immediately" the masked ANBU stated.

Great, now he would be late getting to Irukas, if he missed dinner, someone was going to die.

"Please tell the Hokage that I am on my way" Naruto said, looking at the direction of the Hokage Tower. Naruto suddenly felt a sting at the base of his neck, it was a little late in the day for stinging insects; Naruto raised his hand to his neck and felt the barb.

A sudden wave of dizziness overcame him, Naruto raised his head to look the masked ANBU in the eye, he could not believe he had been so stupid. He had been so lost in his thoughts; he had looked away from a ROOT member. How could he have been so fucking stupid?

His vision began to blur and his sense of equilibrium suddenly deserted him. Stumbling to the ground, he attempted to get up, when his body would not comply; he kicked out at the ANBU, failing to connect. The drug was moving fast through his system, he was rapidly losing the time to use Kyuubi's chakra to burn the drug from his body. Naruto collapsed to the ground, his body refusing to obey his commands to move.

The last thing he saw was the ANBU reach up and remove his tiger mask to get a better look at him, he seen the sneer of hatred on the ANBUs face and his last coherent thought was that the ANBU had removed his mask, oh no, he had seen his face. He was so going to fucking die.

The pounding in his head made it impossible for him to hear what was happening around him. "At least I'm alive, well sort of", thought Naruto wincing at the pain running down his back as he attempted to move, his arms and legs were still numb and were not complying with his minds demands.

Slowly cracking open an eye, he took in his surroundings, Naruto found himself lying in the middle a small dirty cell. It consisted of a dirt floor and a bucket in the corner; he didn't believe was totally empty, the cell reeked. Breathing through his mouth, he tried to push down the bile that was rising. Naruto guessed that he had the economy suite, used for short stays only.

With a great amount of effort, Naruto rolled to the far wall and managed to push himself up to a sitting position, "What was Danzo planning on doing with me?" he wondered. He would have been dead by now if that's what Danzo had planned. "He wanted something or was going to use me to get something," Thought Naruto. There were a few organisations out there that wanted Naruto and he didn't see Danzo going to this sort of extreme for the good ones. "I pray the bastard isn't stupid enough to make a deal with them," muttered Naruto.

The door opened and two masked ANBU came in, the fact they were masked was definitely an up; he may not die today after all.

The two ANBU not so gently grabbed Naruto by his still useless arms and dragged him through the door and down an equally dirt covered stinking hallway to an enclosed foyer area, he was thrown in to a chair in the middle of the room; Naruto's head was still pounding and he had to concentrate on what was happening around him, any sort of information at this stage was good information but none of the ANBU were talking. Whatever drug had been used was still affecting his system, his vision kept weaving in and out, and he had been close to losing consciousness several times, he had great difficulty in maintaining his precarious balance on the chair he was seated in.

His head cleared a little, when he was hit in the face by water, god he hoped it was water. Raising his head to look at the ANBU looming over him, he noticed Danzo lurking in the background.

"Restrain him," ordered Danzo, as he moved forward to where Naruto was seated.

Two ANBU moved behind him, grabbing his arms, pinning them behind the back of the chair. He had no strength to stand let alone attack; this just showed how much of a coward Danzo was. Naruto's head snapped back, almost losing his battle to remain conscious, as he was punched by Danzo, "Demon" he hissed; "I will finally be rid of you". Danzo struck Naruto again, breaking his nose and splattering them both with blood. Danzo might be a coward and a bastard but he was still a war hawk and possessed great strength. "Because of you, you useless freak; it all came to naught," Danzo yelled striking Naruto again, fracturing his eye socket and cheek bone.

"What had I ruined?" Naruto wondered as he felt his eye slowly swell and close over. "What was the bastard planning, that I interrupted?" He thought back to recent missions that may hold a clue but he couldn't form a coherent thought, the drug and Danzo's abuse were not helping. "What have I ruined? Whatever it was I'm glad for it, you prick", spat Naruto starring at Danzo from his good eye.

"I'm glad you still have some fire in you demon, your going to need it where your going", Danzo whispered to him, before stepping back to deliver another well aimed hit to his jaw.

"Take him back to the cell; I will meet you outside the Eastern gates at 2130h," ordered Danzo as he walked out of the room.

Naruto struggled to sit up in his cold and dirt covered cell, again; this was turning in to a bit of a habit "Kyuubi? Are you able to burn the drug from my system?" asked Naruto. He knew he could escape if he didn't have the drug weighing him down. "No kit, the drug has affected the chakra flow as well, I am unable to heal you and I can't leech the drug from your system". "Damn, damn, fucking damn it to fucking hell!" seethed Naruto.

Just then the door of his cell opened and the same smug tiger ANBU mask from the training ground stared at him. "I've already seen your face, dick wad; don't you think it's a little late in the day to try and hide?" stated Naruto. "You know, when I see you again I'm going to kill you, slowly, very slowly". The ANBU raised his hand and flicked it in Narutos direction. Naruto felt a familiar sting in his neck. "Fuck," he managed before all went black.

The damp grass felt good against his fevered face, wanting to stay in this position as long as possible, the smell of the earth and fresh clean smell of the grass took him to other, happier times. Naruto slowly became aware of his surroundings and the shuffling of feet around him, forcing his mind to the present; he opened his eyes and briefly wondered why he could only see out of his right eye. "Oh yes; Danzo," he thought grabbing a handful of the grass in an attempt to get some leverage to sit up.

Naruto noticed several figures approaching. Behind him stood Danzo, five visible Root ANBU and he was guessing a lot more hidden. The three approaching figures stopped several metres away. Naruto was not terribly surprised to notice familiar dark cloaks with red clouds "Well I guess Danzo is stupid enough to make a deal with them," he thought sarcastically.

"Akatsuki, great all I needed now was for that bastard Sasuke to turn up with his band of mutants," thought Naruto. After killing Orochimaru, Sasuke created 'Hebi' a team of old Orochimaru subordinates under the bastards command; put together in order to find his brother and kill him. Team snake my ass, more like team 'Kill Itachi'. If you need an entire team to do your killing for you, you may not be as strong as your stupid bastard head makes you believe you are.

The sight of the three Akatsuki members gave him pause; he had expected Itachi but Pein! The leader himself had come for him, this was not looking good, he was so going to die in very, very bad ways. Naruto was a little afraid to look at the third member, hoping to find Kisame, strangely enough, his familiar face and the cutting banter they shared would have been some comfort. Seeing Pein here terrified Naruto, "Please don't let it be Hidan," praying Naruto, the masochistic Jashin worshiper was almost as scary as Itachi. What kind of religion considered anything less that death and utter destruction in battle a sin?

Hesitantly Naruto looked over to the third Akatsuki member and found himself staring into a swirling mask. TOBI?...... What the fuck?..... This didn't make any sense. Why would the two most powerful members of Akatsuki bring the tard member to collect him? "They've come to collect me on the way from another mission, that's it, that's why Pein is here, he didn't come just for me, I was just a pick up on their way home," thought Naruto hopefully. "That still didn't explain Tobi," thought Naruto, he was usually partnered with Deidara.

Itachi felt Madara move closer to him, he didn't like Madara's Tobi guise. He disliked Tobi's personality even more. It was in complete opposition to Madara's real personality that it was wholly unsettling to be around.

"Do you feel it", asked Madara leaning over to Itachi.


"Do you know who it belongs too," Madara said looking to the assembled crowd.


"Are you going to kill him?" Madara questioned enthusiastically.

"Oh, yes". This encounter had answered a lot questions; this night was proving to be of great benefit, they finally got the fox demon, unanswered questions of his past had just been made clear. Itachi almost felt happy. He couldn't believe their luck when they had gotten the proposal from Danzo a month ago, he would give them Naruto, in exchange for the word of the leader, that the Akatsuki would not interfere with Konoha and leave its villagers in peace. "Such a one sided deal," thought Itachi.

Itachi looked at the boy struggling on the ground, obviously drugged. That would have been the only way they could have gotten him. He briefly wondered who had betrayed Naruto in order for them to get close enough to drug him. They would never have caught him off guard any other way. This is why it had taken over a month for Danzo to send word that he had Naruto. Itachi had seen through Naruto's happy, village idiot guise. He did live with Tobi after all. He had seen the depth, knowledge, power and potential all wrapped up in a seemingly blonde bimbo.

Itachi watched as Pein stepped forward, briefly looking down at Naruto. "Danzo, it is good to see that you have kept your word, I had not expected as much," stated Pein.

"Fuck you," hissed Danzo taking a step back, as other ANBU came out of hiding.

"Oh please, don't be like that, we are all friends here now; well maybe not you," Pein said nudging Naruto with his booted toe.

"We agreed, if you handed over the demon, I would not attack Konoha; this may come as a surprise to one such as yourself but I am a man of my word, your little village is quite safe, peace shall prevail. I do believe however, that you are not a man of peace, smooth negotiations and transactions between villages are only done through utter dominance and submission on their part," inquired Pein.

" I think we are men of similar tastes and temperament, I think we understand each other very well; what you do with that," Danzo said pointing at Naruto " is of course up to you, if you manage to extract Kyuubi no Kitsune and kill its host in the process, all the better; enjoy!"

Naruto attempted to kick out at Danzo, "I will kill you, you fucking bastard," yelled Naruto. The outburst earned him several fractured ribs, from a kick delivered by one of the ANBU behind him. "Note to self, kill rat masked prick as well as tiger," thought Naruto.

"Please, reframe from playing with him too much, I see you have been enjoying yourself with him Danzo; I do not like what I own to be damaged, other than by myself that is, or done for my entertainment," stated Pein. "He is going to be useful isn't he? I don't want him to die before I get what I want".

Danzo looked over to the masked tiger ANBU questioningly, the ANBU nodded "The drug has temporarily paralysed his chakra, he is unable to heal quickly nor perform jutsu; his motor skills have also been affected, he is also temporarily paralysed, it should wear off in approximately five hours," the ANBU stated.

"Impressive, you know if you are looking for a new line of work, we could always use a poisons master," asked Pein. "Moneys great, benefits are better."

"Tobi, please come and collect our little prize; I highly doubt Itachi would be happy about getting blood all over his new cloak, Pein said looking over to Tobi.

"Clean freak that one," he whispered to Danzo looking over at Itachi.

Tobi came skipping over to Pein and hauled a struggling Naruto over his shoulder, he cocked his head to one side while looking at Danzo. "Is Tobi a good boy?" he asked Pein.

"You always are, my dear Tobi," said Pein. "Well, we had best be off, long journey and all; so nice doing business with you, hopefully we can maintain our current friendship," said Pein as he walked back to where Itachi was standing.

Danzo watched as the Akatsuki members moved out of the clearing, a faint smile on his lips. "That was wholly satisfying," thought Danzo. "What do you want us to do with this?" enquired the rat masked ANBU. Danzo looked down to see what the ANBU was holding, finding Narutos Leaf village forehead protector. "Leave it out here, clearly visible, clean the area of our tracks and chakra signatures but leave the Akatsukis'," ordered Danzo.

"Put me the fuck down, you half witted, dumb ass bastard," yelled Naruto struggling in Tobi's grip. "I'm going kill you, idiot," Naruto continued to yell; he tried to bite Tobi on the back in an attempt to make the idiot drop him. "You know what, you are not a good boy Tobi, you are a cretin, there's a village out there somewhere missing its idiot, why do you wear that mask all the time anyway, are you really that ugly? I am not an animal, I am Tobi," mocked Naruto trying in vain to get Tobi to release him. Naruto had begun to get control of his body and chakra. He had to attempt a run, he could not fight still weakened, not with Pein and Itachi here. He was pretty sure he could beat Tobi, and make a run for it; he just had to get Tobi to release him.

The three Akatsuki members with their prisoner entered a clearing; Tobi forcibly threw Naruto on the ground, growling at him. Tobi took a menacing step forward, Naruto quickly checked to see where Pein and Itachi were; they were standing a small distance away, Itachi leisurely gathering wood for a fire. "This is my chance," he thought. Looking back at Tobi, who unbelievably was reaching up to remove his mask; Naruto punched out to hit Tobi in the face as he was distracted. Naruto found his fist caught in Tobi's tight grip.

"Let me go you….." Tobi threw his mask down beside Naruto. "You were saying?" said Madara with an evil grin.

"No, No this was not possible, Madara was Tobi? Tobi was Madara?" thought Naruto struggling with the concept. "Oh my god, I called Madara a cretin, a village idiot; oh, oh, the three most powerful members of Akatsuki have me, they were not on their way home, they had come for me specially," thought Naruto. The reality of the situation finally becoming very clear. They finally had him; they would do to him what they had done to this friend Garra. Unlike then, he was there to bring Gaara back; there would be no one there for him. He was going to die.

"Well? Why so suddenly quiet?" grinned Madara reaching down to grab Naruto by the front of his shirt, hauling him up to stand in front of him.

"Tobi's a good boy?" squeaked Naruto.

Madara growled, throwing Naruto across the clearing. Naruto grunted in pain as he collided with an exposed tree stump. He watched Madara stalk toward him, activating his Sharingan. "Um, excuse me, Madara sensei? Would it be better if Itachi did that for you? You don't want to fry the poor boys brains," enquired Pein.

Madara swung is head around narrowing his eyes at Pein. Pein raised his hands in a surrender gesture "Just a suggestion" he said quickly. Madara moved his glare to Itachi who was squatting in front of the fire he had just made. Itachi looked up to Madara's narrowed sharingan glare and shrugged nonchalantly "Don't care," he said with complete disinterest.

Madara knew if he attempted to enter the teens mind now, he would cause irreparable damage and render him useless. "Itachi, lock his chakra down so he can not access his nor Kyuubis'," Madara said, turning to look at Naruto again. "And see if you can make him a mute," he smirked.

Naruto stared wide eyed at Madara as he moved over to sit before the fire. Naruto tried to back away as Itachi blocked his field of vision and squatted down before him; activating his sharingan. Naruto snapped his eyes shut and struggled to move to the edge of the clearing, pain ripped through his body as he tried to move, the tree stump incident had fractured more of his ribs and his right hip; making it very difficult to move at a rapid speed.

Naruto felt a hand wrap around his left ankle; Itachi dragged him to the centre of the clearing, he kept his eyes tightly closed and tried to face away in the opposite direction he was being dragged. Naruto felt the warmth of the fire on his left side and someone move behind him. Naruto felt a pair of arms wrap around him and he was pulled back into a hard chest, a warm breath exhaled against his ear; Naruto jumped as he felt a tongue run along the shell of his ear. "I can make you learn to enjoy it my dear Naruto," whispered Pein chuckling.

Still with eyes closed and head turned away, he sensed someone move in front of him; he kicked out, failing to connect. A weight came down on his thighs as Itachi straddled his hips, Naruto cried out in pain, snapping his head around to face Itachi; keeping his eyes tightly shut, he continued to whimper in pain from the weight Itachi was placing on his fracture hip bone and ribs. "Look at me," Itachi ordered quietly.

Naruto shook his head negatively. Itachi grabbed his chin to keep his head still with his right hand; Naruto could now smell the distinctive scent of Itachi, "He smells nothing like his bastard brother," Naruto thought. Sasuke smelt of vanilla and spice, the smell became sickening after a while. Itachi; however, smelt fresh and clean, like a summer night just after a thunderstorm, he had always enjoyed that smell, thinking it came from the forest around him; he was completely disturbed to realise it came from Itachi. "How is it possible for someone so evil to smell so damn good," thought Naruto wholly distracted by his sense of smell. Itachi tightly gripped Naruto's ribcage with his left hand, causing the teen to cry out in pain and snap his eyes open, straight into the spinning glare of Itachi.

Naruto was dragged in to a world of red and black, "Please don't do this," Naruto whimpered. Looking up at Itachi's standing form.

"I am here to bind your chakra and make you a little easier to handle, nothing more," said Itachi in a clearly bored disinterested voice.

Itachi looked Naruto in the eye "You are unable to access your chakra, you are unable to access Kyuubi's chakra, Kyuubi can heal your injuries once all trace of the drug has left your system, you will not fight me, you will not attempt to escape me, you will follow all orders given to you by me; do you understand?" Itachi quietly ordered. Naruto nodded his head in compliance. "Good, go to sleep!" Itachi told Naruto.

Itachi deactivated his sharingan and looked at the unconscious form of Naruto. "How long will he be out," asked Pein pushing Naruto off of him and standing.

"Only a couple of hours, long enough for the demon to heal his injuries" said Itachi.

"You could have put him out for the entire night," hissed Madara still angered over the volley of insults he had received from the blond.

"He will be more compliant when he wakes," stated Itachi.

Naruto awoke feeling warm and refreshed, Kyuubi had healed his injuries while he slept; he rolled over to face the comforting warmth of the fire, lazily stretching. "I'm feeling a little hungry," he thought. Naruto started to slowly open his sapphire eyes, snapping them open when he caught sight of Itachi staring at him from the other side of the fire. Naruto quickly sat up, remembering what had happened and who had him.

"Are you going to remain passive?" enquired Itachi. Naruto nodded slowly, but he didn't he wanted too. He wanted to try and escape, he wanted to hit Itachi in his smug little face; every time he thought this, it was immediately shut down. His subconscious was overriding his consciousness. He knew he had to run but his mind told him to sit and behave.

"Are you hungry?" asked Itachi. Again Naruto nodded slowly. Itachi handed over a bowl of rice and what looked like rabbit. "Eat slowly," ordered Itachi looking at the blond with great interest. Naruto again tried to fight the subconscious order to obey. Naruto slowly began to eat his dinner, although he was starving and hadn't eaten for several days, he ate at a maddening slow pace. His eyes going wide, realising what Itachi had done to him. "I have to obey that prick," he thought glaring at Itachi.

"I don't care if you hate me, you just have to obey me," smirked Itachi.

"I will kill you, you know," stated Naruto.

Itachi slowly shook his head, "No….. I really don't think so. "Naruto you are never to hurt me or attempt to kill me in any way," Itachi ordered. "See wasn't that easy," Itachi said with an evil smile spreading over his face. "Oh, while I remember, for the next 48 hours you will obey Madara and Pein, you will not fight them, understood?" asked Itachi. Naruto screwed his eyes shut trying to disobey the order, while his head slowly began to nod. "Good, go to sleep," ordered Itachi.

Naruto awoke to a booted toe pressing into his check bone, Naruto reached up, twisted the foot and pushed his antagonist over, jumping up into a fighting stance, Naruto noticed Pein lying on the ground chuckling, he took a step back and lowering his head. "Oh… I like this," said Pein.

Getting up and walking around Naruto. "What else can we make him do; you know, you're quite the looker," Pein stated running a finger down the side of Naruto's face. "Blond hair, big blue eyes, that mouth… what I would love to do to your mouth; or should I say….. have that mouth do to me," whisper Pein into Naruto's ear.

"Can I make him?" Pein asked Itachi hopefully, eagerly look over to Itachi.

"No" answered Madara angrily, "We have far more important plans for him, I need his trust and willing compliance, not become your unwilling fuck toy."