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Chapter Twenty One

Naruto sat on the edge of the bed fidgeting nervously, this was the day, the day he and Kyuubi had spent years working toward. Kyuubi would soon be free.

It had been three days since the defeat of Orochimaru, both he and Itachi had been busy, Itachi working with Pein and Yagura on the prisoners they had brought back with them; they had determined that Orochimaru had modified the cellular structure of the shinobi, enhancing certain abilities. The mutants with the red rimmed pupils were able to manipulate fire similar to the Uchihas'; the mutants with the blue rimmed pupils and gills could breathe underwear and the ones with the black irises and white pupils had incredible strength. After the testing was completed yesterday, Pein was forced to kill the mutants as they were unresponsive and it was believed they were controlled by Orochimaru and Hanzo in some way.

Pein and Yagura had even tried to gain information from Kabuto about the mutants but he refused to talk, Pein had asked him if he could try talking with Kabuto, the medic only stated that he would hand over the information if he left Itachi and became Kabuto's lover again; that was never going to happen so they were forced to kill the mutants and inform Amegakure about the deaths and what had been occurring.

He, Madara and Hashirama had finalised the seals for the release of the demons the day after they returned and Utakata had volunteered to be the test subject, the following day they released the six tailed slug demon from Utakata; Madara had manipulated the seal so as the demon was removed the seal leeched a greater amount of chakra from the demon and transferred it to Utakata. Not only had the release been a success but Utakata's strength and power had been increased, Kyuubi told him this was because the demon had been a hindrance to Utakata, working against Utakata natural abilities.

Today Kyuubi would be released, Hashirama had told him that he would be weak after the release because Kyuubi was such a strong demon he would sap his strength and would take several days for him to recover. Although he had worked hard to find a way to release Kyuubi, he still felt a deep sense of loss, he had grown to love the demon and it felt as though he were losing a part of himself.

"All set?" Itachi asked from the doorway.

Taking a deep breath, he only nodded.

Itachi could see how upset Naruto was about losing the demon, personally he was ecstatic he couldn't wait to be rid of the thing. "It will be alright," he whispered crouching down beside the bed in between his lover's knees. "It's not like he is dying," unfortunately, he added silently.

"I know but it feels as though I am losing him, he was there for me when no one else was." Naruto tried to smile.

"Have you told him this?"

"Yes, we talked last night and he said we were bonded so he will be able to feel my emotions and I should be able to talk to him if he returns to earth."

Itachi rubbed his palms along Naruto's thighs, "see, you will still be in contact with him," he whispered hoping that 'if' never happens.

"Thank you," he whispered against Itachi's temple wrapping his arms around his understanding lover.

"We need to talk," Suigetsu stated grabbing Haku by his arm as he walked toward the market gardens.

"I don't think there is anything to talk about, you made your feelings quite clear," Haku snapped pulling his arm free from Suigetsu's grip.

"We can work through this, I know I've been a bastard about all this but I want you to come home."

"Why?" Haku asked looking at his former lover as he continued to walk.

"Because I miss you, isn't that enough?"

"I think you miss having a house keeper, I think you miss having someone to show off while you parade around the village and I think you miss having someone to fuck when you get home but I don't think you actually miss me." Haku sighed. "Go find yourself a nice girl, that is after all what you really want."

"No, I want you;" Suigetsu snapped. "Are you fucking Kisame?"

"Not that it's any of your business but no, I'm not sharing my bed with anybody."

"Good, because I still want you but I do not want a slut," Suigetsu smirked.

"Fuck you." Haku hissed walking away from Suigetsu toward the gardens where he was meeting Zetsu.

Sitting in the tea house sipping from a tea cup containing sake, Kakuzu watched the main road from the North, he was to meet Sora at the tea house, he had finally gotten Sora to move to Pebble. The only way he managed to get Sora to move at all was to promise him the position of temple monk at the local village temple. The temple had been unable to find a monk willing to take on the position, which had been fortunate as it meant that he would not be stuck with Sora as a mission partner; and that would not do. Sora was holy than thou, where he was all for the profit. He was about to order another drink when he caught sight of Yamato walking along the road with Jin, Itachi's housekeeper. Although Yamato seemed to be having a lively conversation, there was something off about the house keeper, he seemed sad and only nodded in response to Yamato conversation. He didn't trust Yamato, he was pretty sure the crazy ninja was the spy; as yet Madara had not had time to investigate who the spy was and Zetsu was keeping a close eye on all the new arrivals but still nothing had been found. Pein didn't want the spy killed or it be known they had been discovered, he wanted to infiltrate the spies correspondence to find out who is behind it and what they knew.

Seeing Sora emerge on the fringes of the village, he fought down the surge of happiness he felt; he could not fathom why he was attracted to the caustic monk, they were dissimilar in every way. Leaving the tea house, he met the monk as he neared the village centre, "did you take a nap along the way? It took you fucking long enough."

"Shut up and show me where the temple is," Sora snapped glaring at Kakuzu.

"Right this way princess," Kakuzu snarled, snatching Sora's backpack.

"I can carry my own bags."

"Really? And here I thought it was them that slowed you down, what did slow you down then; stopped to worship your God? Commune with nature?"

"No, I stopped at a local inn looking for a good fuc…" Sora began but was sudden seized by the throat and thrust back against a building.

"You better not finish that fucking sentence princess." Kakuzu growled dragging Sora away from the building, releasing the monk's throat, he grabbed him by the arm and dragged him toward the temple.

"This is the temple," he stated as he dragged Sora through the temple to a small courtyard, kicking an empty water barrel over he threw Sora over the barrel, lifting his shirt and dragged down his black pants and underwear.

"What are you doing," Sora snarled in anger trying to lever himself off the barrel.

"Shut the fuck up," Kakuzu growled placing a hand in the centre of Sora's back to keep him still. "You were looking for a fuck, you're going to get it."

"Rape doesn't constitute a good fuck," Sora hissed.

"It's not rape princess, not when I know you want me to do this."

"Fuck you." Sora hissed again.

"No but I'm about to fuck you." Kakuzu laughed staring down at Sora's tight pink hole, he didn't think he had seen anything more beautiful before in his life. Pulling off his head cloth and mask he leaned down to run his tongue over that flawless puckered hole, causing Sora to cry out. Gripping Sora's arse cheeks he pushed his tongue into the tight hole moaning at the delicious bitter taste of his monk. Kakuzu dug his fingernails into Sora's arse as his cock became painfully hard while he fucked Sora with his tongue. Pulling away, he moved around the barrel to face Sora while keeping a hand pressed down on the centre of Sora's back to stop him from moving. Pulling his training pants down over his hips to release his cock, he grabbed Sora's chin tilting the monks head up to look at him, "you're going to suck me while I prepare you." He smirked bumping his glistening cock against his monk's lips; he waited for Sora's sarcastic retort and as soon as he opened his mouth to spit venom, he shoved his cock into Sora's mouth. "You bite me and I will make you hurt," he growled in warning twisting his hand into Sora's hair.

Pulling a tube of lubricant from his pocket he coated his fingers before roughly pushing them into Sora, causing his monk to cry out in pleasure and pain; "suck harder," he growled thrusting into Sora's obviously inexperienced mouth. "You look so fucking beautiful like that, those pretty lips of yours wrapped around my cock;" he groaned.

He really wanted to come in Sora's mouth but he didn't think his inexperienced monk would be able to handle that as yet, that was something he wanted Sora to initiate himself, not have it forced upon him. Pulling away from the hot wet suction, he moved around the barrel again, taking Sora by the hips, he slowly began to thrust in to his monk; he moaned loudly as the tight velvet enveloped him; pausing once he was fully sheathed he ran a hand down Sora's back and over his ass cheek to comfort him, although he was rough, he would never hurt his beautiful monk.

Once Sora's passage had stopped quivering around his length, he slowly thrust into Sora causing him to moan, slightly changing his position he slowly thrust again, causing Sora to moan again; dropping his position slightly he slowly thrust into Sora again causing his monk to cry out loudly. Smiling that he had found his monk's sensitive spot, he gripped Sora's hips and began to thrust hard and fast into his monk. He could feel Sora reaching his release, the poor monk was having difficulty breathing and cry out loudly with every thrust, he didn't think he would ever grow tired of listening to Sora lost in pleasure; feeling Sora begin to tremble under him and his passage clench around his cock, he thrust harder loosing himself to his own release as Sora screamed out his.

Laying against Sora's back, Kakuzu ran his tongue over the shell of Sora's ear, "Who would have thought that my monk would be such a wanton slut; did you enjoy that my slut;" he whispered.

"I've had better," Sora grunted causing Kakuzu to laugh.

"Oh princess don't lie to me, I know a virgin hole when I'm fucking it. Do you like your temple?"

"From what little I was of it as you dragged me through, yes."

"Good but you will not live here you will live with me, I want there and available whenever I'm in the mood to fuck you." Kakuzu smirked pulling away from Sora, he was momentary spellbound by the sight of his release trickling down the inside of Sora's thigh. "I warn you now princess, I better be the only person who ever sees you like this," he growled.

Sitting in the clearing at the designated spot, Okisuke watched the other samurai Zori with a great deal of interest, he didn't trust the small man; he had been a samurai from wave before returning to the Land of Iron. He had no idea what Mifune the General from the Land of Iron had been thinking allowing such an undisciplined samurai on this mission but Mifune stated that Zori had a personal investment in this particular mission. They were waiting for their contact from the Kumogakure, the village hidden in the clouds; he was hoping that C had been sent on this mission, he liked C's cold detached methods, they were in contrast to those of the Raikage, A; or his moronic brother Killer B. Wincing at his last thought as he heard crashing through the undergrowth, he stood to welcome Killer B into the clearing.

Killer B accompanied by his apprentices entered the clearing non to silently, Okisuke fought down his anger, as much as Killer B was an ass; he possessed the eight tailed ox, and an ox he was.

"Okisuke my friend, it is good to see you again," Killer B beamed while flexing his enormous muscles.

"Killer B, it is a pleasure to see you again also;" Okisuke replied keeping his displeasure hidden.

"Please, call me Lord Jinchuriki," Killer B smiled.

"Or not," Zori mumbled, he disliked Killer B but he hated the demon's apprentices. Samui the group leader is a cold merciless bitch, and oh joy she brought her hot headed brother Atsui with her. He wondered how Karui and Omoi managed to achieve anything as they couldn't shut up for five minutes straight.

"Zori," Samui, greeted him coldly.

"Bitch," he hissed back.

"Well since the formalities are over, did Hanzo happen to mention who we are suppose to be meeting?" Killer B asked.

"Someone named Yamato," Okisuke replied.

"And you don't think this is a trap?" Samui snarled, she trust this situation, they had been given very little information, for all she knew they could be walking straight into an Akatsuki trap.

"Apparently this spy has handed over some valuable information in the past, and now is promising to deliver one of the Akatsuki members." Okisuke stated taking a seat on a fallen log.

"Do you know who we are supposed to be getting?" Killer B asked.

"Suigetsu," Zori hissed; he would finally get some revenge on the bastard. Sasuke and Suigetsu had trapped him in an alleyway and tortured him for the location of Zabuza's sword. Sasuke had remembered him from the time he had worked for Gato and when he, Naruto and Kakashi had fought and defeated Zabuza and Haku.

"That's right, Suigetsu;" a man stated from the edge of the clearing.

"I guess you would be Yamato?" Killer B smirked.

"That I am," Yamato replied entering the clearing. "I am not making any promises that it will definitely be Suigetsu but he is the one I have targeted. I need a scapegoat, I am sure Madara and Pein suspect they have a spy in the organisation and I need someone to take the blame; Suigetsu has had some sort of falling out with Madara and Pein therefore he is the logical choice."

"What time can we expect you?" Okisuke asked.

"1900h, something is going to happen that will keep the Akatsuki members occupied so I can meet you here with your prize." Yamato grinned.

Okisuke was struck by the thought that Yamato was not quite right in the head.

Yamato grinned. "I better get back before I raise suspicion, until tonight."

Okisuke watched Yamato leave the area, he would be glad when they or the Akassuki killed him, the man was unstable and couldn't be trusted.

"Well he seems like a friendly enough fellow," Killer B stated smiling at Yamato's retreating back.

Kimimaro looked up from the book he had been reading when he caught the scent of his favourite white tea with cherry blossom; Neji set the tea tray on the low coffee table and sat down beside his lover; leaning over he brushed his lips over his lover's, "I'm so glad to have you back." He whispered.

"I'm glad to be back," Kimimaro smiled against Neji's lips; he was still haunted by the vision of Orochimaru in his snake form looming over his lover. He had acted without thought, his lover was in danger and he had to protect him. "How about we have our tea and spend the afternoon in bed?"

"Or we could begin now and then move to the bedroom," Neji replied softly running his tongue on Kimimaro's lips.

"I think I like your idea better," Kimimaro whispered deepening the kiss.

Neji growled at the knock on the door, "Someone had better be dying;" he hissed dragging himself away from his lover to answer the door.

"Am I interrupting?" Haku asked Neji; "I just wanted to see Kimimaro, is he well?"

Neji looked over Haku, the young man had changed since he left and the change was not for the better. Haku had lost weight and the dark circles under his eyes were evidence that he had not been sleeping. "Haku please come in, Kimimaro will be glad to see you."

Neji looked to his lover to see the horror reflected in his eyes at Haku's condition; "Haku, what happened?" Kimimaro asked moving to pull Haku down to sit beside him.

"I'm not sure where to start, I'm sure you have heard that Suigetsu and I are no longer together," Haku stated, taking the tea cup that Neji had just poured him.

"We heard, I thought you and he were happy together?" Neji asked.

"I think he liked the idea of us but the reality is a different story, then there was the fight with Itachi."

"Wait, you fought Itachi? What happened?" Kimimaro frowned.

"Well fight is the wrong word, I hit him then he apologised. Now I'm living with Kisame, I like Kisame but I don't know if I like him in that way, although he has never done anything to make me think that he might be attracted to me." Haku explained. "Just a lot has happened lately and I'm confused, I had thought to leave Pebble; I came here to find a place where I belong."

"You're not leaving," Kimimaro stated.

"No I'm not leaving, I realised that I am happy here; I like Zetsu he has become a good friend and Naruto is here and then there is you. I could never leave you."

"Good but that doesn't explain why you haven't been eating or sleeping," Neji pointed out.

"Naruto, after the argument with Itachi, we talked and he kissed me; we didn't do anything….it wasn't that sort of kiss but Gaara, Hidan and Kyuubi accused me of sleeping with Itachi."

"I think Naruto would know that you would never betray him and that Itachi would never cheat on him." Neji interjected. "Go talk to him, I'm sure you have been worrying yourself about nothing."

Haku just nodded, "Thank you;" he smiled. "Well I better get going if I want to catch up with Naruto, I'll let you two get back to what you were doing."

"We weren't doing anything," Kimimaro said embarrassed that Haku could read him so well.

"Liar," he grinned walking out the front door.

Haku stopped at the entrance to Itachi and Naruto's house, taking a deep breath he walked through the massive wooden gate and approached the front door, as he raised his hand to knock the door opened to reveal Naruto pulling on his shoes.

"Haku," Naruto frowned pulling his friend into his arms and holding him in a tight embrace; "you look like shit, what's happened?"

"I needed to talk with you," Haku replied softly; "there is something I need to explain."

"Please don't tell me you were worried about the whole Itachi kissing you thing?" Naruto asked pulling away from Haku.

"I didn't betray you," Haku stammered; to his surprise, Naruto cupped his cheek and brought their lips together; his gasp only gave Naruto's tongue access to he's mouth.

"Haku; Itachi and Kyuubi told me what happened, I know you didn't betray me stop worrying. You could do with a sleep and something to eat; Jin isn't around but I'm sure I can make you something, did you want to come inside and have a sleep in the spare room?"

"Thank you for the offer but no, I think I might go home and have a sleep. I'm glad you understand, it has been worrying me."

"Haku, I trust you; I've trusted you since I first time I met you. Your one of my special people that I will always love and protect, and I think you need some happiness in your life."

"I need to find that special person who will love me for me." Haku sighed.

"What about Kisame?" Naruto asked.

"No more Swordsmen," Haku frowned recalling what Kyuubi said to him. "They have only brought me pain and sadness."

"Kisame is different," Itachi said from the door.

"I'm not ready for anything as yet," Haku smiled weakly, "you are going out, so I will leave but I just want to come by and clear things up."

"There's nothing to clear up." Naruto stated walking to entrance with Itachi and Haku. "Take care and make sure you drop around soon or I'll come and visit you, I've never been to Kisame's house.

"Talk to you soon," Haku waved as he walked down the street.

Naruto came to a sudden stop as he and Itachi walked through the central village square, he caught sight of Sasuke exiting the hospital with Yagura. He recalled what Kyuubi had told him about how Sasuke had willing placed himself in the hands of Orochimaru in order to protect him and help them. Sasuke's actions confused him, they were not the actions of the old Sasuke, he would never have helped anyone unless there was some sort of gain in it for him.

"He's changed hasn't he?" Naruto asked looking up at his lover.

Itachi only nodded, he didn't want to push his lover; this was something that Naruto had to work out on his own.

He watched as Naruto walked slowly toward Sasuke, a small smile spread across his brother's face at seeing Naruto come toward him, this turned to shock when Naruto punched him across the jaw sending him skidding across the village square.

Itachi went to stand beside Yagura, "You're not going to interfere?" Itachi asked ready to hold Yagura down should he feel that he needed to help his lover.

"No, this is a long time coming," Yagura said watching Naruto hit Sasuke again and again. "Helpfully they can settle their differences."

"We'll have to see, Sasuke made a lot of mistakes where Naruto is concerned."

"I know and he is suffering for it," Yagura sighed looking to Itachi; "He loves you both more than you can imagine, he needs Naruto in is life to make himself whole again. He can never forgive himself for what he has done until he can reconcile with Naruto."

"Hopefully this will go toward that, Kyuubi told him what Sasuke did to protect him."

"I'm not surprised, my demon has told me some stories about Kyuubi; I think the fox demon is very different to how he has been portrayed." Yagura said watching Sasuke skid along the ground of the square again.

Naruto grabbed Sasuke by his shirt front again slamming his fist into Sasuke's face; "I fucking hate you;" he growled.

"I know, I hurt you….a lot. I can't ask for you to forgive me and saying sorry is rather meaningless." Sasuke groaned blocking Naruto next punch. "I still love you. I loved you so much back then and I hated you for making me love you. I blamed you, I was confused about what I felt; I treated you so badly, when all I really wanted was to hold you, keep you safe; when it was I that you needed protecting from."

"I know what you did," Naruto snarled at Sasuke twisting his arm to break Sasuke's block and punch him in the ribs, as he connected he heard several of Sasuke's ribs crack under the force of his punch.

"I don't know how to make it up to you;" Sasuke hissed through his pain. "I've been trying too but you won't let me in; not that I blame you."

Naruto sank down on the ground beside Sasuke, "You've changed," he sighed; "was it because of you or Yagura?"

"I didn't realise how far I had fallen until I betrayed you and Itachi at Sakura's wedding. Itachi and Gaara wanted me dead, it was Kakuzu who released me from the cell at the Uchiha compound, I think he did it for Hidan. Gaara had to be drugged when you left, Hidan would do anything for Gaara which included hunting me down and bringing me back to his lover so Gaara could kill me. But it was seeing the hate that you had for me and Madara telling me that I had finally lost Itachi that I realised what I had done. I had been so wrong about so many things, Itachi had looked out for me and all I wanted was to kill him; I stupidly believed in so many lies, I'm trying to make it right."

"Are you happy?" Naruto asked.

"Almost, I love Yagura; what I have with him is what I should have had with you. I have Itachi, I'm trying to be a better brother to him; a brother he can be proud of. I have Madara, he has taught me a lot; he has made me a better person, I wish I had met him a lot sooner. But I do not have you and that's my greatest regret, I don't think I will ever truly be happy until I have made peace with you." Sasuke explained looking at Naruto.

Naruto sighed looking over at Sasuke sitting beside him, "Kyuubi told me what you did, he told me that I should lighten up with you."

"Did he tell you what I did to him?" Sasuke smirked.

"About how you set Sakura onto him, yes." Naruto laughed.

"I am sorry," Sasuke said sadly.

"I know you are, I just wasn't ready; I'm not saying everything will be sunshine and puppies between us but it's a start." Naruto smiled at his friend.

"Does that mean I can come to your and Itachi's house now? I would like to visit my brother."

"I know and yes you are, I just wasn't ready to have you in my personal space." Naruto replied getting to feet and offering Sasuke his hand to pull him to his feet.

"Do you want me to heal you?" Naruto asked seeing Sasuke wince in pain.

"No but thanks, I'm sure Yagura will enjoy telling me off while doing it; although I wouldn't tell him, he nags likes a wife sometimes." Sasuke grinned. "Thank you."

"Like I said, it's a start; we'll see how it goes." Naruto smiled making his way to Itachi.

"All good?" Itachi asked as they made their way to Madara's house.

"Yeah, I think so." Naruto replied with a sigh, he felt a weight lift off him he had been carrying around a lot of hate and now that had been cleansed he was feeling a lot better.

"You are seeking refuge here?" A asked his guest.

"Yes, I understand that you were a supporter of my late husband; since the Akatsuki have taken over Konoha I have no place to go." Sakura replied looking from A to his assistant C. The younger man was attractive; she had always been taken with C whenever the Raikage had visited; although C didn't seem to like her very much.

"I understand your predicament, we will be happy to have you as a guest here; please let me know if you need anything;" A smiled at her.

C opened the office door calling for one of the guards, after having a quiet word with the guard he turned back to Sakura, "you will be escorted to your room, please let your guard know if you need anything." He stated helping Sakura to her feet before ushering her out the door.

"I don't trust her," he said as he closed the door.

"My darling C you don't trust anyone but I agree with you, the only reason she is remaining here is so we can make her the next Hokage once we reclaim Konoha; she will make a fine puppet."

C only nodded, "we have received news, it appears that Orochimaru is dead, the Akatsuki infiltrated Orochimaru's base, killed him, took Kabuto as prisoner and killed all remaining elite Shinobi that was being prepared; Hanzo reported that he managed to get our order out before they hit."

"Good, our order should arrive in a couple days time, anything else?" A asked "Anything on my brother?"

"Nothing as yet, he was to meet up with representatives from Iron today but we have heard nothing back as yet. We have also found out that Itachi is not dead, apparently his death was a deception to throw off Orochimaru." C reported.

A took a deep breathe, on one hand he was glad Itachi was alive but on the other, he would have preferred it Itachi had really been dead; the Akatsuki had become far too powerful and it would have been better if one of their more powerful players were not around. "Do we know who else is working for the Akatsuki?"

"Apart from those we already knew about, Kakashi, Iruka, Hashirama and Tobirama as we know. Gaara has an alliance with them, and Sasuke has make peace with his brother and has joined them. Sei, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Rock Lee, Guy and Neji have joined after leaving Konoha."

"Those are some of the most skilful Shinobi that Konoha had, it puzzles me that Neji Hyuga joined; I didn't think he was the type to join a criminal organisation like the Akatsuki." A observed.

"It gets worse," C frowned. "Both Kimimaro and Haku have also joined."

"The immortal assassin and ice Shinobi?" A frowned, they were incredibly powerful Shinobi, they would need to work out a plan, they could not hope to defeat the Akatsuki in an all out battle.

"Also Utakata and Yagura have joined." C informed him.

"The two demon hosts? Yagura of the Bloody Mist?" A gasped, he could not believe they had gained such support; "we need to find their hideout; it is the only place we can hope to defeat them."

"We are waiting on Killer B to bring back the hostage, we will find out from them were the hide out is, I don't understand why that idiot spy could not just tell us." C grumbled.

"Let me know when you find out anything, I am thoroughly depressed now; why don't you come over here my darling C and cheer me up." A smiled sweetly.

"Or you could finish that paperwork on your desk," C replied in a bored tone.

"I know you like to play hard to get but if you're not careful I might have to take my love elsewhere."

"I'll be heartbroken but I'm sure that I will live through it;" C sarcastically replied. "Paperwork." He said pointing at the desk before leaving the office.

"Are you ready?" Madara asked looking down at his son who was lying on the floor on his back with his arms and legs spread wide; symbols and seals written in blood decorated his naked torso. The blood seals contained both Naruto's and Kyuubi's chakra and would aid in breaking the containment seal.

Naruto only nodded, he had already said his farewells to Kyuubi and just wanted to get this over with.

"Close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing;" Hashirama told him brushing his cool hand over Naruto forehead.

Naruto could feel the drug in his system beginning to work, he could also feel Kyuubi fighting to control his need to neutralise the drug. Naruto began to feel relaxed, letting sleep take over.

"Okay let's begin," Madara said looking at Hashirama while Pein and Itachi looked on. Madara worked on breaking the containment and binding seal around Naruto's naval and replacing it with a protection seal. The seal would protect his son through the removal of the demon. Madara swayed, feeling light headed from the strain of working the seal; he felt Hashirama's fingers entwine with his as he performed his part of the release.

The seal around Naruto's naval flared red before cracking apart, red chakra poured out of Naruto's pores gathering around the room. The chakra solidified into the shape of fox. The fox looked down at Naruto before looking to Pein and Madara, "Priest, call me should you need my assistance;" Kyuubi smiled.

"Bastard Uchiha, I hope we never meet again." He growled at Madara.

"A pleasure as always demon," Madara shot back.

Looking down at his Kit again, Kyuubi rubbed his muzzle along Naruto's jaw, he would miss his Kit; the human had taught and showed him a great deal; in all his time he had never come across a human with such a pure giving soul. "I will see you soon my Kit." He whispered before disappearing.

"Is he alright?" Itachi asked looking down at his unconscious lover.

"He is fine, just needs to rest; Kyuubi left quite a large amount of his own chakra in Naruto so he will heal faster than we expected." Hashirama said looking worryingly at Madara. His lover was exhausted, he still had not been sleeping and the effort of releasing Kyuubi had drained him. "You need to rest," he told Madara.

"I know, soon;" he tried to smile at his lover. "Itachi why don't you take Naruto home, bathe him and get him into bed, he may wake up tonight or most likely tomorrow."

Itachi gently gathered Naruto against his chest, lifting his lover in his arms he made his way home.

Yamato followed his target through the market at the local village, he had been unable to get too Suigetsu, so this one would have to do. He had nothing against the man, he even sort of liked him but he needed someone to hand over and who better than this one. No one would miss him, from what he had observed the man had very few friends and no lover to raise the alarm. He needed a scapegoat for what he had planned, he needed someone to disappear before it all happened tonight. He wanted Hashirama dead and some one to take the fall for but he was not about to betray Madara by revealing the location of Pebble; he did want to live through this.

Watching the man pause at the fish mongers to inspect the fish on display, he slowly made his way to the man.

"Yamato, doing some shopping for dinner?" the man asked with a smile.

"Just looking around," he replied slipping a poisoned needle from his pouch. "You don't mind if I walk back to Pebble with you?"

"Of course not," the man smiled again, putting the fish he had just purchased into his bag.

The pair made there way through the market to the road that lead to Pebble, "Here, let me carry your bags for you," Yamato offered, slipping the needle in between the knuckles of his third and forth finger, reaching for the bag, he scrapped the needle along the outside of the man's hand.

Realisation spread across the man's face, dropping his bag; he tried to perform a jutsu but he obviously couldn't make his fingers work properly. The drug was fast working, he would be unconscious in a matter of seconds.

"Why?" he asked shaking his head to clear his vision.

"Because someone needs to die for what's about to happen and it looks like that someone is you." Yamato grinned. "It's not personal, I was hoping to get Suigetsu but you will have to do." He finished as the man dropped to the ground. It had been a little too easy but then it is always easier when they don't expect to be betrayed by one of their own.

"Is there anything else you need Sensei?" Jin asked Pein from the doorway of the study.

"No thank you Jin," Pein replied; Itachi's elderly housekeeper was helping out as Kaori, Madara's housekeeper had been sick since yesterday. Madara had healed Kaori this morning but told her to rest for the day. Jin had volunteered to assist in Kaori's place until she was back on her feet; apparently Jin and Kaori had become close friends over the last month.

"Is Hashirama Sensei about? He asked me to see him about the menu for the next week; I need to place the order with the village store holders tomorrow." Jin asked.

"I think, he's upstairs having a nap." Pein replied.

"Very well Sensei, I will catch up with him later." Jin nodded leaving Pein to his study.

Making his way to the kitchen Jin pulled out a long filleting knife from the drawer. He knew he was going to die for what he was about to do but his grandson would be safe. Yamato had promised not to hurt his grandson and family if he did what he asked. He wanted to go to Madara or Itachi Sensei and explain what had happened but Yamato put a jutsu on him, if he told, he and his entire family would die as soon as he opened his mouth or put pen to paper. He had no choice, he had to do this to save his grandson.

Quietly walking up the stairs he slid into the bedroom, he could see the dark hair in the dim light of the bedroom; slowly walking toward the edge of the bed he raised the knife high above his head. He didn't want to do this but he had been told, Hashirama had to die. Taking a deep breathe be brought the knife down with all his strength.

Pein looked up as the door to the study opened, "Jin was looking for you;" he said. "Something about next week's menu."

"Don't know what he's talking about. You get Madara to finally sleep?" Hashirama asked.

"Had to drug the bastard but he's upstairs sleeping," Pein grinned. Madara had yet again refused to sleep so he resorted to drugging his tea. At least his lover would get more than a couple of hours sleep. A frown suddenly creased Pein's face.

"What?" Hashirama asked.

"Somethings not right," Pein said standing up and walking to the study door. As he got to the door he clutched his chest, dropping to his knees he screamed as pain, loss and anger ripped though him.

"Madara," Hashirama groaned in pain looking across to Pein who had transformed into Rikudo Sennin the Sage of the Six Paths.

Grabbing Hashirama, Rikudo flashed upstairs to the bedroom to see Jin the housekeeper standing over Madara's lifeless body with a knife in his hand.

"It was suppose to be you," he mumbled looking at Hashirama. "He said I had to kill you." Jin dropped to knees raising the knife to plunge it into his chest but his wrists were caught by Hashirama.

"Who?" Rikudo yelled grabbing the housekeeper by his shirt front shaking him like a rag doll.

Jin only shook his head, "He'll only kill…"

"I'll fucking kill," Rikudo yelled cutting Jin off. "Fuck this," he snarled gripping the housekeepers chin in his hand, his eyes glowed red slamming into the housekeepers mind. "Yamato," he growled tossing Jin across the room where he thudded against the wall.

Itachi, Sasuke and Zetsu ran into the room stopping when they saw Madara lying dead, his blood turning the white sheets crimson.

Zetsu dropped beside the bed, gently picking up Madara's pale lifeless hand and pressed it against his cheek, "you can not leave us," he whispered fighting back a sob. "Come back…..Make him come back." He begged to Rikudo.

"I can't, I never had that power; it destroys the natural order." Rikudo whispered the pain in his chest becoming too much for him to bear; he couldn't live without Madara.

"Fuck the natural order," Itachi growled. "Hashirama, contain Madara's soul in his body, I'm going to get the useless fuck that can bring him back."

Hashirama moved around the other side of the bed, climbing onto the bed he dipped his fingers' into his lover's blood and began writing seals on each of Madara's chakra points, the seals would stop Madara's soul from leaving his body.

Itachi entered the room again dragging a struggling Kabuto with him, "bring him back." Itachi hissed.

"No." Kabuto snarled.

"You better get to work, you fuck or when I'm finished with you, you'll be begged to die." Rikudo snapped tossing the medic to the side of the bed.

"No," Kabuto snarled again looking up between Rikudo and Itachi. "I will only do this if Naruto leaves Itachi and becomes mine."

"Yes I agree, now do it." Itachi hissed.

"Not yet." Kabuto replied shaking his head. "I want to hear it from Naruto, I want his blood oath that he will leave you and become mine, and I want him to fuck me before I do this."

"Naruto is resting; he will not be able to answer you until tomorrow." Itachi stated. He couldn't believe this was happening, he would not see a way out of this, if they wanted to bring Madara back then Naruto would have to commit himself to Kabuto; a blood oath meant death to the one who made it if the oath was broken. He needed to think, he needed to come up with another plan, be needed to find another way; he could not lose his Tenshi.

"I'll wait until tomorrow then," Kabuto said standing; "You can take me back to by cell now."

"Take Jin with you," Hashirama said from his position on the bed. "We needed to get him to the hospital;" Hashirama told Rikudo.

"It's a little late for that don't you think," Rikudo snapped at Hashirama.

Hashirama moved to stand in front of Rikudo, "He will be brought back to us," he whispered.

"At what cost? If we bring Madara back we will lose both Naruto and Itachi. They can not live without each other. Even if we kill Kabuto after the blood oath has been made, it will still remain in effect until either Naruto or Itachi dies. So tell me, who would you prefer to die?"

Okisuke watched as Yamato entered the clearing carrying a body over his shoulder. "That is not Suigetsu," Zori snapped beside him.

"Well no, I had some difficulty getting Suigetsu but I got you something just a good." He grinned tossing the body on the ground at Killer B's feet.

Killer B dropped down to straddle the unconscious man's hips, he was certainly beautiful "I like your choice," he grinned ripping open the man's kimono running his large hands over the soft pale skin. "I like your choice very much."

"No, the agreement was for Suigetsu;" Zori stated. "You have to take him back."

"No." Killer B growled, his demon wanted this man.

"No one will miss him, its fine." Yamato grinned.

Zori looked down at Haku, he thought he had died with Zabuza. "I have a bad feeling about this."

Naruto woke to find Itachi sitting on the edge of their bed watching him, "what time is it?" he asked stretching.

"9am" Itachi replied continuing to stare at Naruto; this would be the last time he would have his Tenshi in his bed. When he had gotten home he couldn't sleep, he couldn't bring himself to touch him, lay with him; the pain of loosing him was too great, he wanted to lash out and kill someone. He was tired of it all, the unfairness of their situation, every time he thought they had finally overcome the obstacles standing between them something bigger, harder was thrown at them.

"What's wrong? What's happened?" Naruto asked sitting up, Itachi was acting strange, distant. Reaching for Itachi's hand he frowned when his lover snatched it away.

"Something has happened, Yamato is the spy; he wanted Hashirama dead, he manipulated Jin to poison Kaori and take on the duties Madara's housekeeper. Jin attempted to kill Hashirama last night."

"And? What happened?" Naruto asked pulling the bed clothes off him.

"It wasn't Hashirama that was asleep in the bed, Jin murdered Madara." Itachi told him, his voice devoid of any emotion.

"But we have Kabuto, he can bring him back." Naruto said hopefully.

"Kabuto will only do it if you go to him, make a blood oath to leave me and be his;" Itachi sighed.

"But that wasn't me, maybe if I talk to him?"

"He won't listen, he wants you." Itachi hissed from the door way, he needed to get away from Naruto it hurt too much to be near him.

"But that…." Naruto began as a grin spread across his face.

Itachi watched the grin spread across his lover's face, feeling a spark of hope blossom inside of him he stepped toward the bed, "tell me," he demanded.

"You are really….and I mean REALLY not going to like this;" Naruto grinned.

Pain lanced through his brain as Haku cracked open an eye, he had no idea where he was; the last thing he remembered was Yamato, the bastard spy had used a poisoned needle on him. Struggling to bring is surrounds into focus, he could feel the cold concrete floor beneath him and wherever he was smelled of commercial grade disinfectant. His head swam as he pulled himself up, gasping as his naked back hit a cold tiled wall.

"So you're awake at last," he heard from somewhere in front of him, he could make out three blurred figures.

"Where am I?" he slurred; he had to focus just to get the words out.

"You're not the one asking the questions," one of the other blurs stated.

"Where is the Akatsuki cave system?" the smaller blur asked. Haku breathed a sigh of relief, at least that bastard Yamato hadn't told them about Pebble.

"Why don't you get your spy to tell you?" Haku groaned, pain slicing through his temples as he tried to focus on who his torturers were.

"Because we're asking you," the smaller blur said again.

"You know I'm not going to tell you that, why don't you just save yourselves the trouble of torturing me and ask Yamato; I'm sure that insane fuck will draw you a map." Haku spat.

"It will be no trouble, my brother has taken quite a liking to you," one of the massive blurs chuckled before leaving with the smaller blur.

Haku watched as the last blurred figure moved toward him, pulling him to his feet spinning him around to push his chest against the tiled wall, his wrists were dragged over his hand and shackled into metal restraints. "The pain will stop as soon as you beg to suck my cock;" the massive blur taunted biting down on his shoulder hard enough to draw blood.

Haku fought the impulse to scream out in pain as he felt blood drip from his shoulder down his spine; "Never going to happen," he snarled.

"Oh you will," he heard the blur chuckle behind him before he heard the whip crack and pain slice through his back, the pain didn't lessen it bore deeper into him, spreading out through his body; his entire body was alight with agony.

"Do you like my toy? I have infused it with my demon chakra, with every strike it bites into your chakra sending agonising pain through every nerve ending in your system. Let's start with ten shall we?"

"Killer B," Haku moaned, realising were he was, "please don't do this."

He felt Killer B move up against him, pain lanced though him again as Killer B bit down on his shoulder again tearing flesh away from his shoulder. "My dear Haku, tell me where the Akatsuki cave system is."

"No," Haku moaned through the pain.

"I was hoping that would be your answer," he heard Killer B groan as the whip cracked again and agony tore through his body causing him to scream out in pain. "That's two, only eight to go."

Killer B looked over his handy work, his beauty was stronger than he appeared; he still had not begged after the ten lashes, so he had gifted his beauty with another ten. His poor beauties legs had given out on him and he was hanging from his wrist restraints, the metal cutting into his wrists, his blood leaving pretty trails along his arms. He had spread ten lashes long his beauties back before tearing off his pants and underwear to spread another ten over his ripe ass and the back of his thighs.

"Beg me," he whispered into his beauties ear.

"Please, no more;" Haku cried.

"Beg me," he whispered again, sending jolts of demon chakra into the deep cuts over Haku's back, causing Haku to scream out again.

"Please, please let me suck you." Haku whimpered.

Killer B released the wrist restraints allowing Haku to drop to the floor; grabbing Haku's chin, he lifted to meet pain filled eyes; "you will call me Master, do you understand?"

When he only nodded, Killer B's huge hand backhanded him hard enough that his head collided with the tile wall. "Do you understand?" he growled.

"Yes Master," Haku whimpered again.

"Good, now get on your knees and suck my cock since you begged so sweetly."

Itachi narrowed his eyes glaring at the man chatting with his lover as they made their way to Madara. "This is a terrible idea," Itachi spat at Naruto, he wished there was some other way.

As they reached Madara's house the man walked in without knocking, walked up the stairs and paused on the threshold of the bedroom.

Pein was slumped in the corner of the bedroom, an expression of shock on his face when he caught the man in the doorway. "You?...What are you doing here?"

"Here to make it all right in the world again," the man winked at him; walking to the bed where Madara was still laying, he brushed his long sculptured fingers over Madara's brow. "We'll get him back," he said leaving the bedroom to follow Itachi and Naruto down stairs.

Kabuto looked up expectantly when he heard the key in the cell door, he was disappointed to find it was not his beloved angel but there was something strangely familiar about the man leaning against the door frame. The man was tall and lean, and moved with an otherworldly fluid grace. His long bright red hair brushed his tail bone as he pushed away from the door frame while the man's blood red slitted eyes watched his every move. The man was dressed a skin tight crimson kimono and tight black leather pants but no shoes and no jewellery.

"Where is Naruto?" Kabuto snapped.

"Busy," the man replied, his voice smooth and seductive like warm dark chocolate. The man caught him by the throat slamming him against the wall. His breathe caught when the man leaned in to run his tongue along his jaw; "I heard you have been bad, you know what happens when you're bad." He whispered. "Do I need to punish you or are you going to be good?"

"Good," Kabuto moaned in ecstasy, his body tightening, this was his beloved; "Who?" he whispered softly.

"Guess?" that velvet voice replied as a clawed hand pushed between his thighs to stroke his hardness.

Kabuto took in the slitted eyes, the sharp canines and the clawed fingers; "your Kyuubi…..the nine tail;" He gasped. "But you're in Naruto."

"The very same and I am free, as you can see but we digress; this is how it will work, you will bring Madara back and if you behave I will fuck you; understand?"

"Yes….yes anything you want." Kabuto sighed thrusting against the hand stroking him.

"Good," Kyuubi smiled stepping away, leaving the medic hard and wanting. "No more fun until Madara is alive and kicking; oh and one more small thing. You go anywhere near or threaten my Kit again and I will tear out your spine."

"Yes, I apologise; I have missed you. I love you" Kabuto pleaded dropping to his knees rubbing his cheek over the knuckles of the clawed hand.

"Madara," Kyuubi growled ripping his hand away from the medic.

"Yes, please take me to him." Kabuto smiled up at him.

"This is important" Kimimaro snapped.

"We have already told you, he is busy;" Zetsu snapped back.

"Please Zetsu we need to speak with Pein, Haku is missing." Kisame asked.

"What? What happened?" Zetsu snapped shocked that his friend had gone missing, he loved Haku, his friend didn't care what he was or what he looked like. "Was it the bastard that hurt him?" his black half growled.

"No, I thought he was staying with Kimimaro when he didn't come home last night; it wasn't until Kimimaro and Neji came by this afternoon that we realised that he was missing. We checked around and found that the last place he was seen, was the local market yesterday afternoon; he was seen with Yamato." Kisame explained.

"The spy." Zetsu hissed, turning he raced through the house down the stairs to Madara's holding cells.

The group reached the cells to see Naruto and Itachi leading Kabuto from his cell, "told you it would work," they heard Naruto scoff at Itachi.

Kakuzu was leaning against the door of Yamato's cell, "problem?" he asked cocking and eyebrow in question.

"Let us in," Zetsu growled.

Kimimaro watching Zetus felt Neji's hand close around him arm pulling him behind his lover, looking up he saw Neji glaring at the demon fox in his human form.

"Like our zippered friend here just asked, problem?" Kyuubi smirked at Neji.

"Stay away," Neji hissed pushing his lover protectively behind him.

"Neji, I'm not about to go trampling through your territory, your not the sharing type; I have my sights on another." He grinned looking at Kisame.

"He's missing," Kisame snapped. "The spy was the last person seen with him."

Kyuubi's eyes flared red, pushing Kakuzu out of the way, the demon tore the cell door off its hinges, glaring at Yamato inside. "Where is he?" his deep gravel voice growled.

"Who?" Yamato squeaked at the demon that barely contained his rage.

"Haku, what did you do with him?" Kimimaro snarled a fine pointed bone escaped his body pinning Yamato's shoulder to the wall.

"He is not important, he will not be missed; he is gone." Yamato stammered.

"Where?" Kyuubi demanded.

"He has gone with friends, he is safe…or not, they have to kill him you see, I needed a scapegoat, someone to take the fall for killing Hashirama; I had to pick someone who would not be missed."

"Told you he was fucking crazy," Kakuzu said from the cell door.

"You didn't kill Hashirama," Zetsu snapped. "You murdered Madara."

"No, not Madara it had to be Hashirama." Yamato explained.

"Who did you give Haku too?" Kimimaro yelled twisting the bone in Yamato's shoulder, hoping the pain would cut though his crazy and they would get a lucid response.

"Killer B….he will take care of Haku, he liked Haku; he thought Haku was a fine gift." Yamato smiled.

The group moved upstairs to the study, where they found Itachi and Sasuke waiting with Naruto. "Kabuto is with Pein and Hashirama; doing his thing." Itachi explained.

"We have a problem," Neji started.

"Yamato kidnapped Haku, somehow thinking that we would blame Haku for the murder." Zetsu continued. "The spy has given Haku to Killer B, we must get him back."

"We can't move against the Raikage yet, there are too many variables, we need Madara back and we need to secure Pebble, we know Yamato didn't tell where Pebble is hidden but we can't be too careful. Killer B took Haku from our doorstep; there might be a chance they know where we are. I don't know how long it's going to take Kabuto but all we can do is wait. I doubt they will kill him, he holds far too much valuable information." Itachi explained.

"This would be a very different conversation if it were Naruto taken;" Neji snarled at Itachi.

"Don't fucking start," Itachi bit back. "You know better than anyone we can't leave this place vulnerable. Who do you suggest we send? We have no idea what we're up against; it took a whole time of us just to bring down Konoha and they were weak."

"What the hell is going on in here?" Pein yelled from the door way, they were in the middle of bringing his lover back from the death and all they could hear was yelling and arguing from down stairs.

"Your spy handed over Haku to Killer B," Kyuubi quietly stated from the other side of the room from where he had been watching the argument.

"Fuck!" Pein sighed thinking, they had to get Haku back; the teen was a demon magnet and unfortunately he was in the hands of a sadist. Out of all the demons the eight tailed ox was the most brutal, thankfully Kyuubi had not explained any of this to those present. He had spared them the additional worry and concern, they were worried that Haku would be tortured for information; they had no idea what depravity Haku would be subjected too. "What do you suggest?" Pein asked Kyuubi.

"I'll send a message," Kyuubi replied; clapping his hands together twice, a flash of lightening brightened the dim room followed by a loud crack of thunder. "That must be them," Kyuubi said hearing a soft knock at the front door.

Making his way to the front door with the group following behind, Kyuubi opened the front door to reveal two of his servants.

"Ginkaku and Kinkaku? The gold and silver brothers?" Kyuubi heard Neji asked behind him.

"Yes," Kyuubi replied; "They pissed me off so now the work for me." The two hulking brothers had been sent to capture him, he of course ate them, the bastards had managed to survive by eating his chakra. After he regurgitated them, he made a deal; he would let them keep a small amount of his chakra but they had to become his servants. The brothers were cunning and devious, perfect for the mission they were given and the whisker like marks on the cheeks clear identified who they belonged too. "Take this," he said handing one of them a scroll. "Deliver only to the eight tail, wait for a reply and return to me."

Taking the scroll the brothers disappeared. "What did you give them?" Kimimaro asked.

"Itachi is right, we can not confront Kumogakure as yet, we need more information but I can address this demon to demon. I have informed the eight tail that he has taken what is mine and to return it."

"Do you think he will?" Naruto asked.

Kyuubi looked to his Kit, it had been the first time that he had spoken, his Kit was pale and visibly upset. Over the years he had discussed each of the demons abilities and attributes with Naruto, his Kit knew what Killer B would be doing to Haku. "We can only hope, if not we will take action."

C looked to his Raikage in horror, the man had to do something; "it appears my brother had a bit of fun," A smiled, "he always did like his sex a little on the rough side. Don't worry darling, I'm not this rough."

C looked down at the small broken body lying naked on the concrete floor; he was beaten, covered in blood and whip marks, and he had obviously been brutally raped, repeatedly. Placing the tray of food and water on the small blood spattered table he approached the still figure. "Allow me to heal him," he said.

"No, leave him; why waste the chakra when B is going to do it all again anyway." A chuckled. "Get him up so he can clean up this mess, then come back to see me; I'd like to have my dinner with you, maybe we could share dessert in my room."

C watched the back of his Raikage as he left, fighting the bile rising in his throat. How could he not be horrified by this; the abuse of this teen was not right. "Tell us where the cave system is and all this will stop" he whispered.

"Please don't hurt me," the teen whimpered.

"Tell me where the hide out is," C asked softly brushing the teens dark hair from his face. The action only caused the teen to finch away from his touch.

"Pebble," he whimpered again before passing out.