DISCLAIMER: House isn't mine.


That weekend, I went back to the retirement home to see Caroline and to meet Henry. If you could see the way he looked at her... even after all these years.... if House was to look at me like that for even a second, I would die happy. And you could tell that Henry, when he was healthy, was a great deal like House; but he has his soft side- when it comes to Caroline. Apparently Caroline had told him all about House and I and he was intrigued by Caroline's theory of "history repeating itself". He insisted that I tell them all about House and I, which I gladly did, I've never told anyone before.

I told them everything, about my husband, our cases, when I quit, our disastrous date (the-event-which-will-not-be-named), everything that had happened in the past three years. When I was caught up to the present, they both sat there for a long moment.

Finally, Henry looked me right in the eye. "That man is head over heels in love with you, Allison."

I laughed slightly, he said it with such confidence and assurance! But he shook his head at me. "I'm seriously, girlie. Head over heels."

"House doesn't do head over heels," I told him.

"Yes he does, all men do. He's just being a coward," Henry said decisively. "Any chance you could get him here? I think I need to have a word to him."

I knew I liked him for a reason. And having someone 'having words' with House was something that definitely had to happen. I agreed to try and rang House's cell. He didn't answer, so I rang his home phone and it went to the answering machine.

"House, it's Cameron. I'm with Caroline and Henry at the moment, and Henry would really like to meet you. You know, world famous Dr. House and all," I said lightly, rolling my eyes. I knew playing to his ego was the way to work this. "So, unless the episode of General Hospital you're watching off TiVo is just too riveting to leave, get your ass over here," I told him and hung up.

Caroline and Henry were watching me with amused expressions and I shrugged. I mean, how do you explain that? I wasn't sure if House would turn up, but half an hour later we heard a motorbike roaring into the parking lot, and I excused myself to meet House.

I was kind of nervous, I hadn't spoken to House since our dinner on Tuesday night. The rest of the week at work, I had been too nervous to talk to him about anything non-work related. I wouldn't put it past House to change his mind overnight and deny the whole thing ever happened.

"You came," I greeted him as he approached, inwardly wincing. Was that the dumbest thing I could of said? Of course he came, he was here, wasn't he?

He shrugged. "I do what I can for my public," he retorted and I rolled my eyes.

"How gracious of you. Come on, this way."

I led him back to Henry's room. "Henry, this is Dr. Greg House. House, Henry," I introduced them and they shook hands.

House sat by the bed and there was just a moment of awkward silence before Caroline turned to me.

"Allison, why don't we leave the two men here and go get something to eat? I feel as though we have so much more to talk about."

I smiled at her. "Actually... I've got a better idea."

We left the men and the home and got in my car. I was only a few streets away when Caroline realised where I was taking her.

"Oh my dear," she said softly as I pulled into the driveway of their former home.

I smiled. "I thought you'd like to see it again."

The painters had finished painting the downstairs that week, and were due to start the second floor on Monday. I just hung around in the foyer to let Caroline wander around the house for awhile, then I showed her what I was having done to improve it. We talked for awhile about the house, Caroline telling me all the stories from the many years they had spent together in this home. Finally, we decided we should get back to Henry and House.

"I wonder how it went," I remarked cautiously as I we got out of the car.

Caroline chuckled. "Allison, I don't think you realise just how alike Henry and Dr. House are."

I smiled, and tucked my arm through hers. "Well, hopefully I'll get a chance to find out."

When we entered Henry's room, he and House were sitting there, neither talking, just watching the television. I'm not even sure they were actually watching it, but they were staring at the screen nonetheless.

"Hi," I addressed House, who looked up at me slowly. The expression on his face was... odd. There's no other word for it.

I snuck a quick glance at Henry. He was smiling softly at Caroline, reaching for her hand as she approached the bed and my heart just melted the way they looked at each other. Then my doctor side triumphed over my romantic and I noticed how exhausted Henry looked.

"I think we're going to go, let you get some rest," I said softly, speaking for House and myself.

Caroline nodded. "Thank you for today Allison."

"It was my pleasure," I said sincerely, embracing her. Then I leaned down and kissed Henry's cheek. "And so great to finally meet you, Dr. Beaumont."

He scoffed at me, his tone gruff. "It's Henry, girlie. And I expect you back soon," he ordered me.

"As soon as I can," I promised.

House rose to his feet stiffly and shook both Caroline and Henry's hands before heading to the door.

We left the nursing home together in silence. It was only when we got to the parking lot that House turned to me.

"Want to come over? Wilson's bringing food and beer."

I grinned, both with pleasure at the invitation and imagining the look on Wilson's face when he saw me there. I was quite sure House had told him nothing, or very little about what had occurred throughout the week.

"Sure. I'll meet you there," I agreed. I began to head to my car, but gave in to curiosity and turned back to House.

"What did he say to you? Henry, I mean?"

House paused. I didn't think he was going to answer, when he suddenly replied,

"He just knocked some sense into me, that's all. Showed me the advantages of history repeating itself."

He didn't elaborate and I didn't ask him too. But I was filled with a sudden sense of promise for the future, and a hope that maybe, one day, House would finally let me inside.