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Daddy's Little Girl – Chapter 1


"Morning Dad," I shouted happily skipping down the stairs. I had managed to get to the bottom without killing myself today. Wonders never seise.

Charlie pulled his head out of the paper and smiled, "Morning Bells," he said shaking his head and chuckling as I trip over my own feet getting to the table.

Well I still at least hadn't hurt myself today.

It had just been me and my Dad since my mum died when I was three. I don't really remember her and it is a little sad for me at times. My Dad though is the most important person in my world. He has always been there for me, whenever I needed him to be. He even put his pride aside being the only father there by coming to the Mother Daughter breakfast morning at school.

Charlie worked so hard to put me into a private girl's school, he gave me the best he could afford and then some. He wanted to give me a good start in life. Wanting me to have a decent education so I could do something with my life, not hang out with some of the low lives, as he put it, of Forks. I had great friends. I was very lucky I loved my life, and I loved him for it. I knew he didn't like palming me off to my girlfriend's parents when he worked at night, but it suited me. I got my girl time and he didn't worry while he was out working the night shift. I guess the Chief of Police had responsibilities and raising a child must have been really hard for him.

"What have you got planned for this weekend Bells?" Dad asked raising one of his eye brows looking over the paper at me.

I snapped out of my thoughts. I was just standing there by the table, I needed to get going for school. Walking over into the kitchen I grabbed a bowl and cereal from the counter and sat down at the table.

"Umm, well it is Rose's Birthday today," I started contemplating how I was going to tell him this, "We are supposed to be going to some club for her and going dancing, but you know what I think of dancing and I just don't want to go."

Charlie gave me a knowing smirk, "Yep, I know." He replied and took a sip of his coffee. "Well good luck getting out of that one Bells. I think you have no hope with Alice being on a mission to get you to go out."

"Aren't you supposed to tell me I can't go?" I looked at him desperately, pleading him with my eyes.

"It is a Friday night. You are eighteen. I think it would do you good to go out and have fun with the girls. You never go anywhere Bella." He said still finding it amusing. "In any case," I looked over at him curious as to what he was going to say, "I trust you completely to behave yourself. Just don't let the girls break any laws."

I burst out laughing and rolled my eyes. They were as bad as me, never putting a foot wrong. Sure we had fun, but we were so low key and oddly normal. This was a first for us and the girls were so excited. The whole thought of dancing in a room full of people still didn't appeal to me though.

"I still don't think I will be going." I mumbled going back to my cereal.

I heard Charlie mumble something into his coffee and go back to the paper.

"I had better get going anyway," I said starting to get up from the table, "I have a maths test first period and I don't want to be late."

"Good luck Bells!" he yelled after me as I walked out of the kitchen, running back up the stairs to grab my bag and keys for my truck. I picked up my phone and saw that the screen was flashing.

I had to smile it would only be one person.

Alice: Move your ass young lady! Don't forget your toothbrush either! U won't B home tonite!

I wondered if I pretended I didn't see the message would I get away with it? I sighed, who was I kidding? This was Alice. Pocketing the phone, I walked into the bathroom and grabbed my toiletry bag and placed it in an overnight bag so I could leave it in the truck. I knew I was going whether I liked it or not. Didn't mean I couldn't put up a fight though. I shook my head and knew they would use Rose's Birthday against me.

No point packing clothes, I wouldn't be allowed to wear them anyway. Alice and Rose wouldn't let me wear anything I would like to wear. God knows what clothing they would make me squeeze my body into. Thank God, we had a school uniform. I so didn't have to worry about Alice with that. Although she was still trying to change that and give it more style.

I took the stairs a little more carefully as I was now unbalanced with two bags. I knew it would be just my luck to fall down them, sprain my ankle and the girls would still drag me out to go dancing. I would be sitting on my own in a corner all night.

Actually that didn't sound half as bad, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to fall down the stairs. I was giggling as I got to my truck. I almost forgot Rose's present. That would have been great. Some friend I am.

I ran back inside to the lounge room and there was Charlie already picking it up for me, I assume to race outside to give it to me.

I smiled up at him and gave him a smile. "Thanks Dad," I said and stepped up on my tip toes and kissed his cheek taking Rose's present out of his hands. "Have a great day, Love you." I raced back out of the room, before giving him a chance to reply shutting the door a little too hard and cringing. I ran back over to my car and jumped in, started the engine and raced to school.

I was late again.


What the FUCK is that horrible noise I glance over at my alarm clock that I had silenced about 30 minutes ago. How the hell is it still ringing, and why does it sound different? The noise was echoing through my brain giving me the worst headache in the world. I pick up the alarm clock sitting next to the bed and hurled it toward the wall. It makes a loud CRASH, but the fucking ringing continues.

"What the FUCK is that?" I scream. I throw the covers of my bed back and jump out ready to beat the shit out of the electronic device making the offensive noise. I see it. Fuck, my mom has put a second alarm across the room by the restroom. She thinks she is being clever.

I will admit, I am an evil fucker to wake up, and most days I just don't give a shit. Do I really care if I am late to first period? I go to school….well most days. I just really hate mornings, and afternoons, and early evenings. Hell, I don't get good and going till at least nine o'clock at night. Well, I have to give her props for being creative. I stumble over all the crap on my floor and finally get to the alarm. I am almost positive she bought the most offensive sounding piece of shit alarm she could find. I shut the damn thing up, and lumber into the shower.

This will be a first. I might actually be early to school. I get in the hot water and immediately notice my morning wood. Well, I just might NOT be early to school. I will have to find a bitch to help me with this before I can ever think of going to sit in boring Banner's biology class. I would rather die than have to sit in that class with a hard on. He might just want to dissect the fucker, and I need this shit for later.

I quickly get out of the shower, get dressed, and race down the stairs. Just as I am about to grab a slice of bacon off of the plate on the table, my mom slaps my hand. "Edward, sit down and eat like a normal person. You are going to get indigestion eating on the run all the time."

I rolled my eyes at her, and give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "No time mom. I have to get to school early this morning. Banner is going to dissect a very large snake." I grab my phone and my back pack and head for the door.

Just as I reach for the door knob my mom says, "Oh Honey, Did you like your new alarm clock?"

I paused and give her my best eat shit grin and yell over my shoulder, "Yeah, Sure. You got me there mom."

I will admit. I do love my mom. She is a great person for putting up with all my shit. She doesn't give me too much crap for half of the stuff I pull. I have been suspended more times than I can count, picked up by the chief of police on a few occasions, and have had the pleasure to have quite a few mothers calling my house to tell my mom what a bad influence I am on their precious daughters. Sure she gets upset. For instance, the last time Chief Swan brought my ass home drunk she said that if it happened again she was going to send me to live with my dad. I seriously don't think that would happen, but she was pretty pissed off.

All in all, she is a pretty cool mom. It has just been she and I for most of my life. Dad left us when I was about five. He claimed to be madly in love with some chick he met at the movie ticket booth. They ran off together, and as the story goes he left her for a grocery store clerk with big tits. What can I say? I come by my womanizing honestly. Dad and I go for quantity not quality. Not that I would know much about him. I get a birthday card with cash in it for my birthday and Halloween every year. He claims to not give presents for Christmas. What the fuck ever? I don't give a shit about him. So mom and I have each other, and she gets me. I am what I am, and I don't see myself changing anytime soon.

I drive down the driveway and make my usual turn onto the dirt road next to my house. I have a nice secluded little spot back here that helps me stay financially independent. I pull up next to my make shift greenhouse and stop the car. I have been growing and selling weed since I was 14 years old.

It is amazing what a kid can find out about on the internet. I needed cash, and the kids need their pot. It is a match made in heaven. Plus, I don't have to buy my own shit, so I can get high whenever I fucking well feel like it.

Growing this shit is a science. I mean seriously. You have to keep everything just right. The air must circulate, the Ph levels of the soil must be checked every damn day, and the plants have to have a special light timer so they can have their "night time". These are fragile little fuckers, but they are making me enough cash to not have to ask my mom for shit.

I got my first plant for Christmas from my hippie aunt that lives in California. She thinks everyone should be able to grow pot. She gave everyone in my whole family a "starter plant". Mom was nice about it, but told me to get rid of them as soon as Aunt PEACELOVE returned to her motherland. I took care of them all right. I have been taking care of their sons and daughters now for about four years. I bet auntie had no idea how much her Christmas present would keep on giving.

I grab my latest dried gallon bag, and some small quart baggies. Tonight is Friday my busiest night of the week. I just might make five hundred to a thousand dollars on this bag alone. I do have my morals. I don't sell to little kids, and I don't sell to assholes. But if you are a high school kid, and you want a quick hit to calm the nerves, I am your man.

I run back, get into my car, and race to the school. I am hoping that I can catch Jessica before she gets in class. If I promise her a joint, she will give me head behind the bleachers. Let's face it. I need that shit this morning, so it is totally worth it.

Sure enough, as I pull into the parking lot, Jessica is sitting on the curb next to "my" spot. Her head is down on her knees, and I can't help myself. I honk the horn, and she jumps a fucking foot in the air. I swing in fast, and come to a screeching halt mere inches from her terrified face.

"Thanks a lot ASSHOLE! You scared the crap out of me!" she screams at me.

"OH..Come on baby. You know you loved it. You need me to take the edge off. I got just the thing." I reach into my pocket and show her a perfectly rolled joint. She rolls her eyes, but comes with me anyway. "You are still an asshole." She chuckles.

As we reach the bleachers, the first period bell rings. I light up, and make to pass it to her. "You know Jessica, they say nothing in life is free. You know how I feel about giving away my best shit."

"Whatever Edward. Just make it snappy." With those words she gets into position on her knees. She glances at me as if to say, "Hurry up and let's get this over with."

I tilt my head at her and give her my Edward Cullen stare. "If you want it, come and get it." I tease.

She takes the hint and pulls down my zipper and tugs at my jeans and boxers releasing my cock with a bounce. Almost immediately, she engulfs the head, and begins to bob up and down sucking and humming the whole way. I feel her fingers grab my balls and begin to massage with firm but gentle squeezes. I grab her hair and begin fucking her mouth thrusting my cock into the back of her throat. Luckily, Jessica has done this many times, and takes all that I give her like a champ. I knew she would be good for me this morning. Before I can even give her a warning, I feel my dick starting to throb and twitch. She makes to take her lips off of my cock, but I push her face all the way to my crotch and release my cum down her throat. She gags a little, but swallows everything I give her.

Once I have finished pulsing, I pull back and let go of her hair. "Fuck you, Bastard" she says as she wipes the moister off her lips and chin. "Give me the fucking joint so I can get to class."

"Oh, but Jessica. Aren't you forgetting something babe? You should always clean up after a meal." I look down at my dick, and she comes to put the monster back in its cage.

"This shit better be worth this crap, or I will never blow you again" she claims.

"I am sure you will find it completely worth your time and effort." I hand her the joint and head off to first period. "Pleasure doing business with you."

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