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Chapter 1- The amnesia


I'm so sore. There's a throbbing pain all throughout my body. Pins and needles in all my appendages and my head hurt so much. However, not as much as my leg. What is this pain. It feels like someone cut through my skin and muscles and started to hammer by femur bone over and over again. I can't feel my toes on my right leg. Oh god the pain.

It's okay Bella, reassuring myself. You've been through worse. Remember Angelica? Okay that grounded me and was able to distance the pain signals from my brain.

Use your other senses.

That was a terrible idea.

Ugh what is that smell. It smells like what you would imagine death to smell like. Cold, sterile and a hint of musk.

Where am I? Oh no, it's happened again. When I open my eyes I'm going to be in that same room. The room where it all begins. The anxiety happened again, the pain and the memories of those 5 blasted years.

No no no no no. I can't go back there. I'm not ready.

Wait a minute. There's a loud beeping noise. It was consistent and strong. It's a familiar noise. Surrounding the beeping noise is the muffled sounds of voices.

Okay breathe in and out Bella. You can do this. Just open one eye. Bella has gone through more in her 17 years of life than the normal person.

It's official. I'm a psychopath. I'm talking to myself in the third person. Chuckling a little in my head I tried to calm my self down.

Taking a deep breathe I struggled to open my eyes.

It took a while to focus but when my optic nerves finally wanted to work, all I saw was white. I would think I was dreaming if it weren't for the pain in my leg.


I tried to stir and sit up from the bed when a cold hand stopped me and assisted me softly. I remember this touch, this electric jolt. I tried to focus my eyes from the ceiling to the hand that helped me. There was something more other than that jolt. I felt a surge of power traveling from the hand to my neck.

Traveling from the hand to the arm to the shoulder to the chin and finally to the dark gold eyes did the memories come rushing back.

James. Victoria. The ballet studio and Renee.

Oh god. I remember James snapping my leg into two from the femur. I remember him trying to take a bite from my arm before being stopped by Victoria. The Cullen's coming and Victoria, realizing the interaction with the Cullen's will not end well, ran away but not before talking to me first and making sure I was alright. Jasper and Emmett working together to rip James apart. The fire taking over the ballet studio. Myself fainting from exhaustion and pain, hitting my head hard on a broken piece of glass. Faintly hearing Edward saying to me "You'll be okay, you can't die yet" over and over again, trying to stop the bleeding.

I must have been quiet for a while and just as the boy who helped me was about to speak the door opened.

In walked in a doctor and few nurses. He shooed everyone out. I don't even know who was in the room, I was too focused on maintaining my calm and holding in the pain.

After clearing the room except for just the medical staff and myself, the doctor spoke out, "How are you feeling? Do you know who you are and where you are?"

I cleared my throat, but didn't get very far from the lack of fluid in my mouth. A hand shot out with a glass of water and a straw sticking out. I took a heavy sip and thanked the nurse with a nod.

"I- " clearing my throat. "-ahem. Sorry. Bella and in a hospital in Arizona, and my leg really hurts."

The doctor didn't seem to like my answer but asked "What's your pain from a scale of 0-10?" I heard something else. Alert and Oriented x2. I hope she didn't lose her memory. She did hit her head pretty hard. It would not be strange if she did. Her cerebral cortex was heavily injured and swollen for the last two weeks.

"11" I said.

He nodded and looked at the nurse who came back with a syringe and a clear bottle.

"Okay Miss Swan, I'm going to administer some morphine for the pain. Do you know what year it is?" He started to tip the bottle back and fill the syringe. After tapping the air bubbles out, he connected it to the IV line. I heard something it again, the doctor's voice but his mouth wasn't mouthing the words. Please say 2008. There's so much paperwork and testing involved if she doesn't remember.

I took a chance.

"It's 2006"

He looked even more disappointed.

I heard it again.

It's confirmed. Alert and Oriented x 2. Her time is disoriented. She can't remember the last two years. Alright, I got to call in the psychiatrist and break it to her slowly.

After a few more questions and making sure I'm in no pain with my leg, they walked out. I heard some muffling in the background outside of my door.

I ignored it and tried to focus on my new mind reading skill. This wasn't something that was suppose to happen. I cleared my head. Okay the last two years did not go as planned. I was going to live with Charlie, learn to block compulsion and become immune and go on an adventure and explore the world.

Instead, I met other vampires, the Cullen's. After finding out one can read minds and has a small minor skill in compulsion, I tried to practice on him to break any compulsion. But I wasn't ready and it backfired. I've been in a muffled, dazzled state for two years and it took another vampire breaking my bones and mind to break it off.

God I'm so stupid. I shouldn't have gone head first into another compulsion supernatural. Didn't you learn anything from him?

Taking few calming breaths I tried to block that anger out. It's not going to do any good to focus on that. First things first, I need to make sure the compulsion is really broken and cannot be renewed. If it isn't broken I'm screwed. But hopefully the fact that I can read minds now means I can finally be immune to compulsion. If I was a betting woman, I would have to bet I am immune.

Second thing, I need to break ties with the Cullen's. They are a symbol of what is an abomination of vampirism and cannot be trusted with what is to come. I'm recalling all of those big long lectures from Charlie through text, email, in-person and of course from Renee. Shaking my head of those painful lectures, I went back to making a list of priorities.

After that, I need to find Victoria and Felix. I need to enjoy my life before the bitter end.

Enough of that. Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

Me being free from compulsion from Edward.

Me being free to travel the world with my real family.

Me being free to be myself.

Me being free.

I focused on that last one. I was so focused that I didn't hear the door open.

"Bella Baby!" I jump and look to my left. Renee busted through the door with tears in her eyes. "Oh baby, I heard that you don't remember the last two years, that's okay honey, mama's here to help you and you won't even need to remember those years with your father" She spat out the word father harshly. I should have never sent her in the beginning. I knew that after those 5 years she won't want to be in Arizona after that horrible ordeal with Angelica. I should've known better than to trust Charlie. How dare he say he could protect her from anything, especially after HIM.

"Miss Dywer, I thought I specifically said NOT to tell the patient that she is losing two years of her life. It could end up in shock and we could be facing a psychotic break or worse another coma that will last longer than 2 weeks." I look behind Renee to see the same doctor that was in here earlier, clearly disappointed in my aloof mother. It's a miracle that Miss Swan is not experiencing any shock. Maybe the amnesia was temporary and will come back earlier than expected.

This reading mind thing is cool.

Before I could respond, the door knocked and opened, revealing the Cullen family.

It was like a burst of voices overlapping one another and so very loud.


FINALLY. Someone to make fun of other than Moody Edward –Emmett

-tupid Edward. Almost revealing our supernatural status to these humans with his non-stop stalker mode with no bathroom breaks, no food and no blinking –Jasper

I hope Bella won't remember her time with us. It will be the right move for all of us if she doesn't remember. She should be free to live the life of a human –Rosalie.

Oh thank goodness. Bella's awake. That fool of a mother Renee has been forbidding my interaction with my adopted daughter. Why I better take that bitch and – Esme.

-I can't read her chart yet Edward, but from what I've been overhearing and from what you're telling me, she injured her cerebral cortex and could have lost memories. Did it seem like she remembered you? –Carlisle.

I would have missed the small shake of Edward's head if I didn't read Carlisle's thoughts. I almost forgot he could read minds as well.

I focused on the doctor, "Excuse me Dr. –"


"Dr. Schmit, could I have a moment and ask what is these two years I don't remember?"

He signed heavily, "I'm sorry Miss Swan, I cannot go into detail yet without taking some tests, but it seems that you have some amnesia from the incidence. They-" pointing at the Cullen's "said that you took a particular nasty fall down a flight of stairs" Which doesn't make sense because her femur was was a complete open fracture and the femur had broken too heavily for a simple fall. However, with 6 witnesses, I cannot express my feelings yet.

I nodded slowly, trying to stall for time to go over some finer details into my plan. God if only Victoria was here, this making-things-up-on-the-spot thing would come more easy. "I see doctor. Could I speak with these people alone and do the tests later?"

"Yes that's fine. I was making sure you are comfortable and if you need anything just press the help button on the right"

"Okay, thank you".

He left the room after making sure my vital signs were in normal range.

There was a long period of silence in the room. I could see Edward and Carlisle communicating in the back. I tried to listen in.

-re you going to leave her if she doesn't remember. A small shake

You have to, it's a clean break from her and we don't have to get the Volturi involved now. Do you want her to be in more danger? Even more after James? A hesitant shake.

Exactly. You will leave her alone and just in case she remembers, we'll leave a contact information for her to use. But only if she remembers on her own. Do you understand son? A more hesitant nod.

Deciding I heard enough, I broke off the connection from Carlisle's mind.

I was the one to break the silence, "Re- I mean Mom, where's Dad?"

Renee looked at me with discomfort in her eyes. "I didn't tell him you were in the hospital. I was hoping to get you out of this state and we can go to that adventure you were always talking about".

"Mom, go tell dad. You know what will happen if you don't. Especially after last time."

"Alright sweetie, I'll be right back. By the way, do you remember these people?" She pointed out to the gorgeous group of people.

I took a chance. This was it. Time to take action in my list. I know it will hurt them, but I need to break ties with them. I've grown to love them, but it is not enough if they cannot change their ways. They will be in danger from HIM and I do not need another Angelica.

"No mom. Should I?"