Title : Everybody Hates Yamamoto

Disclaimer: Belongs to Amano Akira.

First hater: Belphegor (part one)

(right now, the setting is ten years later, please ignore all nonsense in this story)

Tsunayoshi Sawada sighed, it's been a hour now, he rubbed his temple, trying to decrease the pain that suddenly came, today he invited all of Varia members over to come and meet the others, with one pure intention: to know more about each other. It's been a hour already, and the others in that room are busy glaring to the person unlucky enough to sit before them, all except for two: Fran because he's still new in this business and thus felt no hatred toward the guardians, and Yamamoto who is a kind person and is too friendly to ever throws a glare at others (plus Lussuria who's too busy staring at Ryohei, and Ryohei who's also busy avoiding the stare to the extreme). The two are currently talking, mostly from Yamamoto's part, and then responded by a nod, a shake of head, or words that contains no more than five syllables from the green haired boy.

Tsuna smiled at the sight of the two, 'Well,' he thought, 'at least there're still some of them who intent to get along' he then decide to help the two of them getting along.

"Ah, Fran-san," he called for the boy, said boy turned around to face the tenth and stared emotionlessly, "It's your first time coming here right?" he asked with a smile (that Fran couldn't help to set a small, quick, almost non existed smile in return), the boy then nodded, "I see, then why not have Yamamoto-kun to show you around?" he asked, then without waiting for an answer, he turned around to face Yamamoto, "How about that Yamamoto-kun? You're not busy right?" he asked kindly, unconsciously making Gokudera and Belphegor's hands twitched under the table, trying to find their box weapons.

"Fine with me, how about you, little guy?" he asked, smiling toward the little guy, the boy then turned to face Yamamoto once again.

"It's fine with me and I'm not a little guy, thanks." He replied with a straight face, at this Yamamoto laughed his usual laugh and stood, he then faced Tsuna and says,

"Alright then, Tsuna, I'm going to show this guy around," he said, nodding his head toward Fran, Tsuna only smiled contently, and nodded, Fran let out a sigh then stood also, then paused when Yamamoto says,

"Oh, I don't mean to insult you, but isn't that hat a bit too big for you?" he asked, one brow raised, Fran rolled his eyes upward to see the hat's shadowing his eyes, he nodded, "Why don't you take it off for a while? That would make our sight seeing easier, wouldn't it?" he suggested, in which Fran complied as if hypnotized, he took off the hat and shook his head to get rid of the hair that fell on his eyes, seeing this, Belphegor's hidden eyebrows twitched in annoyance (even more when Fran stuck his tongue out at him), and Yamamoto's smile get even wider.

"See? You're cuter that way! Or so I thought….." he complimented the young boy, scratching the back of his head, and earned another stare from the said boy, hearing this, the end of Gokudera's mouth twitched, and Tsuna felt a shiver ran down his spine,

'wha…what's with this killing intentions?' he thought, looking around to see who's emitting such aura, a good bye from Yamamoto brought his attention back toward the two who's currently standing together before the door, "Eh…then all of you are free to go back to you rooms" he said kindly then continue watching the two, Fran's trying to get his hair back in shape by shaking his head once again, Yamamoto laughed and commented about how funny he is, then he ruffled the boy's hair and combed it using his fingers, Fran opened the door and they walked outside after nodding once again toward Tsuna's direction.

The door then closed, and in an instant, both Gokudera and Belphegor stood, startling Tsuna (whose hand still raised after waving toward the two),

"G-Gokudera-kun? Belphegor-san?" he tried, but the two didn't even respond, they walked toward the door almost at the same time, opened it, walked out, then closed it, all the while spreading auras that say: KILL. All the others, found nothing to do, and knowing that Tsuna wouldn't mind, walked out of the room after bid the Tenth a 'see you around' or 'later', Ryohei ran out extremely fast to shake Lussuria off his tail.

"Re…Reborn…How is it?" asked Tsuna, he turned around to see his ex-home tutor currently molesting a certain teenage dumb cow (said dumb cow's eyes are wet with tears of embarrassment, but the molester paid no attention), Tsuna could only shoot Lambo a glance that shows all of his pity. "You said it would be okay if I invite them!"

"Did I? I only said 'Do as you wish and see if you could handle having all of them in one room'" he said, chuckled, then continue with the task at hand: molesting Lambo. Lambo let out a yelp that quickly turned into a moan, he then quickly covered his mouth, he bit his lips and gathered all his strength to slapped Reborn's hand off his thigh and quickly stood.

"I….I'm sorry Vongola…." Was all he managed to say on such humiliating situation, Tsuna only nodded with perfect understanding, it's not his fault he's getting molested anyway (thought Reborn would simply stated it's his fault for making such inviting expression –unintentionally-). The cow then ran toward the door, and ran even faster once he's outside, without forgetting to closed back the door (at least even if Reborn decided to chase him, that would give him more time, even thought only for a few seconds).

"Uh… you could be nicer to him, you know…." He commented, Reborn only crossed his hands and closed his eyes, a smirk plastered on his face, "Ah, well…. I hope Yamamoto-kun is getting along well with Fran-san…." He said then sighed. To his surprise, the ex-home tutor replied,

"Oh, they're getting along alright, but it seems like it would be hard for him to get along with others." He said, and with that, he stood and walked toward the door, he grabbed the tip of his fedora to cover his face slightly, "Now, I have a cow to watch over, if you don't mind." He said, once again chuckled then left the room without another words.

Being left alone in that room, Tsuna rested his head on the table, then took out his cell phone and called home. A soft voice answered him and his face brightened.

'Tsuna-kun? What's wrong? It's rare for you to call home at this hour.'

"Nothing, I just had a stressful day of work……. Maybe I'm homesick." He said, hearing her voice and listening to her soft laugh, everything seems alright.


A.N: ah….I'm sorry, it's hard (for me) to keep them in characters……huh? The woman that Tsuna called? I honestly meant it to be Kyoko, but then I'm torn between Kyoko and Haru, so I left it for your imaginations. Continue or stop?