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They sat quietly in the conference room, waiting for Gibbs and the Director to come in and give them a mission briefing of some sort. McGee's eyes wandered the place as if he had never seen it before. Tony and Ziva were deeply engrossed in a staring contest that Ziva seemed to be winning, and Abby's head was resting on her arms. All of them didn't want to be there.

"This is ridiculous!" Abby complained, lifting her head. "They told us to be here ten minutes ago! They said we'd start ten minutes ago! That was all fifteen minutes ago!"

"That's politicians for you, Abs," Tony said without breaking eye contact with Ziva.

"Gibbs isn't a politician, Tony," Ziva corrected, squinting her eyes even more as Tony stuck his tongue out at her.

"But he's with one," McGee pointed out.

"Let's do something!" Abby stood up and began to pace the room. "Anything! I'm gonna die of--"

"It's impossible to --"

"Don't say that, Timmy! I know!" Abby snapped. "It is so possible!" She eyed her rolling chair anxiously. "I got an idea!"


The three agents watched as the forensic scientist ran into her chair, letting it slide a few feet before stopping it.

"Musical Chairs!"

Everyone burst out laughing.

"You're serious?" Tony asked.

"Come on, we're more mature than that," McGee thought aloud.

"Musical Chairs?" Ziva inquired. "These chairs play music?"

Abby sighed. "Seriously, Tony. No we're not, McGee. And no, Ziva, they don't play music." She crossed her arms across her chest. "It's either Musical Chairs or we can sit and do what we're doing right now for the next, I dunno, hour."


"Director." Gibbs spoke up as soon as Vance cut off the video conference with Secretary Davenport. "You made them wait a long time."

"I believe they should be used to it by now," Vance said.

Gibbs shrugged. "If I had to guess, they're probably killing each other now."

"Not even they would be so immature as to do so, Gibbs."

The two men left MTAC, taking the stairs down to the conference room. They passed the squad room, seeing that none of Gibbs' agents were trying to ditch the meeting. Last time, Tony had come up with a lame excuse that he had food poisoning the previous night and had to go home, only to come back after the meeting was done.

"I wouldn't be so quick to thing that, Leon."

"Why not? They're your team."

Gibbs stopped in front of the conference room's closed door. "Exactly, which mean that by now, I know that they're most likely arguing about something childish that DiNozzo did."

"You're sure?"

A loud thump from within the room followed by yelling made Gibbs nod. Quietly, he opened the door so that he and Vance could just barely see what was going on.

"You cheated!" McGee yelled, pointing up at Tony. The junior agent was on sitting on the floor.

"Play smarter, not harder, McWhiny." Tony shot back.

"But that was totally against the rules!" Abby pointed out. "You totally cheated!"

"That's what I said when he got me out!" Ziva said aloud. "And you all agreed with him!"

Tony laughed. "That's 'cause I'm that good at this game, Zee-Vah."

"You shouldn't even be playing it," Gibbs said as he pushed the door open all the way. He and the Director walked into the room. "Musical Chairs? Really?"

Quickly, McGee pulled himself up from the ground, taking a seat next to the his partners. "Boss, we--"

"--were playing Musical Chairs..?" Gibbs finished. He wanted to laugh, but for now, he had to put on his serious expression to stop the childish game form happening again.

"It was Abby's idea, Boss," Tony admitted.

Abby only smiled. "It's fun, Gibbs!" Clearly, only she wasn't going to receive a head slap for this later on.