Chapter 12: Trip Home ('B' version)

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Nox Homeworld

"I shall go with you to the Tau'ri to serve as a distraction while you find your guide's sister. What should I do if it takes you longer than expected?" Narim inquired.

"We don't want to damage the relations between you and the Tau'ri, so if we take too long, we'll find our own way back," Giles answered. "If we have to wait for them to open the portal and go to another world first, then that's what we'll do."

Anne/Bast agreed in case any of the Nox wanted to protest, "Yeah, you just get us in, chat for a while and leave when it feels right to you."


"Unscheduled offworld activation!"

Hammond barked, "Close the iris!"

Despite the closed iris, two beings visibly stepped through: a certain unexpected Tollan holding a certain cat, both of whom Carter recognized. Given their previous concerns about the Nox being a Goa'uld host, the members of the SGC quickly surmised the same concern might be true of the Tollan, so their weapons remained targeted on the peaceful being. One of those weapons included the scanner they used to search Ree-too or cloaked Goa'uld.

Daniel stepped forward to greet their friend, albeit with a little hesitation, "Narim! It's good to see you again."

"If it is good to see me, why do you point weapons at me?" Narim replied with the familiar mildly condescending tone all Tollan seemed to have to some extent when talking to them.

"We mean no insult, but we were recently invaded by an unknown number of beings who had abilities very similar to the Nox. It concerns us that a Nox might have been taken as a Goa'uld host," Daniel explained, hoping to assuage any hurt they may have caused. "When you came through, that made us worry if you were one. We hadn't heard from you since the destruction of Tollana."

Narim gave him a slight nod. "You may check me for one if it alleviates your concerns," he offered.

Carter stepped up beside Daniel and asked, "We appreciate that, Narim. It's good to see you're okay. Why did you come visit us now, though?"

"An ally of the Nox and potential ally of the Tollan have requested that I give you some wonderful news for you to pass on to the Tok'ra," Narim told them calmly. "They would have come themselves, but they are busy at the moment. The Tok'ra Queen, Egeria, has been found. You may inform the Tok'ra that when she is ready, she will meet with them."

"How do you know that she's really Tok'ra and not some Goa'uld pretending to be her so she can wipe out the Tok'ra?" Jack asked with his usual skeptism.

Quirking an eyebrow at what could be considered an insult towards them, Narim answered, "The markings on her prison were that of Egeria, The Tok'ra Queen."

"Still, before we risk exposing the Tok'ra to a possible imposter, we'd want some assurances that she's the real deal first," Jack warned. Despite being suspicious bastards, the Tollan could have a blind spot big enough to hide an aircraft carrier sometimes.

Narim appeared confused for a moment, then said, "I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Your assistance will not be necessary in that regard. As I said before, when she is ready, she will find her children herself to be reunited with them. She just thought they would be happy to learn their Queen is still alive."

Unlike the Nox, Narim did understand why the Ancestor wanted to keep the Tau'ri out of the reunion; it was the same reason his own people were leery of having too much involvement in their affairs. Unfortunately, his announcement only appeared to make them more wary of him and the mysterious Tok'ra Queen.

Nox homeworld

A short time earlier…

As they got ready to step through the gate, Anne grabbed Giles' hand and used Bast's ability to shift them from sight. It wasn't invisibility in the same manner as a cloaking device would create. They were in a slightly different plane of existence…like ghosts, using supernatural terms.

They could see the others, but the others couldn't see them. While they didn't fall through the floor, Anne and Giles couldn't interact with their environment without returning to the same plane of existence and becoming visible again.

On the plus side, that meant the visibility guns the SGC were using couldn't see them. On the negative side, it meant they had to wait for somebody to go in the direction they wanted to go in order to get through doors or up to the surface. Once they were far enough away from the base to avoid detection, Anne shifted them back.

They pulled out their Earth belongings and got some money to make their long distance calls. "While you are making arrangements for our trip to England, I'm going to check in with the gang and my mom," Anne suggested.

However, Giles barely started ordering the tickets when Anne interrupted him, "Hold up, Giles. Turns out that your former employers proved that they were bigger assholes than I gave them credit for 'cause they kicked your sister out of the Watchers' treatment facility after the Giles family was declared non-Watchers."

He hung up without saying goodbye, too upset to worry about being rude to the ticket agent. "Those- Why do you know about that?" he wondered aloud.

"The Council was just going to dump her in a regular mental hospital when they couldn't get a hold of you, but one of them had a smidgen of decency and decided to call my mom…in case she knew how to get in touch with you. When he explained why they needed to talk to you, she pulled that 'scary mom' routine and demanded they send your sister to a hospital near her. They weren't going to until she said she had your Power of Attorney. So we just have to go to Illinois instead of all the way to England."

Giles took several calming breaths, then replied, "While I still want to pay a little visit to my former colleagues, it is fortuitous that our travel plans have been simplified. Thank your mother for taking custody of my sister; she didn't have to do that."

"Yeah, she did," Anne said, "You're family, and family watches out for each other. Now get us some tickets," she semi-demanded before going back to her conversation with her mom.

A short time later…

It required a little subterfuge to sign Giles' sister out of the hospital. He told them that Anne was a private nurse he had hired to do at-home care. Since the care she needed didn't require her to be an in-patient, they released her to the pair. They would try the blending back on the Nox homeworld in case they needed extra healing assistance afterwards.

They had dinner with Joyce in the airport while they waited for their flight back to Colorado and caught up on events. She chuckled when they told her about the Nox that resembled Snyder, then asked, "When will you be home for a longer visit?"

Anne looked apologetically at her mom and said, "I really don't know right now. We should get this snake thing taken care of first. Or at least get to the point where we can step away while others handle it for a while."

"They're biggest advantage is that they can move from body to body indefinitely, right?" Joyce inquired.

"To a point," Anne agreed. "That and their healing beds that apparently turns them into a mixture of Ted Bundys and David Koreshs."

"But if they can't leave the body they're in, there is a limit to how long they can prolong that life," Giles added, wondering where Joyce was going with this line of questioning.

She immediately got to the point. "Is there a way of making sure they can't leave that body? Or a different one if the one they're in is an innocent person?"

"We're still in the planning phase of how to handle them. Bast thinks that merging the bodies of races involved with a little tweaking might be our best chance, assuming we can figure out exactly how to do that," Anne said, setting off a rapid discussion between Bast and Egeria in her mind. With Egeria's knowledge of the symbiotes' biology and Bast's goddess powers, they quickly devised a course of action. Then came the question of whether they should try to lure the symbiotes back to their home dimension or let them finish out their lives in this one.

Since their numbers were greater, it would be easier to use the Jaffa to spread this 'virus' to other Jaffa and their masters, the Goa'uld. What the virus would do would be to fuse the physiology of the symbiote with its host, basically creating two new races of beings. Each would retain the physical characteristics that they had currently, apart from the genetic memory the symbiote carried from host to host.

This would mean that the new Jaffa race would be able to procreate like normal, but would be born with the bonuses that a symbiote gave them. For the Goa'uld/Tok'ra that were affected, they couldn't start out knowing everything from their symbiotes' past, but given their physical and mental capabilities, they would probably be able to learn at an accelerated rate.

This was good…they had a plan now, and just had to set it into motion. For that, they would need the Furling.

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