This is truly going to be the most depressing thing I've ever done. You'll know what I mean at the end of the chapter. I promise this story will be good, so give it a chance. It's mainly about how some things never die. I don't know what to do about pairs so take your pick.

It was a bright and peaceful morning, where the ocean was a luminous pale blue. A bed of black oysters begin to open their mouths and break into a song of harmony. Seaweeds sway lazily in the ocean current. And clams begin to bloom with beautiful pearls growing. It was going to be a beautiful day. As sea life was waking up, the biggest, happiest and loving creature of all came to life as well.

"I'mmmmmmmm reeeeeaaaddddy!" A sea sponge with the color of a bright sun, the smile of a child's laughter, and the heart of the puriest gold had awoken. He was none other than SpongeBob Squarepants.

"Good morning Gary! Do you smell that? That's the smell of another beautiful day. And it's only going to smell better when I go do the most honorable job in the world."


"Why yes, I am wearing that new cologne. You never miss a thing Gary! Dahahahhahahah!"

As SpongeBob was getting ready for work, just across from the pineapple home, was a big Eastern Island head home where lived the grumpiest, sophisticated and sarcastic creature in the sea. With a grim look to make babies cry, a nasal laugh like a playing bagpipe, and wits sharp as a knife. It guessed it. Squidward Q. Tentacles.

Getting up in the morning was no different than getting a headache. Worse of all, the cantankerous octopus would have to go out and deal with his annoying sponge companion. Needless to say, it was something that Squidward didn't always look forward to.

"Oh nuts. Is that goof still out there?" Squidward peeks out his window to see SpongeBob waiting for him to come out so they could both head to work together. "Well Squiddy. Just bite your lip and get out there and endure it."

With a trembling tentacle, Squidward opens his front door and steps out into the bright sunshine. But nothing was more sunnier than SpongeBob himself. He was nearly blown back from the happy force of the sea sponge who shouts for joy at the sight of him.

"Hi Squidward! Your in time to witness the birth of a new day!"

Squidward's gloomy face could easily be compared to a dark rainy day. The octopus's life was more like a sad story where he had never found the true happiness he'd been looking for. As a result, Squidward had a hard time seeing things through SpongeBob's point of view.

"Quit jumnping around SpongeBob! Do you think I enjoy being seen around a nitwit like you?"

"Aw gee, I'm sorry Squidward. Do you want me to walk five steps behind you again?" SpongeBob smiles kindly up at his much meaner co-worker.

The good-natured sponge was oblivious to the bitterness that was Squidward. It was like having a sixth sense where the lovable sea sponge could see the good in everyone. Like a child being let out to the world, SpongeBob was kind, innocent and energetic spirit.

"I can't wait to get to the Krusty Krab. It brings me so much joy as a hard-working frycook." SpongeBob beams with pride.

Squidward was a complete opposite of the sea sponge whereas he thought it the most shameful thing in the world to be a cashier of the Krusty Krab. He instead wanted to become rich and famous and not be stuck with a normal life. The octopus and the sponge were truly different like day and night.

At the Krusty Krab, Eugene H. Krabs was the greedy yet compassionate employer of both SpongeBob and Squidward and the proud owner of his restaurant. The old red crab was always there to greet his enthusiastic frycook and his sourpus cashier as he was always the first one to arrive at his restaurant on where he fondly refers to it as his little gold mine.

"Ahoy lads! Take your positions, cause I think I hear a storm a'coming! It's the lunch-rush!" Mr. Krabs points in excitement to the arriving customers.

In no time, Squidward and SpongeBob worked together as too very different employees. It was due to the fact that SpongeBob loved his job while Squidward couldn't stand his. And even so, the two always did manage to get the job done somehow even if it had somewhat hilarious results.

"Hey there! Who's hungry? Cause I've got a krabby patty here who's dying to meet ya! Dahahahah!" Laughs a jolly porifera presenting his dish of krabby patties.

SpongeBob's joy and laughter was infectious and anyone who got in contact would become just as happy as the yellow sponge himself. There wasn't a person alive who wasn't familiar with the friendly face of SpongeBob whom always took care of the customers with dedication and gusto.

"Here's your change, sir. Come again........when I'm off duty," grumbles the octopus sourly.

Squidward's unfriendly and unwelcoming frown made it hard for him to connect with the customers. Instead he kept to himself, ever hidden in his gloomy shell. Being a cashier wasn't exactly something to be proud of. And still, Squidward yearned to be someplace with his high standards.

"Excuse me, do you know where the napkins are?" Asked a customer.

"If I knew that sir, I'd tell you to go get it yourself." Squidward lazily goes back to reading his newspaper.

As it was sometimes, Squidward's crabby attitude didn't sit well with Mr. Krabs whom often wished that Squidward could at least act more civilized with the customers, instead of behaving as some snooty booty from time and again.

"Mr. Squidward! Ye could really do with taking a leaf outta SpongeBob's book one of these days. Anyhoo, why not make yerself useful and go out and pick up the litter that's gathering around again. It's getting to be a mess out there." Mr. Krabs then goes and retreats into his office.

Squidward gives a bothersome sigh as he starts to crumble up the newspaper and tosses it aside once he was done reading it. However he crosses his arms in disgust and couldn't stand wasting his time in this grease spoon when he probably could be out making something of himself.

"This is so wrong. I am a artist. I should be out exploring my perfectly artistic potentials. I am a man of talent. I could be the greatest thing ever if they gave me five minutes on the stage. I am a sophisticated intellectual, I have so much to offer and respectful ways to express myself."

Nobody was even paying attention to Squidward as most of the customers seem used to hearing the cranky octopus complain. However, SpongeBob was clapping his hands with a awestruck look as he had been the only one listening to Squidward's rather strong speech.

"Wow. That sounded even better than the time you gave a opinion on Squilliam Fancyson's review in the Fancy Digest magazine." SpongeBob was always easy to impress.

"Nevermind. SpongeBob, why don't you go out there and pick up the litter instead. I've got way better things I could be doing instead." Squidward turns away as the innocent sponge happily agrees and goes outside with his pointy stick and trash bag.

Squidward rubs his head delicately from the constant headaches that felt like a big drum being pounded. This was definitely not the place he always envisioned where he end up. How could all his talents be for naught and he would be stuck in this demeaning place? And in the later years, Squidward had only become a disappointed soul.

Without came. That loud and ear-splitting sound that seem to rang out and make Squidward along with most of the customers jump in alarm and fear. It was the sound of a crashing boatmobile from outside followed by the sounds of horrified screams that told them all that there seem to have been a accident nearby to the Krusty Krab.

Whatever grumpiness that the cashier may of been feeling at the moment immediately vanishes and becomes replaced with fear and confusion as he hears fish outside yelling in a panic. Something terrible has happened, no mistake about that. But Squidward felt a painful ache in his chest along with a sudden foreboding feeling.

As if possessed by some unseen force, Squidward found himself leaving the register and heading for the door. He ignored Mr. Krabs calling after him and asking what was going on. Squidward could sense it.....he didn't know how, but he felt a tight knot in his heart and his fear grew by each step he took. This was no ordinary accident.

Bursting through the restaurant doors, Squidward raced outside and what he saw would be a sight that would be a burning image in his brain for forever to come. All the octopus could do was just stand there and stare for what may have been an eternity. He stared, and stared, and stared, and to most bystanders looking at the shocked octopus would have thought he'd shut down emotionally.

The body of SpongeBob laid collapsed on the soft sandy ground unmoving. The yellow guy had been cleaning up the littering trash when he had been unable to escape from the drunk driver who had accidentally rammed into the frycook. Now the driver was out of his boatmobile and was also staring guiltily at his victim while looking all the more nauseous in the face.

Everyone just seem to circle around SpongeBob's lifeless body and stare. The sunny sponge had been filled with so much life, love and laughter. How does something like this suddenly happen? How could this lovable sponge get called back up to the heavens so early? It was almost like the happy sun of Bikini Bottom had finally burned out and they were all now trapped in darkness.

Squidward was the first one to act when everyone else was too stunned to move or do anything. The octopus goes up to the body of the little porifera, and almost like a father taking his lifeless son into his arms, Squidward lifted SpongeBob's head up only to see a very dead look on the sea sponge's face. No more smiles, no more laughter, no more joy that made SpongeBob who he was.

There was a lot of emotional turmoil in Squidward's face as he held his neighbor and co-worker in his arms. But all he could do was lift his head to look over at the careless drunk driver that could bring this upon them all. He had tooken away a good person that didn't deserve to die. Squidward felt his voice sounded broken when he forced his throat to work and spoke rather in a dead-like whisper.

" killed just killed him....."

The drunk driver couldn't bring himself to face Squidward's piercing crimsom eyes staring at him in sorrow. But this tragedy.....all the octopus could do was hold the sea sponge in his arms with teary eyes. It wasn't until Mr. Krabs came rushing out of the restaurant and saw his fallen employee and the scene of the accident.

"Call a ambulance! Call a ambulance! Don't just be standing there with sea cow eyes!" It was the strength of Eugene Krabs that managed to bring help when they needed it.

Squidward never even knew how he let them take SpongeBob's body out of his arms and probably ship him off to the nearest morgue. The cashier still felt as if he were dreaming, and perhaps all of this was not real. His neighbor couldn't possibly be dead. He had been so alive only minutes before....things like this aren't suppose to happen.

Even then, the news quickly traveled throughout Bikini Bottom. There wasn't a soul that didn't hear about what happened. So many were already grieving the tragedy, and most couldn't believe it and had to go see it for themselves. SpongeBob Squarepants had just been announced dead today...

Man, I couldn't write this without getting a little teary myself. This was so damn depressing. If you think things are sad now, it only gets more depressing later on. If I get enough reviews, the story will start forming itself, and like I said before, I ain't sure about romantic pairs, but maybe you'll have your ideas.