Here's another sad chapter that I practically wrote with a heavy heart. I don't usually enjoy killing SpongeBob in a story, but as the chapters will go on, maybe it won't be so bad as it was in early chapters. Still unsure about pairings, but perhaps you could easily decide in this chapter. Read if you can bear it.

It was a dark day in Bikini Bottom indeed. You could very well call it one of the biggest tragedies to ever happen. The funeral for SpongeBob Squarepants was today and all those who ever knew the sea sponge were place at the Floater's Funeral Home, many familiar faces had shown up in formally dressed black to mourn the loss of a very good friend.

There was SpongeBob's parents who stood by their son's coffin greeting those who had come to pay their respects. Mrs. Squarepants was completely inconsolable as she always had a fresh tissue in hand. However her fortitude couldn't last any longer and she was back to crying uncontrollably into her tissue with her husband holding onto her for support.

Mr. Squarepants's grief was beyond words as he embraces his wife and tried not to look too much at his lifeless son lying in his coffin. Harold had lost his one pride and joy. He had been the one who taught SpongeBob to be a man. And now he had to say good-bye to his only child with a heavy heart.

The dear mother, Claire, was totally overwhelmed by her grief and constantly kept praying to Neptune to help her get through this. But her tears were ongoing as she tried to keep it together for the sake of other grievers. She had to say good-bye to her baby boy.

Who could ever forget the dearest friends who knew SpongeBob best? They all sat together in a row, all of them in tears and not really saying too much to one other. Each and every one of them were too busy already being plagued by their fondest memories of their pure porifera friend.

Mr. Krabs kept wiping tears from his old eyes as his daughter Pearl sat next to him for support. The old crustacean ahd just lost the greatest frycook the Krusty Krab had ever had. SpongeBob had been loyal, hard-working and most of all earnest. Replacing a employee like that was not going to be easy.

Next to a heart-broken Mr. Krabs, Sandy Cheeks was gowned in a black dress and she continously had to keep asking for a new tissue as she just couldn't stop crying. SpongeBob had been the most sweetest, kindest, and lovable guy she was ever so lucky to know. And now her greatest best friend was gone and the very thought of it still brought great anguish to the squirrel's mind.

In Sandy's lap, even Gary himself had come to mourn the loss of his doting master. With a little sniff, the mollusk lets out a sad meow as tears poured from his bright eye-stalks. There had been some voicing their concern about what was going to happen with the poor abandoned Gary. The poor lonely snail felt like a orphan now that SpongeBob was gone.

Sitting right next to Sandy, a highly devastated Patrick wasn't holding any emotions back and sat in his chair sobbing loudly while making some people uncomfortable. The pink starfish's heartache ran real deep as he had just lost his best friend for life. Patrick had been with SpongeBob since they were babies. And he always thought that he and SpongeBob would grow up to be old men together. But no..... his best friend had to go first.

Not ever daring to look at the coffin, Patrick could only weep to himself in endless grief. There wasn't a single word of comfort that helped calm the highly distraught Patrick. It wasn't until Patrick's mother had to come and escort her crying son away as it was proving to be too much for him to handle.

Then there was Sheldon Plankton who in surprisingly events had also shown up to express his sympathy. He sat not in a chair but on top of his computer wife Karen. But for once, the green copepod didn't seem keen on making his villainous speeches heard. He was very silent half-way through the funeral and only spoke if someone spoke to him first. But the bottom line was that even the town's bad guy felt sorry for the loss of SpongeBob.

And then there was Squidward......

It took a lot of courage to come to SpongeBob's funeral to say his final good-byes. And everybody knew that the sorrow in the octopus was real intense indeed. Because it had been Squidward who had held a dead SpongeBob in his arms. No one could ever describe the heart-renching pain and guilt that clouded Squidward's heart.

During the funeral, the octopus remained stone-faced and spoke to no one despite everyone offering their words of comfort. The feel of SpongeBob's lifeless body in his arms haunted him in nightmares. As Squidward stood in a corner away from everyone and with a emotionless expression, it was his cold demeanor that was staring to offend Sandy who was watching him.

"Gosh darnit! Would ya'll look at him over there standing lonier than a tumbleweed blowin' in the wind? Ya would think he at least shed one measley tear for SpongeBob." Sandy takes a moment to wipe the fresh tears in her eyes.

"Come now lassie," Mr. Krabs says gently. "I'm sure Squidward is trying to deal with this to the best of his ability.

Just then, the owner had moved to the front of the crowd and was preparing to say something important. With a stilled silence, everyone listened raptly as the director of Floater's Funeral Home began to speak in a soft tone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for all gathering here for our dear friend, Mr. SpongeBob Squarepants. The funeral is taking place at the Floater's Cemetery. If anybody needs directions, please ask one of our attendants."

With a sad but sympathetic gaze at the mourners gathered, it was right then and there did the director added one more thing. "Is there anything left one wishes to say?"

There was a mournful silence from all around. Mr. Krabs bowed his head in gloomy respect. Sandy blows his nose and then lowers the tissue for Gary to blow his nose too. Patrick was being led back in after calming down considerably, but continued to look tormented. Plankton continued to remain silent as he sits with his loyal computer wife. And then it happened......

Like a zombie, Squidward steps forward and began making his way over to SpongeBob's coffin. Nobody said a thing as they watched the morose octopus stood before the coffin. Now Squidward forced himself to look into the face of someone he would never see again.

Lying in his coffin, SpongeBob had been dressed in his formal brown suit with his red tie. But what hurted the most was to see his once expressive face. There was no longer any love, happiness, or goofy looks that used to brighten SpongeBob's face. Instead his expression was dark and gloomy that it was almost unrecognizable.

Squidward continued to stare with no emotion but he couldn't keep it up for long. His tormented heart was already filled to the brim with guilt and sorrow. And he was suddenly being plagued by remorseful thoughts that seem to scream around in his brain.

"It's all my fault. This happened because of me. I send SpongeBob outside instead of me. He ended up being killed. It should have been me.....I'm the one who was suppose to die."

To everyone's immediate shock, it was like watching the walls around the octopus finally crumble. Squidward had fallen to his knees and had broken down before SpongeBob's coffin. He had begun to cry where the tears kept coming.

SpongeBob's mother buried her face into her tissue and became upset all over again. Patrick was back to crying miserably to himself. It was Mr. Krabs who came up behind a devastated Squidward and gently tries to coax him away from the coffin and go back to his seat.

"I'm so sorry SpongeBob! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry!" Squidward cries in agony.

All those times he had yelled at SpongeBob. Every insulting sarcism he had spat at SpongeBob, all the rotten tricks he had pulled. He hadn't even bothered to be a good friend to SpongeBob. All those times he had wished SpongeBob would disappear so he would never have to see him again. Could it be possible that his wish had just been granted by some unknown force?

"Please.....Oh please merciful Neptune please! Don't take SpongeBob away! I take it back! I'm sorry so take it back!" Squidward wails in grief.

It took both the help of Mr. Krabs and Sandy to get Squidward back onto his feet and managed to lead him away. And Squidward in tears couldn't bring himself to say good-bye. He wasn't ready..... SpongeBob couldn't possibly be gone. He wanted his friend back......Squidward wanted a second chance.

(Sniff.....blows nose with a tissue.) Ah-hem, anyway this was pretty depressing too. Kinda makes ya feel like your at the funeral too. Anyway, I still ain't so sure about pairings. Can't make up my mind. Let's see some hands in there readers! I need inspiration! Should it be Sponge/Sandy, Sponge/Squid, Sponge/Pat, Sponge/???