I know the story started out depressing, but I believe it may pick up. As they say with a funeral, the worse is over. Anyway, here's my latest update.

What a strange situation that this was turning out to be. Squidward was still trying to understand it all. How in the world did this happen? Inside his Eastern Island Head home, Squidward was sitting around on his favorite armchair and trying to read. But somehow a certain yellowy sponge would pop up in his mind.

Of course he couldn't stop thinking about SpongeBob. Most of all, he couldn't stop thinking about all the unresolved feelings that he had held in for so long. He never wanted to say good-bye to his spongy neighbor. Was that what had ultimately called SpongeBob back to him? That was one thing he just couldn't come to comprehend.

Suddenly Squidward lifts up his head in alarm when he feels a swishing breeze in his living room. Recognizing the presence, Squidward calmly closes his book with a little frown. And then turning around to look behind him, he sees SpongeBob magically appearing right there in his house.

"Well, well. Back from haunting somebody I see," Squidward monotonously greets.

SpongeBob smiles upon being back in his grumpy neighbor's home. Gazing at Squidward's usual unfathomable expression, he continued to receive some rather troubling thoughts and feelings coming off the octopus. He never knew Squidward could be this enigmatic before. Actually it was more like Squidward was so afraid of something...but what?

"I managed to cheer Sandy up. I even got her to hear and see me with a little effort. But what else should I do?" SpongeBob asks while going to sit on the armchair.

Squidward really didn't know what to tell him. Being a ghost was no fun, and the poor sea sponge still was having a hard time finding a purpose in this state. But still, Squidward wanted badly to tell SpongeBob how much his friendship meant to him. But he was afraid...afraid that it would mean that SpongeBob would...he just couldn't do it. He wouldn't be able to handle it.

At that moment, there was a knock at Squidward's door. When the octopus goes to answer it, Patrick was standing there blubbering on the spot. Without bothering to wipe his wet eyes, instead the devastated starfish had come to make a polite request.

"May I borrow some tissues, Squidward? I tried using paper but it doesn't work well."

SpongeBob's heart drops like a stone in his chest when he sees how his best friend was falling to pieces. He wished that he could wrap his arms around Patrick and let him know that everything was alright now. But unfortunately it seem that only Squidward could see and hear him. SpongeBob then gotten a idea.

"Hey Squidward! I need ya to be my voice. Tell Patrick that I'm here with him."

"What do I look like, a medium?"

"Please Squidward, you've got to let Patrick know that I'm here for him."

"This is crazy! Even in death, I still can't get away from you SpongeBob."

"Tell him Squidward. Tell Patrick that I'm here."

"Oh great, I might as well become the ghost whisperer while I'm at it."

"Uhhhh...why are you talking to your armchair?" Patrick asks outloud.

Outwardly, it really did look like Squidward was talking to his armchair where SpongeBob remained to be invisible. Giving a bothersome sigh, Squidward turns to Patrick and prepares to start delivering messages.

"Patrick, SpongeBob is here and he wants you to know that everything is going to be okay."

Patrick was stunned by what he heard. At last he began to wipe his tears where his green eyes shone hopefully. And from there, the silly starfish starts to look around for SpongeBob in Squidward's house.

"You mean SpongeBob is really here? Well where is he? I miss him and I wanna see him! SpongeBob, where are you buddy?"

SpongeBob opens his arms and desperately wanted for Patrick to see him and to come hug him. But sadly the pink starfish couldn't and only seem to search around blindly while Squidward watches with a funny look on his face.

"SpongeBob! Where are you? Come on out so I can see you! SpongeBob!"

"I'm right here Patrick! Look over here! Yoo-hoo, can you hear me?" But SpongeBob is still left unseen.

Patrick begins looking in the most silliest places. "SpongeBob, are you here?" Patrick looks under the rug. "Could you be in here SpongeBob?" Patrick looks inside a microwave. "Are you hiding in there SpongeBob?" Patrick opens a closet and everything comes spilling on top of him.

This craziness has gone on long enough as far as Squidward was concerned. With a deep frown, he goes over to pull Patrick's head from out of the chimney as the starfish continously kept looking for his lost friend. SpongeBob became ever more sadden when he couldn't get Patrick's attention no matter what.

"Patrick, quit that! There's no point looking around because SpongeBob is invisible. Do you understand? SpongeBob is a ghost and you can't see nor hear him!" Squidward says sternly while brushing off soot from Patrick's trunks.

But Patrick was suddenly pushing himself away and he looked heart-broken all over again. The very thought of not being able to see his best friend was upsetting for the pink starfish indeed. SpongeBob sees the way Patrick tensed up and his heart ached at the sight of it.

"Oh no...Squidward quick! Tell Patrick that I can see him and I'm happy. Let him know that!" SpongeBob urges.

Sadly, Squidward never gotten the chance to tell Patrick anything. Because Patrick was already starting to bawl his eyes out and seemed unconsolable. It really looked like there was no getting through with him now.

"Wahhhhhhhhaaaaaahaaaaaa...where's SpongeBob? I want my best friend back! Why can't I see him? I just can't go on without him...so I'm running away ya hear! I'm running away!"

A sobbing Patrick turns to run out the door. SpongeBob jumps in the way and hopes that maybe he could stop Patrick from leaving. But instead, his best friend went right through him and headed out the door where it slams behind him.

After a few moments of silence, Squidward did turn to SpongeBob with a slight shrug of the shoulders. "Don't worry. I'm sure he won't make

it pass the mailbox."

Somehow SpongeBob wasn't so sure about that. How would he fix this one? Patrick was way too devastated right now. Could he succeed in making the pink starfish see and hear him too like he did Sandy? It probably wouldn't be easy for Patrick who was always short in the brains department. Could he at least try to bring back his best friend?

"Quit worrying about it SpongeBob," Squidward reassures. "I'm sure you'll be able to flag Patrick down whenever he's calmed down considerately."

With that, Squidward switches on his TV and sure enough its on the news. The two see the familiar reporter Perch Perkins appear on screen at once with something quite interesting to report to all Bikini Bottomites.

"This is Perch Perkins, coming to you live. Behind me is the sight-seeing Sea Needle Tower where a big fat pink starfish is said to be standing at the top and threatening to jump off."

"Oh my gosh!" SpongeBob cried. "What did he say?

"Patrick is suddenly a jumper?" Squidward says surprised. "Oh yeah...Pat's lost his mind all right."