Fic inspired by Ling Kai's "Larkin Step". Check her stuff out at you tube. You won't regret it.

Lyrics are in italics. They are the creation and property of Ling Kai. Characters do not belong to me either.

Life Comes Along

Go he turned and walked away
I couldn't think of what to say.....

Mew was sitting on the bed, smiling sadly at Tong's Christmas gift. If only he was as complete.

The events of the night had seemed like a blur. The concert. Tong. The performance. Tong. Walking offstage with his bandmates. Tong...

The it was dinner. A celebration that Mew could make neither heads nor tails of. They were laughing and joking and Mew felt as if he was watching it all from the sides. Himself, smiling and laughing. Commenting about the food they were having. About the applause they received. They had talked about Mew's present from Tong. He had been teased and winked at. He had laughed with them, teased them back.

Now that he was home, he wished for the laughter again. For the teasing, the sly, knowing looks. Anything but the silence.

Because silence is empty and emptiness is a void that is waiting to be filled. And his heart was filled to the brim with emotion. With roaring, crushing emotion.

But it doesn't matter. None of it matters.

He no longer felt lonely. Because, for the first time in his life, he knew what it was to love and be loved. And because as long as a person loves, there is always hope. Hope for a better future, hope for a new beginning. Hope to live. Hope to love again.

And he will never forget that.

"Thank you," he whispered, smiling as tears blurred the world around him.

Life comes along and it trickles down the cheeks of every beautiful boy....

How was it? I was going for something short and poignant. Cuz it's midnight and i want to sleep soon. REVIEW!!