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Hermione POV

We were lying on the floor when Mom came in. Harry was reading about some Quidditch techniques, and I was reading Hogwarts, a History for the thousandth time. We were just lying there on our stomachs, next to each other, preferring the scratchy carpet to our comfortable beds. Anyways, it was well into summer break – almost Harry's birthday, and mine too! We had been living with Mom's parents all summer, because mom had refused to let Harry go back to her "awful sister's". I had come here too, after spending a month with my other parents. Mercifully, the topic of Snape had not yet been addressed, or of the events of the night Mom came back.

I had a burning curiosity to know, but I also didn't want to know. It was kind of like a paradox. Anyways, Mom walked in. One look at her face and I sat up, slid in a bookmark, snapped my book shut, and looked at her. Harry looked up too.

Mom entered our room and sat down cross legged on the carpet. "I've decided to tell you the truth – everything. You should know."

"What if we don't want to know?" I asked.

"Hermione, ignorance isn't always bliss." Mom said sadly. "Just listen to my story. Please."

I nodded, and Harry shrugged. "Okay."

"When I was growing up, I lived here. If you walk a bit, that way," she pointed, "you'll come to a place called Spinner's End. It's not a nice place. Severus grew up there. He's the one who told me that I was a witch. We became really good friends. We were always together. Then, the night of the Sorting, we were separated. We were sorted into houses that hated each other. Yet we never became enemies.

"Slowly, Sev began hanging out with the future Death Eaters - Nott, Avery - and he began acting like them too. He would call muggle-borns Mudbloods, and the like. And there was one other thing - James. He had had a crush on me since the second time he saw me. And he hated Sev. They would jinx each other in the halls, fight all the time, pull mean pranks on each other, the works.

"Right after one of our OWL exams, James hung Sev upside down in the air, tormenting him in front of everybody. I came to his defense, but then Sev called me a Mudblood. I turned around and walked away. Later that night, he came to apologize. I ignored him. He slept outside the Gryffindor tower that night. I didn't care. But that summer, we became friends again. It just - happened.

"After we graduated, Sev asked me to marry him. we had been 'together' for some time by then. I agreed, but Dumbledore thought it was dangerous. So he came up with a plan. Sev was to spy on Voldemort and his followers. And I would pretend to marry James. James agreed - he had stopped fighting with Sev 7th year and they were actually kind of friends. Nobody knew about the real marriage, not even Remus or Sirius. We knew by then that there was a spy. We couldn't trust even them.

"Then we had twins. You two. We kept both of you for about a month, but then I permanently altered your looks, and gave Hermione to two of my old friends. They were happy to take you. I couldn't put both of you in danger, but I couldn't give away both of you either. Again, nobody knew except for Dumbledore. Sev - he loved you both. But we had to mind wipe him after we found out Voldemort was after you, Harry. We couldn't risk Voldemort digging into his mind and finding out anything.

"We cast the spell so he wouldn't remember these important things - that we were married, that he didn't hate James Potter, and that he had kids. The trigger to gain these memories back was if someone went into his mind, and found the memory of me dancing, and you two as babies. It was my favorite moment - it's too bad you two wouldn't remember it. But something triggered it, Dumbledore tells me it was during your Occlumency lesson. Anyway, he remembers everything now. He's asked me to tell you he's sorry."

I glanced at Harry. So many things made sense now - our current appearance, our past, the dream, why Snape was an evil git. "Actually, Mom, two things. For one, we do remember that memory...we had dreams about it all last year. Secondly, you think saying sorry is going to make up for five years of being horrendous and loathsome?"

/Maybe we should just, y'know, move on./ Harry suggested.

/Yeah, but ti's not like anyone'll go into our minds and erase everything he's ever done to us./

/He's our family. We should give him a second chance./

/So just because he's our family, we should give him a second chance? Why don't we do the same for Voldemort./


/At least we know why everything happened./

/What about the whole coming out of the veil thing?/


"Mom," Harry began.


"What you came out of the veil...I mean..."

"I don't know. It was like floating in darkness, yet I could see was odd. Then Sirius came. There hadn't been many people there...Sirius faded quickly, but he told me to go through. I didn't understand. I had been alone there for fourteen years and then Sirius came and told me to go through...when there was nothing there.

"Then I saw a spot of light, from the direction Sirius had come. I'd never seen it before. I headed towards it. It got brighter and brighter, blinding me. But I stumbled forwards. It was an entranceway, its outline in blinding white light, a tattered red velvet cloth across the opening. I'd never seen it before.

"I figured that's what Sirius meant, so I pushed it aside, and stepped through. I found myself on a dais. There was a group of people that were obviously Death Eaters. And then I saw you, Remus, Mad - Eye, and one other person clustered around a girl. I tried to come towards you but then I was yanked up by some sort of wind. I realized I was glowing.

"There was something else I heard - a scream - I realized it was me, from my past. I guess it was showing me what I was reclaiming. I accepted my life, and it deposited me on the ground. I opened my eyes, and I saw yours.

"Later, Dumbledore told me something about people who still had a life ahead of them that needed to happen for the world to turn out right. In all the world, in all the lives cut short, I was picked to come back. So, I'm sorry for not finding that door sooner. But I promise you that I'll be there for you. I'm sorry for the secrets, for what you've gone through...but I promise things will get better.

"I love you two...more than you can possibly imagine."

My voice was all choked up, but I managed..."I love you too Mom..I love you too."

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