Silver X

This is my first ever fan fiction. Flamers welcome, I like to make my stories better. Longer Summary below, if you don't care to read it go to next chapter. Oh and I SUCK at summaries.

Bella is a very powerful mutant and was born in came and manipulated into thinking that she needed to be more powerful to kill the man who killed her parents. When Bella found out that was not the real reason she ran, she was an immortal. In 1908 Bella moved to Chicago, where she met Elizabeth Masen who was looking for her son. Bella found him by the swings and from then on they formed a brother sister relationship. Because Bella did not age she got her old friend Carlisle to protect him. Edward died from the influenza or at least that is what Bella thinks. What happens when Carlisle comes asking for help and she sees an older vampire Edward?

Chapter 1:Meeting

I picked up my dress as I ran home, the rain drenching me making it practically impossible to move with this thing on. I don't understand why ladies need to wear dresses that you can't even breathe in, what's the point really. My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I prefer Bella, but my mother never uses that name in front of anyone thinking it as improper. I am 17 years old and of marrying age, so my mother is trying to find me a rich suitor to marry. The one she has picked out now is VERY rich, but he is almost my fathers age. Disgusting. I have brown hair that goes to the middle of my back, a slender body, and dull brown eyes.

A scream broke me out of my trance, the house was large having 3 stories and a huge back yard where I go to escape my mothers orders. I try to run but with being a klutz and this long dress it makes it impossible. I wipe off the mud and hurry to the house. when I enter I hear banging of pots and pans, then the most dreadful sound I could ever hear. A gun shot. I quietly go to the kitchen to see what has happened and have to bite my lip to keep from sobbing. My father lay dead on the floor with my mother crouching low in the corner tears streaming down her eyes. The man with the gun positions it to my mothers heart. I find my voice.

"No!" I scream and tackled the man. I know it is not very ladylike but you would do the same. We are rolling on the floor, I kick the gun out of his hand and it slides across the floor. his face is covered with a cloth so I can not see him clearly. He kicks me in the stomach making me lose all the air in my lungs. The man grabs the gun and shoots my mom in the stomach, she is still alive but won't make. Tears streaming down my face and anger boiling up in me I feel three sharp pricks on either side of my hands. Bone claws were coming out, I didn't care that that wasn't normal and stabbed the man with my claws.

He fall limp on the floor. Horror seeps in as I look at what I had done. I killed a man. I'm a monster. but he still moves and is crawling away I couldn't care at that moment.

"Bella come here" a raspy voice said. It was my mother, she only had a few minutes left to live and nothing would make her better and keep on living. Tears pooled my eyes as I go over to her.

"What's happening to me?" I know it was selfish to ask, but I could not go on thinking what I am. A monster? A freak?

"Listen" she breathed "even though I raised you and loved you, you are not my daughter. You were left on our doorstep when you were just a baby, the people, your parents said you weren't human. But a mutant. We found it difficult to believe until the man sprouted three claws out on each of his hands. We promised to love and protect you. they didn't want you to live a life of secrecy, of hiding who you are. Now you must do me a favor, my dieing wish. Run from here, to a new town, new name, new life. Please dear and keep on living, don't let anyone judge you by what you are."

"Alright, I'll go. but even though you are not my real mother I still love you like one" She smiled a weak smile before her eyes grew distant. She was dead. I closed her eyes grabbed some money, food and changed into a shirt and slacks that were way to big.

Rushing out of the door to my new life, was the hardest thing ever. I wanted to sit and cry or have my mom shake me awake saying it was a bad dream, but that would not happen. Memories of what happened finally paralyzed me and I sunk to the floor crying.

After a few minutes or it could have been hours, I heard a branch snap. I looked up and met the eyes of a man, he was weary and cautious as he took a step forward.

"Are you alright?" The man asked

"My parents just got murdered, I found out I'm a mutant have claws, so no I'm not alright"

"Sounds like a tough day, but you are not alone child, I know many things about mutants, I could make you stronger so you could get back at the man for killing your parents" That sparked my interest.

"Who are you?"

"My names Stryker"