My idea and pity towards Dr. Herbert West.

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I Could See

It was supposed to be just me and Daniel, just me and him, together, making a new life. But I could see through that lie. It had always been about what I was doing, him only helping me under weakly made protests by myself. It was always about my experiments, my horrors, my creations. He only wanted what the artificial life could give to him…a new woman.

It had always been about the women in his life. Megan Halsey, the common woman he'd drug home when he needed company, now Francesca. That's who he was with now, upstairs: he'd seen it with his own eyes. She had just waltzed into the hospital earlier that day and already she was worming her way into Dan's bed. Easier done than said when he was lonely. Either he was stated and kept happy or he'd threaten to move out again. It has already happened twice since we moved back to Arkham, his threats. He was always angry when he did so. He called it my madness, my insanity, my corrupt morals. But he never saw that he was just as part of it as I was.

And I could see.

The women, it was always about them. He had a terrible, awful, beautiful connection to them throughout his life. They were needy, they served his baser male instincts to serve and protect, to bring home the bacon, to be needed. It was always the same. Even patients he'd just met, just cared for, got his undivided attention and love. None of that ever came my way unless I was serving him, like now while creating the bride. It had been my idea, yes, but I'd done it all for Dan…I always did it all for Dan. I put up with all those women, just for Dan.

I could see.

I don't understand though…

What do they have that I can't give?

I had always given Dan everything I had, everything I have, everything I could have. My genius, my undivided attention, my undivided love and affection: I had always been about and for Dan. He didn't seem to understand though that I loved him. I'd never been able to love anyone before, but I love him. When the police came poking about I'd done my best to fend them off just for him. I could see that it was bothering him, that the whole weight of our experiments wore heavily upon his shoulders; and I could see that his reaching out for women was the way he coped.

So I started designing a woman that I could control.

It was the only way to keep him with me, to keep him in my life and from moving out. I'd convinced him to stay because I used Megan Halsey's heart, built a body from parts he knew and could learn to love, but it was always my creation. That was how I planned on keeping Daniel Cain in my life. I could never tell him why I needed him so much. He'd never understand, he'd never accept it, and then he'd leave for certain. I don't want him to leave me.

But that woman, Francesca, was already stealing him away from me. She'd have to go, just like all the others. In all fairness Megan had been an accident, but the others…well let me just say that they weren't an accident like the first one was. Each one threatened to take away my precious Dan from me. The newest one was up there now, fucking his brains out and weaseling her way into his life. They all thought he was such a catch, which he was, but not their catch. He was my catch.

And I could see they were threatening to take him away from me.

I could see…