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OK, so I figure its dumb to start another story when I'm in the middle of another, but, well I can't help it. Its there wanting to get out! This is taking place after the episode where Sam and Dean split up. I forget which one, maybe 5:01 or 5:02. Anyway, Sam is working at that bar. I promise, I'll go watch this episode one more time to make sure I get everything right.

Emily was jammin to the music playing on her Iphone that was mounted to her window, ala GPS style. She was driving her brand new red mustang convertible, and well, feeling pretty damn good. She was styling, and listening to Eye of The Tiger, which was her new favorite song since seeing Jensen Ackles lip sink to it a few months back at the end of an episode of Supernatural, her absolutely favorite TV show. She pictured his body movements as he slid out the window of the souped up 67 Impala, that car made her tingle all over seeing it drive down the road in the show. Her favorite part of the whole gag real was the end when Jensen turns and gives his sweet smile at the camera and flashes those baby green eyes. Damn that man was hot.

She had come to realize a long time ago, that Jensen was not her fantasy, but Dean was. The ultimate bad boy with a big heart. He saved people, beat things up, and drove a bad ass car, what more could a girl ask for. The guy that played his brother, Jared Padalecki wasn't bad either, but that hair drove her nuts. It was always hanging over his eyes, and quite frankly she spent a good deal of time fantasizing about taking some scissors to it in the middle of the night, but she would be the first to admit, that her favorite episodes were where he made love to Madison, cause of those shoulders, and the scene in the episode Mystery Spot where he sews himself up. As Rachel Ray would say, Yumm-o.

She was on an extended road trip, her fiance, or well ex-fiance had just broke up with her, and she kind of went off the deep end. Not due to the ex, he was a cheating man whore, but because she was alone, and figured she was pretty pathetic to fantasize about two characters on a TV show. So she was heading anywhere she wanted, she had all the cash she had been saving for her wedding which equaled about $40,000. She had her new mustang, and was happy for all intense and purposes. She was also hungry, which is why she stopped at that dinner. She didn't note the exterior all that much, just that it had white siding and a sign that said best burgers in town, seemed clean.

As she opened the door, a white light hit her in the face and she blinked a few times to let her eyes adjust. When her eyes adjusted, she realized it was fairly dark and the inside of the place looked more like a bar, and was filled with smoke, and had a few pool tables and a couple tall bar tables. Shrugging her shoulders, she walked in, she had to pee, and she was hungry, this would just have to do even if it didn't meet with her expectations. She ran into the bathroom and did her business, and then washed her hands. When she looked into the mirror, her hair was sticking up everywhere from the wind. She grabbed a brush out of her massive black bag, and brushed down the flyaways. Her hair cut was reminiscent of Posh Spices asymmetrical bob, jet black, with chunky red highlights. She was wearing her usual garb, of jeans and a tee shirt. This shirt was a little big on her as she ordered it off the internet. It was black and had a picture of the 67 Impala and the quote "Driver picks the music, Shot gun shuts his cake hole". She loved this shirt, not only because it was so Dean, but also because she always wanted to pick the music. Always.

Walking out into the main room, she picked a table off to the corner and looked around. It was like any other bar, so she just grabbed the one page menu, and wiped it off with her napkin, and read down the simple menu. A cute blond waitress came over and took her order. She took out her Iphone, and clicked on the ipod square, and scrolled down to season 4, and clicked on the episode "In the Beginning" which was the episode she was currently watching. She pressed play and put her ear buds back in. She finished the episode just as she finished her burger and fries. She took the buds out and wrapped them around the phone and slid it into a side pocket on her purse. She saw a long strong arm reach out and someone asked her "Are you done with this, can I take these for you?" The arm was attached to a very large chest with a plain white t-shirt, and a towel draped over the shoulder, which was attached to a well muscled neck, which was then attached to a face that was a dead ringer for Jared Padalecki.

Dropping her jaw, and blinking her eyes a few times she sputtered "Wow, has anyone ever told you, you look just like Jared Padalecki?"