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Sam's whistling stopped as soon as he heard the rustle of wings. "Samuel, we must talk." Sam just rolled his eyes, and ignored the pleading voice. "Sam?" He continued to ignore the angel walking along beside him on the long dark road. "Sammy?"

"Do not call me that. You don't have the right to call me that."

"It got you to talk to me, didn't it?" Sam continued walking, grimacing at the fact that the trick had worked.

"Go away Castiel, your ruining my good mood."

"I need to talk to you."

"You have five minutes, and then I want you to leave me alone." Castiel stared at the black asphalt ahead of him, not speaking for a moment, gathering his thoughts. "After all that, you're just going to stand there?" Sam said, finally turning to face Castiel, and tower over him, in a stance that was unmistakably hostile. Castiel very slowly looked him in the eye.

"You have your orders, you can not continue on this path."

"What if it's the path she chooses?" Sam asked, quietly.

"Sam, she was meant for your brother, you are aware of that, I know you think you have feelings for her, but you don't. Look what happened when you thought Jessica had come back. You ran straight into her arms, with out a backwards glance."

Bawling his fists, and raising his lips to bare his teeth, he got in the angels face, not caring that with one flick of a finger Sam could be smeared across the highway, Sam was looking for a fight. "That was a trick, and illusion. It wasn't real."

"No, but your feelings, and reactions were. You don't really love Emily, you just want someone to protect. Dean, he knows her, inside and out, she is his soul mate."

"Yeah, then why do I feel like this? It hurts Cas, it hurts. I lost Jessica, then Emily."

"If you continue on this path, you will lose your brother too. God has a plan for you, you have a role to play, and if you want your redemption, you will do as God has asked." Sam remembered getting that order, and the promises that came with it.

"Do you really think that I will get peace, forgiveness?" Cas laid his hand on Sam's arm.

"You spoke to God yourself, you must have faith. You used to, and had never seen an angel before, but now….you have seen angels, prophets, and God. You have communed with God, yet you doubt Gods plan?" Sam thought about it for several minutes. He nodded, almost to himself. "Good." Castiel said, seeing the decision in Sam's face. Then he was gone, and Sam was left to his thoughts, the road, and the cold night air.

Dean stared at Emily after hanging up with Sam. God, if anything had happened to her….no don't go there, he thought to himself. He stripped down to his boxers, and slid in next to her, gently smoothing her short hair from her face, kissing her cheek. Emily's eyes fluttered open, and she met his steady gaze. "Hey, you okay?" Dean asked her softly, still rubbing the side of her head.

"Are you okay?" she asked.


"Then I am okay. That demon was a bitch, she…was tossing you…"Emily trailed off, to emotional to continue.

"Well, it's over now, and I seriously doubt after her ass kicking, that she will come near me or Sam again. I gotta say, that was seriously impressive, I so don't want to ever get on your bad side." He said cocking a grin at her.

"Hey, no one messes with my family and gets away with it."

"Yep, you are a born Winchester. Just don't go sacrificing yourself and we will be one happy family." He chuckled, happy family, interesting thought, maybe in my dreams.

"About tonight," Dean's throat constricted at the words, but he had to say them, because he had to know. "um…you said that Sam and I were yours, that we belonged to you…..are you still in love with him?" His voice was so quiet, terrified of the answer that she barely heard the question,.

Emily stared at him, her mouth agape. She had hoped that Dean had not noticed the way Sam had been acting, but she really shouldn't be surprised, Dean knew Sam better than Sam knew Sam. She raised her hands, which were shaking violently. "Dean, I do love Sam, like a brother. He is mine, because you are mine, and what is yours, is mine. Do you understand?" Emily's eyes bore into Dean's, hoping that they could bore into his thick head. "But, I have a pretty good idea that Sam still has feelings for me, but Dean, I truly think they are misplaced. I mean, Sam and I have very little in common, we rushed into things. I know that now. I think it was just the shock of snapping into my favorite TV show, I felt like I knew him, and….there was a pull there. I swear to you, I have and always will be a Dean girl. I mean, my girlfriend Olivia and I would spend hours arguing who was hotter, but I knew, that it wasn't the looks Dean. Don't get me wrong, you are the most incredible, sexy, beautiful, amazing, awesomely attractive man I have ever seen, but it wasn't your looks that I fell in love with.

You looked out for Sam, you loved your strange little family, and then when you went to Hell, God, that was just awful, but still the first thing you did was scream for your brother. I dreamed of you loving me that way. I loved you, before I knew you. I love the nuances that make you who you are. Your crappy taste in music, your love for hamburgers and pie, your obsession with your car, your sheer determination to save your brother, and the feelings that you tried to hid with that smirk that gets you what ever you want. Dean, I love you, not some crazy ideal, I know you have your faults…" Dean stopped her with a kiss, before she could see the tears that had formed in his eyes.

"So, you think I'm awesome?" he said smiling against her lips.

"And adorable." She giggled, thinking of the time he had said that he thought he was adorable to the interrogating officer, in a scene from she couldn't remember which episode, but she remembered that crooked smile. Dean slid her shirt up and off, breaking his kiss for only a moment, to remove the shirt. He flicked off her bra, in a move that was ah la 'The Fonze' and cupped her breasts, and kneaded them till the peeks were hard. Emily mated her tongue with his, and sighed. This, this was heaven, she thought. God had to be real, because only an omniscient being could have created such a perfect man or perfect for her at least. Then all thoughts left her brain as she became wrapped up in her husband's arms.

Later that night, Dean told her that he was going to go over to Sam's room, that he need to talk with him, that he could no longer tolerate Sam's glances, and stolen looks. He didn't want to have this conversation, but it had to be done. He knocked on Sam's door, but there was no answer. Pulling out the lock picks he carried, he quickly had the door open and stared into an empty room. He looked around the room, noticing that Sam's stuff was gone. That was when he noticed a note on the table, it was scrawled in Sam's near perfect hand writing. "I'm Sorry, Big Brother." Dean took the paper, and went back to his room, knowing Sam had left. When he crossed the threshold to his room, he knew something was wrong, he could feel it in the air, the hair on his neck and arms stood up, and he got goose flesh, and chills down his back. Emily was gone.

He moved around the room, looking for any signs as to where she had gone. Her clothes, bag, and scariest of all, her iPod were sitting on the bed. She had been sitting on the bed, reading and listening to music on the infernal thing when he had gone to talk to Sam barely five minutes ago, and now it was sitting on the bed. Dean went over to look at it, and noticed the earbuds had been torn and shredded, and the connector had been pulled out. Feeling a cold calm settle on him, he knew. She had been taken, what he didn't know, was who or what had taken her.

Dean ran and checked the windows and door, the salt lines hadn't been broken, he knew that neither angels nor demons could trace them, so where had she gone. Dean was racing around the room, gathering his and her things, stuffing them randomly into bags, planning his next move, when he noticed a sheet of paper stuck to the bathroom door. He raced over, heart pounding to see if maybe Emily had just stepped out to get some ice or a snack. What he saw made his blood go cold and hot all at once.

'If you want to see your wife again, come to this address 1543 West Watson South Carolina. Zachariah

"Sonofabitch!" he howled. Dean snatched up the remaining things, and stormed out of the room, only to stomp back in and grab her iPod. "I'm going to kill that SOB." Dean slammed himself into the Impala, and took off so fast, the tires left a long row of skid marks in its wake. Driving at high speeds, ignoring the limits, he pulled out his cell. "Sam! Answer your damn phone, Zachariah's got Emily, I need you, Sam. Call me back." He knew he sounded pathetic and crazy all at once, but he didn't care. He just wanted Emily back safe and sound, and he needed his brother in order to do that. His phone rang a minute later, and he flipped it open with out looking at the ID, he knew who it was.

"They have her Sam. I turned my back for one fucking second, and they have her. God, how could I have let this happen! It's all my fault, I left her alone for five fucking minutes, five minutes. I went over to your hotel room to talk to you, I let my guard down. God, what if we don't get her back in time, I have no idea what they even want her for!" He was hysterical now.

"Dean, where you?"

"Um." He looked at the next street sign. "I'm right by the fifth street exit."

"Ok, I'm close, hang on a sec." Dean heard Sam ask someone to pull over, and then he heard a door opening and then shutting. "Ok, I'm back. Dean keep going till you see the sign for 'Valley Park', then you are going to come to a bridge, I'm under the bridge. Oh, and Dean, don't hang up, keep talking to me, okay?"

"Yeah, ok." Dean said, sounding a little calmer. "Sam, I love her. I know it was fast, and I know it hurts you, and I know you love her too, but Sam, I can't lose her, I can't. I would go to Hell again for her, Sammy, I'll do anything. I think…do you think they know that? Do you think that's why they took her? To make me let Michael in? Sammy, I would. If that's what they ask, for her to be unharmed, I would." By this time he had reached the bridge, and saw Sam standing under it, protecting himself the now bitter cold. He pulled the Impala over to the side, and reached over to unlock the passenger's door. He jumped when Sam knocked on the driver's window instead.

"Get out, I'm driving. Your in no state to drive, you'll kill us before we can get to her." Sam said brooking no argument when Dean rolled the window down. Dean opened his mouth to argue, but took one look at Sam's steely gaze, and reluctantly got out, and ran to the other side, and threw himself in.

"Ok, what do you know?" Sam asked, taking over the thinking for Dean. He had never seen his older brother like this. He was a mess, he kept looking out the window, running his hands over his face and through his hair, he wondered if this was they way he looked when he had died, and Dean had met the cross roads demon. No wonder they only gave him a year instead of the usual ten, it was more than obvious Dean would do anything to save his wife, his family. Suddenly Sam was hit with how much Dean loved his family, that he would literally go to the ends of the earth for them. He felt honored to have such a loving big brother, and ashamed for the way he had been acting these last few weeks, hell the last few years.

Sam knew with sudden clarity, that as much as he cared for Emily, his feelings didn't even compare to that of the man beside him. "Dean, we will get her back, I promise." He swore violently to his brother. 'Have you called Cas? You need to call Cas, and I'll call Bobby."

"Damn, I hadn't even thought of that!" Dean ran his hands through his hair, hating the reversal of roles with Sam. He never acted like this; he was always the calm and collected one. Dean called Cas, and left a message telling him what had happened. In the mean time, Sam called Bobby's.

"Hey Bobby, put Jess on the phone will you?" He was silent for a minute, until Jess got on the phone. Dean only half listened to Sam's side of the conversation, catching bits and pieces as he left his own message to Castiel. "What do you mean you won't help? How can you say that? But… I thought you said… He's a mess...No, you can't do that…Yes, I know exactly who I am talking too…Do what ever you want to me, I don't fucking care, that is MY brothers wife were talking about here….Well can you at least tell me…." They hung up at the same time.

"I left a message for Cas." Dean said absently.

"Bobby is looking up the address, to see if there is any significance to the place, or at least what's there, it could be a building or a freaking field, I have no idea." The ride was the longest in history, but it gave them time to talk. Sam kept Dean talking trying to get his mind off the pressing issue of Emily. They talked about everything that had come between them, including Emily, Sam knew it would all have to be serious stuff in order to get Dean's mind to quit thinking about what the angels wanted from him, or from Emily, and what they might be doing to her to get it. When they got to the address, Bobby had been unable to find anything of use, and was on his way, but he was still hours away, and they hadn't heard a word from Castiel.

Sam parked the car, and stared at the building in front of him, Dean sat quietly beside him. "Dean, we have no weapons to fight the angels, and we have nothing to leverage with. I really don't know what to do, besides just walk in, and see what they want."

"I was thinking the same thing. Without Cas…" Dean shrugged his shoulders, he really didn't care anymore, he just wanted to give them what ever it was that they wanted so he could save his wife. "Sam, I….I just want to say,…thanks. I know I haven't been the best brother, or the smartest, or nicest. But I tried, I really did. I love you, and I want you to know that." Sam knew what this speech meant, that Dean had no expectations of coming out of this alive. "Sammy, take care of her will you? I mean…"

"Dean, don't. You don't have to say it. I love you too." They looked at each other, knowing that neither one of them may come out of this alive, but it didn't matter, as long as Emily was ok. They nodded and stepped out, and walked right up to the front door, and walked in, with out bothering to knock. They were both immediately grabbed, and try as they might, their struggles met with iron resistance. Zachariah was standing next to Emily, with a knife to her throat, grinning a gotcha grin, and Emily had green sparks flying in the air. Sam had been grabbed by another angel he didn't recognize, and Dean was being held down by no one but Lucifer himself.

They all looked at each other, wondering who would make the next move. Zachariah, slowly dug the tip of the knife into Emily's throat, causing the sparks to go from green to black, instantly. "Well well well, guess who's coming to dinner?" He said is that arrogant way of his. At that, they saw three angels lift a beaten and bruised body, and throw it in a heap on floor, in the middle of the circle they had unconsciously made. Dean and Sam drew in a horrified breath as Cas, who was all but dead, lay groaning on the floor.

"Let her go!" Dean yelled, struggling against Lucifer, not knowing who he even was, but trying to get to Emily, before she ended up like Castiel. But Sam, Sam knew who was holding Dean in his arms of steal, because he had come to him in his dreams. "Dean, stop, its no use, that…"his throat closed on the words and he had to force them back out "That's Lucifer." Dean turned to glare at the angel that had started the whole mess to begin with.

"Fuck You!" Dean said, and then spat in his face. Lucifer just grinned.

"You're gonna pay for that my boy." Lucifer wrestled him to a rack, and strapped Dean down on top of it. The angel that was holding Sam, fought him, but won, and strapped him to an identical rack. Zachariah just watched grinning.

Emily sat there watching, afraid to say anything, afraid that her throat moving would point the knife deeper into her already bleeding neck. She watched with wide eyes at the scene unfolding in front of her, like some sort of nightmare that she couldn't wake from. "We are gathered here today, because I am tired of waiting Dean. I am tired of waiting for you to say yes, I am tired of waiting for a non-existent God to save us. I have decided to join forces with Lucifer here, and he no longer cares which brother he has as his vessel, so we're going to play a game as to who will say uncle first. Sam looked at Dean, knowing that he would say yes, if he could somehow get them to agree to let Emily go. But he also knew that the second Lucifer took him as his vessel, he would tear Emily apart, and Dean would be trapped inside his own body, watching himself rip apart the very person who had given him back a reason to live.

Sam opened his mouth to say yes first, knowing that he would sacrifice himself, he would seal himself to the fate of having to watch his body tear his family limb from limb. Emily watched the emotions play across each brother's face. She knew them so well, so intimately, she knew what they were thinking with out them saying a word. She had watched them for four and a half years, fallen in love with this odd little family, and now she was a part of it, and she would be damned before she watched someone take it away form her. Regardless of the knife still pressed deep into her skin, she leaned back, ignoring the slice of the knife across her throat as she moved her head back, and the blood leaking in warm wet rivulets down her neck.

Emily had no idea where the light from inside her came from, she just felt it pull and tug its way out of her, until it was in her throat, and coming out in a scream that could be heard for miles. Everyone looked at her, as her head thrashed back, and her body began to light up, starting at her toes, and working its way up her legs, to her torso, and finally her arms and face, only to explode out of her mouth and eyes, in a piercing all encompassing white light, that made the light that had torn Anna apart look like a nightlight with a dying bulb, in a lit room, all the while her scream beat at everyones ears, until they were bleeding. . The windows exploded, and the iron door ripped off its hinges, and building shook with the force of the scream and the light. The light filled the room, making the shadows disappear, and the little furniture that was in the room catch fire and burn into ash in a fraction of a second.

Dean and Sam felt no pain, just a warmth creep over them, but the angels, threw their arms over their faces, trying to offer some protection to their burning skin, and eyes. Nothing helped them, they stood frozen by the horrific bloodcurdling scream, their bodies lighting on fire, and their skin melting away like wax on a candle. Eventually, an unnatural silence reined, nothing could be heard, except Dean and Sam's heavy breathing. The racks they had been strapped to had long since burned away, but left no mark on their bodies. They both ran towards Emily, still sitting in the chair, arms and legs duck tapped to the wooden chair, tightly. Her throat had been slashed beyond recognition; the irises of her eyes were white, as well as her hair, and lips. She sat there, her head hanging back, lolling to one side. Dean crumpled to the floor next to her, tearing at the tape holding her to the chair.

"No, Emily no. Please no, God, please, if you're out there, listening, please bring her back, please!" Dean wailed, finally having gotten her loose. He dragged her to the floor, holding her head in his lap, rocking back and forth. "I love you Emily, don't do this, please God!" He shouted toward the heavens, praying for one of the very few times in his life, but praying harder than ever before. Sam sat next to him, his chin resting on Dean's head, his long hard arms wrapped around his brother, rocking with him, praying just as hard, suddenly knowing with out a doubt that their prayers would be answered, because they had both found their faith.

A warm hand touched each mans shoulder, and they looked up. A soft light blinded them for a moment, and then Jessica's familiar face looked down at them. "At last, my children, at last." Her face broke into a loving smile, and Sam wrapped himself around her legs, and cried, begging.

"Please, please bring her back, for him. He has done so much for me; I will do anything, just please." Sam's voice cracked and hiccupped as he begged her. Jessica ran her hand along the side of Sam's face, comforting him.

"How, how could she bring her back?" Dean asked on a choked sob, "That's just Jessica." He said brokenly. He looked back up at the ceiling towards the heavens, "Please, please God, I know you're out there, help me!"

"Dean, I am right here, my son. I am here." Jessica squeezed Dean's shoulder, as Deans face dawned with the realization, that Jessica was not Jessica, but God, in his, or he guessed her vessel. Dean then rested his head on her leg, wrapping an arm around God's legs, matching his brother. They sat there, holding the legs of God with one hand, Sam holding Dean around the waist with the other, and Dean holding Emily's small head in his lap, stroking her white hair. They looked like a painting in a church.

God knelt down, and looked at them, face to face, smiling. "I knew you two could do it. I am so proud of you, do you know that?" They stared at her, feeling her love and warmth radiate off her in waves, in disbelief that God was proud of them? God then positioned herself in front of Emily, and ran a hand down the front of Emily's still lifeless body, from her head to her toes. Emily's hair turned black and red again, her skin pinkened, and her lips grew rosy. The gash in her throat closed, with no scar, and her limbs straightened. Emily's eyes opened, revealing that her eyes had gone back to their original color.

Emily gasped, dragging in air filling her empty chest with the life force, and struggled to sit up. She looked around the room, saw the devastation around her. "What happened?" She asked hoarsely, confused, her last memory being that she was telling herself that she had to save Dean and Sam, from sacrificing themselves for her.

"You truly joined the Winchester family, you sacrificed yourself for us. You let out this wild scream and then this awesome light came out of you, and melted Lucifer, and the others. It was a miracle." Dean said, looking down at her, relief and love showing in his eyes. He voice broke as he said "Then…then you died."

"Died, if I died then how am I here?" she asked, confused.

"Ask her." Dean said, nodding to Jessica.

"Emily, I would like for you to meet God." Sam said, trying to break the tension with a joke, and let Emily in on the secret he had been carrying for days.

"WHAT!" Emily yelled, coming to a standing position too quickly, and her knees buckled. God put an arm around her waist, keeping her from falling to the ground.

"Sit back down and I will explain everything."

They all sat on the dirty concrete floor, and then Dean looked at God. "Not to be rude, but Cas, is he okay?"

"I'm here Dean." Castiel said in that deep velvet voice of his. Jumping Dean, Sam and Emily turned around, towards the sound of his voice. Cas stood there in the same tan trench coat, and rumpled suit. "I will always be here, when ever you have need of me." Cas nodded to the foursome, and spread his wings, now visible to their naked eye. They were awe inspiring, a true work of beauty, soft, brilliant feathers, made of pure white down, with smooth delicate bones that flexed under the lift and flap of the wings that spanned easily fifty feet. Then he was gone, with a soft familiar whoosh.

They all turned to God, amazed at the beauty that she had created. She sat back and smiled. "I will start at the beginning. Lucifer never believed that humans could love, not a pure love. He knew they could love or covet material things, but he never believed that they could love another person so much to reach pure, untainted love. After he was banished to hell, he raged war on humans, trying to prove that they were selfish creatures, unworthy of my love and attention."

He was winning, until my Winchester's came along. First Mary's love for your father, then John's for Dean, then Dean's for Sam, and then Sam's for Dean, and ending with Emily's ultimate sacrifice. My light, to save you both, my light when ripped out of the body like that, it tears its way out. The body is its jewel box, and to release it…well, let's just say, its not fun. By releasing my light, into the world, Emily showed pure love, in its truest form, which anyone who had lost their faith in me, would burn and perish, and those of true faith, would be left unharmed, and warmed to their very soul. You, my children, were my best creation. Know that you will always be loved. I will give each of you a gift, to reward you for your services in my name. You will know them when they come." At those words, the form that was Jessica split into a million glowing pieces and fluttered up to the heavens. The three stood up, and embraced in a tight group hug, knowing that their love for one another had not only saved themselves, but saved the world.

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