Was incredibly bored in school, and this is the end result…not really that good but please comment anyway!

A few things you should never, EVER do to piss off Mark Hoffman

Use really long titles for things (oops…)

Tell him he doesn't need to use the pig mask.

Refuse to make him coffee.

Drink his coffee.

Set him up on a blind date with Special Agent Strahm.

Tell him Strahm is better looking than him.

Try to hypnotise him with a pendulum.

Make him read FanFictions where he's in a relationship with Jigsaw/Amanda.

Make him read FanFiction.

Ask him when he's going to propose to Amanda.

Make 'Wahey' noises whenever he tries to talk to Jigsaw/Amanda.

Ask him if Jigsaw is good in bed.

Ask about his sexuality.

Set his trap victims free and then blame it on the puppet.

Ask him whether he likes the Saw movies.

Repeatedly ask for muffins.

And most importantly, NEVER write random stuff with him in it and then put it on the internet.

Ah well…you can't get everything…LOL

If anyone else has any ideas about how to really piss Mark Hoffman off, please put them on your comment.