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Chapter 27:

I couldn't choose between melting or laughing. Everything was just so perfect.

Or at least I thought so, until I saw Seth eyeing the cake.

My only thought was: he better damn well not touch that with even his pinky finger.

By the guilty expression on his face when he noticed me watching him, I could tell I just helped avoid a major catastrophe. If my imagination of him lunging for the cake and grabbing handfuls to cheerfully devour was graphic, I couldn't imagine how gluttonous his was.

Thankfully all trouble was averted and I could see Dezzy, Seth's imprint, making her way towards him.

I sighed, knowing that she would make sure Seth kept his paws to himself.

Laughing at my own pun, I went to go grab my husband.



Paul is my husband. I knew the day would come, but still… wow.

Words couldn't express my love for that silly, temperamental, sexy, muscular, hunky, dorky, tan, werewolf man. Everything about him just drove me crazy and yet everything about our relationship was so sane.

I smiled, yah right. Sane, as in I'm dating a superstar singing werewolf. Right, my life was so sane.

It took me a minute to find my beast, but the sight was worth waiting for. He looked dashing in his suit.

Who am I kidding? I'd rather rip it off him. He looked scrumptious!

Patience, I murmured to myself, just a few more hours.

I didn't notice until I was a few feet away that he was talking with my parents. My mom of course was batting her eyelashes at her new son-in-law, she was such a hopeless flirt. My dad on the other hand, he just looked uncomfortable in a suit and tie.

Before I told him, I was terrified that dad wouldn't approve of my marriage. It's not that I thought he wouldn't like Paul because, come on, who wouldn't?

Leah's face popped into mind, but I ignored it.

No, my dad would definitely like Paul, it was just my dad's tendency to butt heads with every decision I made that worried me. Surprisingly though, he was okay with the news of my impending marriage. But only after I told him the wedding was in eight months. His biggest worry was that I was going to get hitched in a week and pop out a preemie, aka getting married because I was pregnant.

No way was that happening or anything like that until after the wedding, much to Paul's annoyance.

If my dad was okay, then my mom was ecstatic. I don't know who wanted this marriage more, Paul and me or my mother. I blushed just thinking about the bridal party.

Paul caught me blushing and grinned, pulling me to his side. I instantly felt safe.

"Hey gorgeous," he smiled.

I stood on my tippy-toes to kiss his jaw. "Right back at ya," I whispered.

"Awe, look Bill," my mother gushed, "don't they just make the most perfect couple?"

Dad did some sort of "yup" grunt.

I ran my hand down Paul's backside, out of my parents' eyesight.

Paul tensed, looking down at me. I smiled, after all, what was life without a little teasing thrown in?

"Not funny," he whispered, kissing me on the forehead, to which my mom cascaded us with another round of "awes".

"It wasn't meant to be," I said in my sexiest voice. It sounded more like a dog choking on a bone to me, but it seemed to turn him on so why not go with it?

I could see the storm clouds of desire in his eyes.

He raised my hand to his lips, kissing the palm. Only he and I were aware of the tongue that dashed out to touch my skin.

I shivered with anticipation. Just a few more hours and…

"Darling?" my mom asked, interrupting my… um… thoughts.

I barely had enough strength to pull my eyes away from Paul, but somehow I managed. "Yes?" I answered.

"Who is that beautiful couple?"

I sighed, knowing who she was referring to before I even turned around. Only they could make a bride feel ugly on her wedding day.

The Cullens.

I felt Paul stiffen next to me once he recognized who my mom was speaking about. I squeezed his hand and I could feel all the space that was between us shrink. Paul didn't like me even an inch away from him when they were around.

I could hear the bitterness in his voice when he said, "They're Talliah's co-workers."

I rolled my eyes. He was so good at being dramatic. I still couldn't believe Paul was angry about my working situation.

It was one thing not to work with the Cullens every day, but when the opportunity came to work on the reservation, there was no way I was passing that up. So what if once a month I had to drive into Forks for a meeting with said veggie vamps. To me, it was worth it.

Of course Paul was totally against the idea. Although I have to give it to him, he approached the topic very, very civilly. Way better than the first time. I think that's why he was so surprised when I told him I was still accepting the job.

I knew I'd go insane if I didn't get out of the house and besides, if I have to wrack my nerves every time he's around them in a month, I'm sure an hour meeting once a month wasn't going to kill him. Besides, I did relent a little… Paul comes with me to every meeting.

Like I really had a choice with that one?

"Oh, how nice dear," my mom smiled. "Why don't we go and introduce ourselves Bill?"

I instantly felt bad for Edward, he was going to have to listen to my mother's flirtatious thoughts.

As I watched their retreating backs, I glanced up at Paul. His jaw was clenched.

"Cheer up," I smirked, "look at this defeat as an opportunity."

He scowled in confusion, so I tried to clarify.

"You get to spend all night trying to convince me to change my mind," I winked at his stunned face before making my exit.

Where my exit was, I had no freakin clue. All I knew was that with a naughty response like that, I had to have an exit.

I approached the first smiling face that I made eye contact with – Leah.

I still couldn't believe I was able to associate the word "smile" with Leah.

I'd like to think that she was smiling because it was my wedding day but I knew without thinking that it was because of the baby in her arms. Oh well, I was just happy to finally see some semblance of the old Leah that everyone had told me stories about. In my eyes, Leah deserved to find happiness.

But it was still beyond freaky that she imprinted on Quil and Claire's son. I mean, you'd think this whole situation couldn't get anymore warped! First they're famous singers, then they're werewolves, then they imprint, then they imprint on human/vampire combos, then they imprint on babies, and then when you really don't think there's anything left to surprise you BAM!- Leah imprints on a mini-werewolf-to-be.

There was no doubt though, that she was happy. I know Quil was panicked at first, thinking Leah would use this as a means for payback for all his taunts, but just like the other imprints, she fell instantly in love. Of course her love wasn't like the other imprints, it's more motherly.

I laughed inside; it was like the feelings I imagined Paul had for me at first. Oh man, am I ever pathetic.

"Hey," I said, stopping when I reached her.

Still cooing the baby, she replied, "I guess it'd be pointless to welcome you to the family, but congrats on making it official."

"Gee thanks," I said sarcastically, "I really feel the love."

She smiled, a genuine smile, before whispering baby talk to the adoring listener in her arms.

I was about to mingle with other guests when Leah said, "Seriously, without you meeting Paul, the two biggest pain in the ass werewolves would still be on the prowl. Now, Paul has his imprint and I have mine. So thanks."

I was about to ask her how I had anything to do with helping her find her imprint but then I remembered the little consensus amongst the werewolves. And I remembered Claire's excitement to get started on making a family.

Regardless, of the oddly put congratulations, I felt the sincerity behind it. If getting married to Paul hadn't already made my day, if not my entire life span, then seeing Leah happy and getting along with everyone would have.

"Don't hog the bride Leah," Kim whined, behind me. "Isn't it good enough that you're holding the only baby in the family?"

I laughed, because Leah looked seriously afraid that someone was about to ask her if they could hold the baby. Personally, I didn't think anyone, werewolves included, had enough guts.

Regardless, Leah managed to slink away from the more populated part of the wedding crowd that we were standing in.

"You scared her away," I complained.

Kim raised an eyebrow, "Right and you were having such a ball."

"I don't think you got the memo," I smiled sweetly. "The one that said the bride is always right on her wedding day."

She snorted, "We imprints break away from normal traditions."

I smiled, "So true."

"Paul looks like he's ready to leave for the honeymoon," Kim laughed.

Looking towards Paul, I laughed one of my screeching laughs. He was standing next to Mrs. Dits, who I'm sure, was gossiping his ear off. Paul, hearing me, looked up and gave me his infamous puppy dog eyes.

I laughed harder.

"Great," whined Kim, when she noticed Paul excusing himself from the county gossip. "Now he's going to come over here and steal your attention from me. Do you have any idea how hard it's been to try and talk to you today?"

I rolled my eyes, "I'd save you to, if Mrs. Dits had you cornered."

"I knew there was a reason I married you," Paul growled when he reached me, pulling me in tightly for a kiss.

Mmm, yum. The feeling of his lips on mine would never grow old.

"Aren't you the one that's supposed to save her," Kim interrupted with a raised eyebrow, "not the other way around."

Paul scowled, then looked down at me, "Are you sure she was invited."

I playfully swatted his arm, "Be nice."

"I want to," Paul said mischievously, "but we're not alone yet."

I blushed.

"I'll be very nice to you," Paul went on, "In fact, I'll –"

"HELLO!" Kim shouted, "You have guests that don't want to hear all the horny details."

"Kim!" I whispered, whipping my head around to make sure nobody heard. I could tell by the grins on some of the werewolves' faces that, because of their sensitive hearing, they heard. But other than that, everyone else was clueless.

Still, I wanted to blend in with Paul's tux.

"Why do I continually hang around people that have some misguided notion that I'm not normal unless I'm permanently blushing?"

There was a long silence then Paul said, "I think it makes you look hot."

"Geesh," Kim huffed. "I'll see you two after the honeymoon. Maybe then you'll have something, other than your hots for one another, to talk about."

Watching her stomp off, I couldn't help remembering the last time I saw someone else act like that.


Turning my head, I saw her petite figure standing next to her latest boy toy. I was glad that she was able to come to my wedding, even though I secretly thought she came to prove something. She kept trying to show off her new boyfriend, as if I should be jealous.

Ha! Yah right, Paul was everything I wanted and more.

Still, I was Ana's best friend for so long that it was easy to see that she had missed me, even if others didn't. She needed constant attention and as a best friend, I gave that to her. When I left, she must have realized how significant I was in her life. I was glad that she had made the initial phone call to see how I was doing.

The memory made me smile. I'm sure it was no coincidence that she waited to call until she had a new boyfriend whose house phone number would show up on my caller ID.

Glancing at Paul, I knew he was one of the others that thought Ana should be left to wallow in her own selfishness. He couldn't help it, he was my imprint; anything that made me sad, hurt him.

Paul must have noticed my glance from Ana to him because he asked, "I thought she said she wasn't going to be able to make it to the wedding?"

"Please," I said, rolling my eyes. "Ana is nothing, if not the queen of late arrivals. She'll always come to an event, but she makes sure she's late so that all the attention can be on her."

Before he had a chance to get angry, I held out my index finger in front of his face.

"Don't make me flick you on our wedding day," I grinned.

It took him a minute to register what I was saying before he threw his head back and roared with laughter.

Our friends and family stared at us, because for some odd reason they thought Paul was formidable. Go figure. I mean I knew he had a horrible temper, but to me, he was nothing but a big puppy.

"I love you," I said, pulling his face towards mine for a kiss.

I felt him bite my lower lip before saying, "Yah, yah, I know you just want me for my body."

"Mhmm," I sighed, running my hands up his chest to lock behind his back. "You do have a nice body."

"I'll let you flick it all night long," he whispered, nibbling on my ear.

Even though his outrageous statement totally turned me on, I did burst out laughing.

He just chuckled, grabbing some of my hair to twirl around his finger.

"I love your hair down like this," Paul smiled, "you're so beautiful."

I felt like a nerd when the star football player tells her that she's cute. I barely managed to keep from giggling.

Instead I said, "And I love you in your human form."

"Damn," he said smiling, "I knew I should have had the vows say 'as man or beast' instead of 'for better or for worst'."

"To late," I teased, wagging my finger in front of his face. "You snooze, you lose."

Suddenly Paul's face grew very serious; I grew momentarily worried until he started to say something.

"No Talliah, I definitely won this hand."

I just stared into his eyes, sharing all my love with him. He really was my soul mate, that simple sentence was proof enough.

I glanced around and saw all the stunning decorations and all the people that shared in the love that Paul and I had for one another. Everything in that moment seemed so crystal clear, I was truly happy. Everything had worked out and I was surrounded by love. My happiness was beyond even a fairytale's magic.

My vision started to blur when I heard Paul taunt, "You can commit to marrying a werewolf and handle working with vampires, but you cry at a wedding? You're such a girl."

"No," I sniffed, "my eyes are just peeing."