Closing Page.

Thank you for reading my sequel. It has been a joy to write for you.

I sit here now, on the closing page, the final paragraphs, happy with my story.

I wrote it in your language. I wrote it in another tongue. And I am VERY, proud of it.

So please enjoy, my final...Chapter.



Ma Funou




3 Months Later.

The solid marble gravestone.

The maple tree above her grave.

Laid to rest, my Yuki. My Nagato.

Killed because of me.

Because I was fool enough to be tricked by some psycho bitch...

I woke up every morning, thinking she would just be there. As strong and as silent as always. That some sort of, time travelling bullshit would of saved her.

That she could be alive.

Since that day, I have not seen Mikuru or Haruhi. But I understand the Closed spaces, from my own knowledge, must be keeping them busy, after Haruhi broke down entirely.

I was sat under the warm afternoon sun, laying flower's at her grave. Knowing what she looked like.

When she hit the ground. Her body was intact, not a single scratch on her. But her heart stopped beating. She stopped moving, and her head tilted to the side.

A silent death...

As I stood up, I said to myself.

"Get a grip, Kyon...She wouldn't want you like this.."

the wind blew the tree above me, its leaves dancing around the ground.


A hand on my shoulder...

I turned slowly, expecting a Yard warden or Family member, but who was really there shocked me...And this would send me on one hell of an adventure...

Older Mikuru...

"3 Months...Just enough time, Kyon. I don't have to time to explain all of this, time is something we do not have"

She sniggered to herself. She had all the time in the world, remember?

"Listen to me. This is complicated even for me, but...I need to ask you something.."

My heart bean to race. I could almost hear the epic orchestral music playing louder and louder. And this beautiful woman stood in front of me. My mouth open in confusion. As I nodded approval.

These next few words form her mouth...

"Do you want to save Miss Nagato's life?"

The End.