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Tears pricked her eyes as her hands became stained with a hot, gushing liquid that refused to cease flowing. A dead man lay, cold eyes wide open a mere few feet away from her. But she didn't care; all she cared about was the blood, warm and slipping through her fingers far too easily from the increasingly weaker body underneath her.

Choking back tears, she looked into the deep blue-y green ocean which were his eyes, she saw the guilt, the apology in them, and it was all she could do to not scream and yell and cry.

Why couldn't he have waited? For her. Even if they hadn't waited for back up, why couldn't he have waited for her?

The familiar stirring in her heart had began, the first pangs of a deeper much greater pain to come.

Because there was no way with this much blood he was going to make it.

She felt her heart break as he watched her, and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, 'I'm sorry Teresa,' he choked out.

A single tear splashed down her cheek.

He might be sorry, but it was never going to be enough. He should have waited.

But he didn't. And there they were, his goal complete. His need, his hunger for revenge satisfied. So why was she seeing regret in his eyes?

She had told him 'I think you'd choose life' she had been as wrong about that as she had been everything else.

'You should have waited,' she whispered, desperate, needing to say something, anything.

'I know,' he choked out, his voice weaker than it was mere seconds before.

How was she going to live through this? How was she ever going to trust ever again?

'Stay,' she whispered softly, desperately.

'I'm trying,' And he was, but she could see he was fading.

In that moment he thought about it, but there wasn't much time. There wasn't enough time. It would be cruel to say it now, those three words that had been eating him up for months now. It would be selfish, and after everything he'd done. He couldn't bear to put one more thing upon her, which would truly shatter her heart again. Not when he was so close to the end. And seeing her there, the regret for what he'd done flooded him. He'd avenged his wife and daughter. But he would be leaving someone he cared for just as much, broken, behind.

'Take care of yourself Teresa,' he breathed out.

Her heart twisted and writher in agony, he may have not said the words, but she'd seen them in his eyes. And that made this so much harder.

His mesmerising blue slowly closed. And he was gone.

Just someone else she had lost.

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