This was a really weird idea that came to me. Hope you like it.


Lester Burnham was working the late shift at Mr. Smiley's. It was after closing and he was the only one there. Suddenly he was taken from behind a man with a gun. He was dragged violently into the empty parking lot. His assailant had Lester stand on his knees with his hands in the air.

"Give me your wallet." Said the Assailant.

Lester hands him his wallet. Fine, he thought. Not much in there.

"Lester Burnham. 1024 Apple Street." Said the assailant reading his driver's license. "Suburb Land. Lester, you are going to die."

"Do you mean now or eventually?"

"Cute pictures. Wife and daughter?"

"Don't touch them, Asshole!" Lester yelled as he turned his head real quick gaining a glimpse of his assailant. He was about Lester's height. Had dark hair and bruises on his face.

"Shut up." The assailent said as he hit Lester over the head lightly with his gun. Lester turned around annoyed.

"Lester, how is it you and your family live so comfortably in Suburbia while you work a shit job at a fast food joint?"

"Well," Lester started, angry and annoyed.

But not afraid. The assailant noticed to himself.

"I was working for a magazine, but then I quit and blackmailed my boss for over $60,000. Aren't you proud of me." Lester replied sarcastically.

"I am, actually." The assailant said as he put his gun away. The assailant gave Lester back his wallet. With it was a card. "Meet me at that address tomorrow at ten."

Lester grabbed his wallet and read the card. "Lou's Tavern?" He asked as he turned around, but the assailant was gone.

The next night, Lester was at Lou's Tavern. He followed a bunch of guys into the basement. There he saw many men. They seemed angry, frustrated, and anxious of what to come.

Men like me Lester thought.

Then, Lester's assailant stepped out and addressed the group.

"Gentleman. Welcome to Fight Club."