A/N: If you've seen "How I Met Your Mother" then you'll get this fic. If you haven't, I hope you'll still like it. :)

Pairing: Bugman and his Butterfly of course. :)

Summary: This is what you get when a power-outage locks a group of CSI's in the same room.

How I Met Your Supervisor


'....please follow standard protocol and stay where you are until the power is restored. We will announce any new information over the intercom.'

"Awe man this sucks." Greg whined, slumping into what he thought was a chair.

"Dude!" Nick exclaimed, throwing the ex-labrat off of him, "Go sit on Hodges or somethin'."

Hodges held his hands up in surrender, "I don't think so!" He backed up quickly, unintentionally bumping into Catherine, who was holding a cup of coffee. In a matter of seconds the warm drink went from being in a cup to being all over Catherine's white blouse. Hodges' normally blush pink cheeks turn pale; his eyes wide with fear. He choked on his words trying to find a proper way of apologizing. "Uh-ee-so-ry-"

One emergency light flickered on in the breakroom; adding a small amount of light into the room. "Now you turn on..." Hodges mumbled to himself.

Catherine looked at her blouse and back up at Hodges several times before replying breathlessly, "This was a brand....new....shirt." Her eyes were filled with rising anger and the rest of the team could see this.

Sara jumped up and got between the two of them,"Hodges, go sit down;" She faced Catherine and told her she had an extra shirt with her. "It's your lucky day. I was late and couldn't make it to the locker room." She held up her small bag smiling.

"Thank God you were late today." Catherine said after she had finished changing, "Why were you late anyway?"

Sara let out a small chuckle as she took a seat, "Grissom called."

The room went quiet when they heard Grissom's name. They all stared at her with expecting expression's on their faces. "And??" Nick prodded.

Sara shrugged, "And nothing. He's still teaching in Paris; we talked about Hank, and then I told him I had to go to work."

"That's it?" Catherine blurted, "After 10 years of being together that's it?"

Greg jumped in, "You guys have been together for 10 years?! I thought it's only been two!"

"Someone told me you guys met in high school." Hodges talked over Greg.

Catherine talked over Hodges, "Geez, so boring."

Sara stared at her co-workers in awe. "I don't know where you guys get your information but whoever's talking needs to do some research." She pointed at Hodges, eyeing him with one brow raised suspiciously, "Especially you."

Hodges crossed his arms defiantly, "For your information Grissom was the one who told me you guys met in high school."

Sara stared at the labrat confused until she came to a realization; causing her to burst out laughing. "He actually did it? I mean he told me that's what he was going to tell you if you asked him one more damn question, but I didn't think he really would." She looked at Hodges and began laughing all over again, "And you bought it!"

He released a nervous laugh, "Ha, ha, no I didn't buy it. It uh- it was a trick. To uh- to get get you to...tell us the real story!" He exclaimed, proud of his cover-up.

It was Sara's turn to go pale, "The..real story?"

Catherine piped in, "Yeah! I like that idea. How'd you guys really meet?"

"Guys.." Sara was blushing.

"Unless you're scared to tell us..." Greg pressured. Everyone knew she couldn't resist a challenge, and she'd do anything to prove to anyone she wasn't afraid.

Sara sat up straight, "Fine." She crossed her arms and all eyes focused on her, "From the beginning?"

Everyone nodded so she replied, "It was the summer of 1998."

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