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Chapter Fifty-Two: Yes Dear

"Okay just sit and wait in the car…I'm going to check out a few things alright?" Gemma's voice was soft barely audible over the music.

"Why do I have to stay in the car?" Dean demanded. His voice was just short of a childish whine.

"Because I said so."

"That annoying mother crap won't work on me Gemma. I'm the other parent in this messed up duo that we've got going on here." He frowned as she raised an eyebrow.

"Dean Winchester, how dare you use that tone with me!" She snapped at him playfully.

"How does me staying in the car make sense?"

"Christ almighty Dean just because I'm pregnant doesn't make me an invalid!" Gemma scolded as they made their way to the graveyard.

"Just because you've got angel mojo doesn't make you wonder woman!" Dean retorted.

"Just listen to me and don't fret your pretty little head." She said sweetly. "Let me take care of everything okay?"

"I'm the man; I'm supposed to be taking care of you!" They pulled into the parking lot.

"Either agree with me or no sex." Gemma snapped.

"WHAT? You can't do that!" The hunter yelled at her.

"Well I just did so grow a pair and give me the flashlight!" Dean glared at Gemma's outstretched hand before reaching in the backseat for the flashlight.

"You can come with but you're keeping watch…got it?" He held the light just out of her reach.

"Dean, just let me-"

"Do not think that just because you're pregnant that I will refrain from handcuffing you to the car!" His glare met hers and the air thickened with the sudden increase in tension.

"You wouldn't dare…" Gemma said darkly.

"I wouldn't?" He asked with a smirk. Her scowl deepened as she grabbed for the flashlight. The seatbelt restrained her movements just as her fingertips grazed the light.

"Dean Winchester, you give me that flashlight this minute or I'll-"

"Or you'll what?" His eyes danced with delight as she struggled to come up with something. "You know as well as I do Ms. Schuster that you simply can't resist me." The way his voice became husky and the way he leaned over to murmur the words in her ear set her blood on fire.

"You're such an ass." The insult, more a term of endearment now, made Dean chuckle.

"You're absolutely hot." Dean mumbled kissing her throat. "Remind me to apologize to you when we get back to the motel." The soft click of handcuffs almost escaped Gemma's ears…almost.

"Dean you get back here right now and uncuff me!" Gemma shouted as he slid from the car. "Dean this isn't funny!" She screamed as he made his way into the graveyard.

"Keep quiet or I'll have to gag you!" He hollered back at her. "Uh…and remember you're in your car, not mine!" Dean's laughter faded as he disappeared from sight.

"That stupid son of a bitch!" Gemma shrieked. "He planned this!" She looked at herself in the rearview mirror and pouted. "Just wait until Castiel hears about this…he's gonna-"

"I'm going to do what?" With her hands cuffed to the steering wheel and the angel suddenly in the driver's seat Gemma couldn't help but cry out in surprise. "Are you alright Gemma?"

"Does it look like I'm alright? I'm cuffed to the wheel of my car while Dean gets to go play hero!" She whined.

"And?" The angel was terribly confused.

"And I need you to unlock me without destroying my car!" She snapped irritably.

"Why would I do that?" The redhead sighed feeling the need to backhand somebody. The fact that Castiel was honestly confused only fueled that need.

"So I can go help Dean!"

"Dean is doing a dangerous job Gemma. You're with child. I can't allow you to put your children in danger." The angel explained.

"I'm perfectly capable of taking care of-"

"Dean was correct when he told you, you are not invincible just because of your powers." Castiel's blue eyes moved over her body as if scanning her for further injury. "They are already being affected by your constant stressful state."

"I wouldn't be stressed if I weren't handcuffed to my car!" She growled trying to keep her temper under control. Castiel sighed and shook his head.

"If I release you, will you promise me you will stay in the car?" Gemma couldn't believe she was being treated like a child. The expression on her friend's face showed that he was completely serious though.

"Fine! I promise I will stay in the car!" She said with a mock-sweetness.

"Gemma, if you break your promise there will be consequences." She rolled her eyes before nodding. Castiel gave her a genuine smile before he disappeared and her hands were released with a light click.

Immediately Gemma reached for the door to get out and follow after Dean. Two low clicks resounded and she frowned trying to open the door again.

"Stupid…blue-eyed, baby faced, gorgeous piece of-" A shadow racing across the graveyard caught her attention. "What the fuck…" The thing paused and the faint smell of decayed flesh and old blood filled the redhead's nostrils. She gagged covering her nose with her hands.

By the time the smell had dissipated whatever it was, was gone. She'd found a bandana shoved in the glove box and wrapped it around the lower half of her face. She'd know that smell anywhere.

"Dean where are you?" She grabbed her phone and dialed his number to receive no answer. "Damnit…" She tried her door again to find she was still locked inside the car. Rubbing her hands together she focused until her right hand glowed faintly. "Come on…" Her palm rested over the lock and she continued to focus until she heard what she wanted to hear. Trying the door again she breathed a sigh of relief when it opened. She then popped the trunk and grabbed some equipment before rushing off in the direction Dean had gone earlier.

She found him wandering back to the car with a worried look on his face.

"Dean!" He looked up and the worry subsided before he brought her into a tight hug. "Ghouls…two of them…"

"I know, one's taken on Adam and the other has taken on his mom." The pair just stood there for a few moments before separating. "You're not hurt are you?"

"No, it didn't even notice me." She smirked behind the bandana.

"Gemma…what's with the ninja getup?" The hunter pulled the fabric down and she shrieked.

"Don't! You smell like dead people and now that I've hugged you I smell like dead people…great…fucking dead people smell." She complained.

"Quit bitching we've got to go save Sam and Emily." He grabbed her hand and the pair rushed off towards the vehicle.