Screaming And Fighting

Chapter 1

Author's Notes: I don't own Kim Possible or The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift. This song (along with I Kissed A by Katy Perry) has been stuck in my head for days. The result? Song fic! Should I make one to I Kissed A too?

He is sensible and so incredible…

Kim and Ron were at Bueno Nacho as usual. Kim however was sad. She didn't let it show though.

"So KP," Ron said. "I was wondering… can we go to a movie tomorrow?"

"Which one this week?" Kim asked. It wasn't that she was annoyed, they just went to see one ALL the time.

"Zombieland!" Ron responded.

"But aren't you afraid of zombies?"

"No," Ron said in his 'I'm making this up' tone.

Kim raised an eyebrow.

And all my single friends are jealous…

Suddenly, here cell phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hi," a familiar voice said on the other line.

"Umm… Hi Zida. What's the sitch?"

"Oh, I was wondering if Ron wants to come over to play everlot."

"Yes," Kim responded immediately. Perfect timing. She needed a break from so much 'Ron-ness'.

"Who was that?" Ron asked.

"It was Zida," Kim explained. "You're going to play everlot with her tomorrow."

"WHAT?!" Ron was shocked. He sighed. "Fine. But we'll see Zombieland on Thursday, right?"

"Sure," Kim nodded. "Well, I have to go."

He says everything I need to hear and it's like, I couldn't ask for anything better…

"Wait, Kim," Ron stopped her. "Is something wrong?"

"No," Kim lied.

"Well, whatever it is, it'll get better in the end."

"Thanks Ron," Kim smiled and left.


He opens up my door and I get into his car…

Ron knocked on the door.

Kim walked to the door, not in any kind of hurry. She opened it. "Hey Ron."

"Hey Kim," Ron waved. "Ready for Zomebieland?"

"You know it," Kim made a fake smile and got inside Ron's car. "Where did you get this car?"

She was surprised to look around and see an almost-limo with fool's gold wheels. Even if it wasn't real gold and this wasn't an actual limo, there was no way Ron would ever be able to afford this kind of car.

"Oh, you like it? My dad rented it just for the occasion."

"It's very, umm… fancy. For you."

Ron laughed slightly. "Thanks."

And he says, 'you look beautiful tonight'. And I feel perfectly fine…

"Umm… KP."

"Yes?" Kim asked.

"You look beautiful."

Kim was wearing the same dress from the prom. But she was wearing a little too much make-up, so she took it as a compliment. "Thanks Ron." She smiled slightly.

While they were in the car, going to the movie, those short 5 minutes seemed like an hour. As Kim started remembering old things from when she and Shego were together.

But I miss… Screaming and fighting…

Kim and Shego were alone, while Ron was in the other room with Drakken.

They had been dating secretly for a while and sneaking alone time while Kim was on missions that involved Shego and Drakken.

Despite being alone and away from security, they both enjoyed fighting with each other.

"Give me my ring back!" Shego said, going down on Kim with her green hands.

"Don't think so," Kim pinned her down.

They both kept fighting back and forth until Kim finally had Shego down hard enough that she was almost unconscious.

"Oh my gosh!" Kim realized. "Are you okay?"

She helped Shego up. "I-I'll be fine."

And kissing in the rain…

Kim kissed Shego on the lips as her way of saying 'I'm sorry'.

"It's okay," Shego kicked Kim off her to the wall.

She stood up and walked over to Kim, pinning her down again. "By the way, Kimmie, your lips need a little work. This is how it's done." Shego let go of her shoulders and kept her pinned down by her lips.

About 5 minutes later, they finally finished kissing.

The ring Shego was trying to get from Kim was finally out of Kim's hands.

It's two AM and I'm cursing your name…

"Stinkface!" Kim said as Shego picked up the ring.

"Wow, princess," Shego replied. "That's really the best you could think of?"

You're so in love that you act insane…

"Ugh," Kim did a triple flip in the air, nearly poking Shego's eye out.

Suddenly, Wade rang.

"What's the sitch, Wade?" Kim asked, one hand holding the kimmunicator, the other one trying to get the ring out of Shego's hand.

"Kim," Wade responded. "The ring Shego's trying to steal… does nothing."

"Nothing?" She asked. "Are you sure it's not a brain-switcher or something?" She let go of Shego.


"Yeah doi," Shego turned the kimmunicator off. "Pumpkin-"

"What?!" Kim interrupted. "You mean we've been fighting for NOTHING?!"


"Grr!" Kim once again did a triple-flip and nearly broke the floor below Shego.

She returned the favor by tripping Kim with her foot.

And that's the way I loved you. Breaking down and coming undone, it's a roller coaster kind of rush…

After several minutes of fighting, the two girlfriends settled down; something they rarely ever did.

"Well," Kim said out of breath. "If it doesn't do anything, why the heck are you trying to steal it?!"

And I never knew I could feel that much, and that's the way I loved you.

"It's for you," she admitted.

"What?" Kim was shocked.

Shego sighed, like she was afraid what she was about to say would leave a bad taste in her mouth. "Cupcake," she held out the ring. "Will you marry me?" She gagged, which was natural since she wasn't one for mushy stuff.

"Yes," Kim answered immediately, forcing her into a hug.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Shego broke the hugs. "No more hugs."

Kim did the puppy dog pout.

"Ugh, fine," Shego wrapped her arms around her red-haired girlfriend, soon after not wanting to let go.

Kim daydreamed, but then her boyfriend interrupted her. "KP?"

"Yes Ron?" she replied.

"We're here."

Just then, the kimmunicator rang.

"What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Shego has stolen a rare amethyst gem," Wade responded. "However, it doesn't look like a gem at all, it looks electronic."

"Yay," Kim said. Finally she would see Shego again.

"Yay?" Wade asked, confused.

"I meant to say okay," Kim saved. "We're on it."

"Aww…" Ron said. "But I wanted to see Zombieland."

Screaming And Fighting