Naruto stared impassively from the top of Gamabunta's head, silently glaring at the person opposite him. Sasuke's stare was equally impassive as he stared at the blonde from the top of the new boss summon of the snakes head.

Below them chaos issued, several Konoha shinobi battling with the remaining member of Akatsuki. It was a vicious one, Konoha having the advantage in numbers, while Akatsuki had the advantage in skill.

Naruto and Sasuke had been battling for hours, and this was the final stand, they both knew. Everything was silent minus the battle below, before they both disappeared.

There were invisible impacts of steel and flash as the two sennin had a fight for the ages. The previous snake and toad sennin had nothing on these two, they were mind boggling.

Both seemed to be blank throughout the whole thing, but if you looked very closely, you could see aggravation in the snake sennin's eyes. The last time the two had met Sasuke had been able to beat him with two hands tied behind his back, but now, the dope and he were on even terms!

His musings cost him in the form of an upper cut to the jaw. He back flipped and gracefully landed on the head of his summon.

This had all happened in less than ten seconds, and they were both back in their original positions. But now the Uchiha heir was glaring at the toad summoner fiercely.

Fucking Pein! If he hadn't killed Jariaya Naruto would still be a carefree idiot! Pein had been planning to kill two birds with one stone, kill Jariaya, therefore eliminating an enemy and breaking the most powerful Jinchuriki's spirit.

Of course his god damned plan had backfired, and Naruto had finally gotten serious. Thus unlocking the potential Sasuke had seen, and been afraid of in their genin days.

His wandering mind once again cost him, this time resulting in a kunai in his shoulder. Sasuke grunted in pain, somersaulting over the blonde onto the Toad king Gamabunta.

Sasuke cursed mentally, now his right arm was useless. Now he couldn't use his chidori! Sasuke growled, gaining him a raised eyebrow from the target of his ire at the rare show of emotion.

He was going to use it, he wasn't going to like it, but he was going to use it. He sent a pointed look to Tobi once they made eye contact, the idiot nodded boisterously before focusing his attention back on the Konoha shinobi.

Sakura and Tenten grinned viciously; the annoying little bastard had let his guard down! They quickly charged in, but stopped in their tracks as he looked back at them and said two words that made their blood run cold.

"Mangekyou Sharingan"

Atop the snake summon, Naruto's eyes widened in horror as he saw what was about to happen, all visages of impassiveness shattered as he sprinted towards Tobi, knowing he would be too late but not believing it.

Kakashi had a great pain reflected in his eyes, they'd been played. Tobi had been toying with them, and the other members were just decoys.

He saw Naruto sprinting toward them with a panicked expression on his face, Kakashi smiled. That was the first sign of emotion he had seen out of the blonde since the sennin's death.

His eyes narrowed though, when he saw what was about to happen. Sasuke was charging his Mangekyou at the exact spot Naruto would arrive. That sneaky little bastard!

Naruto would hate him for this, but it would have to be done.

Naruto pumped his legs harder, he was almost there, so close…

Naruto cried out as he saw Sakura and Tenten vaporized by the flames of Amaterasu. Tears streamed down his face, but he kept running, he had too. A sob ripped through his throat as he saw Team 8 disappear into the flames. He stumbled and met Kakashi's gaze, he gasped, his Mangekyou was exposed!

He wouldn't, no; Kakashi-sensei wasn't like that…

Just before he was vaporized, one word escaped his sensei's lips.



Naruto slammed into the ground, creating a large crater; he wasn't paying attention to the pain in his body though.

Tears ran down his face, he buried his head in his hands, and cried, cried harder than he'd ever cried before.

His sobs eventually subsided into strangled gasps as he tried to come to terms with what had just happened.

His friends were dead. His sensei was dead. His godfather was dead. He, was dead. From what Kakashi had told him, his Mangekyou transported things to different dimensions.

That meant he wouldn't even be able to properly mourn for them! He slammed his fist into the ground, causing an indention. Another sob escaped his lips.

He began to drift, until he fell into blissful unconsciousness.


A pair of eyes shot open in alarm. She sensed a disturbance… A wave of power and sorrow washed over her and she gasped. The aura she was reading… This was very troubling indeed.

She quickly teleported to the source; a handsome blonde lying in a crater. On closer inspection she could see the faded stains on his face indicating he had been crying. Her eyes softened, and she settled herself on top if the body, and waited.


Naruto woke up later, to a strange weight pressed against his body. He opened his eyes, only to flinch as he saw another pair staring deeply into his.

He slowly looked at what was on top of him, she - he could tell it was a she by her generous, um, assets – looked to be about a couple inches shorter than him, with deep eyes that looked almost white, save for the pink tinge in them. She had long flowing white hair, which like her eyes, were tinged with pink.

He tried to make other observations, but stopped when he heard a voice in his head.

'It is alright'

Naruto stared up at her in surprise, had that been?-

'Yes, I can speak to you telepathically'

Naruto stared at her a bit more, before he tried something. 'What's your name?' He thought. She smiled at him, pleased to see he had caught on.

'My name is Moan, and yours stranger?'

Naruto stared at her incredulously, what the hell kind of name was Moan? He put that thought aside for later, and thought his answer to her. 'Mine is Naruto, if I may ask, why are you on top of me?' It's not that he didn't like it; he was just a bit uncomfortable with situation.

She smiled down at him again, waiting a moment before she answered, 'I am here to make love to you'

Naruto jerked up, memories flashing through his mind, before he began thrashing, trying to free himself from her grasp.

"Get off!" He near screeched, but the being on top of him would not let him budge.

Moan stared in confusion and concern, what had she done? She'd come here to ease the immense pain this man was feeling, and yet she was making it worse. She tried something different.

Naruto was still thrashing when something warm and soft caught his lips, stopping him instantly. He stared in surprise up at Moan, and saw a fierce determination as well as a softness, that made him melt. He sighed, before slowly returning the kiss.

Moan's eyes lit up in delight. That was good; he seemed to be mellowing out now. She slowly slipped her tongue into his mouth, and suppressed a moan (I know its cliché, shoot me) at the sensations she was feeling.

Naruto on the other hand, had no such inhibitions, and groaned sending pleasurable vibrations through her mouth.

For several minutes they just gently explored the others mouth, probing soft spots and lapping against each other's teeth.

Finally Moan began to unzip Narutos shirt, removing that and his sennin vest in one swift move. Slowly she ran her fingers along his chest and abdomen, sending shivers down his spine.

He weakly tried to push her hands away, "Wait, stop, we shouldn't be doing this, I don't- "He was stopped when she put a slim finger to his lips.

'It's okay,' she thought gently to him, 'I want to help you, just let me,' Naruto hesitated, before nodding slowly.


Naruto woke up sometime later, curled up against a body. He began to panic, but slowly calmed down as he remembered the previous day's events.

He looked down at the tail that was wrapped around his waist, how had he not noticed that? He pushed that thought away though, and slowly nuzzled her hair. 'Wake up,' He thought gently. She moaned softly (once again, shoot me), before looking up at him sleepily.

'Yes?' She questioned him, wondering why she had been woken up.

'I was just thinking-'She rolled her eyes at his attempt at a joke, '-what did we just do'

'We made love,' she thought to him, smiling, and leaning up to kiss him gently.

'I know that, but… What happens now?' He thought questioningly to her, to which she simply answered,

'I will leave, and you will be on your way,' Naruto's eyes widened, leave; but she was the only reason he wasn't having a mental breakdown right now.

She slowly began to stand up, despite his protests, and looked down at him regretfully. 'This is the way it must be Naruto, we'll meet again,' with that she leaned down and gave him a deep kiss, before vanishing.

Naruto stared at the place where she had been, before groaning pitifully and slamming his head into the ground.


After sometime Naruto got up, dressed himself, and began to look for civilization. He didn't know what kind of dimension he was in, but if Moan was any indication, it was a very strange one indeed.

Finally, after hours of running, Naruto reached a town. He was correct in his assumption; this was a very strange place. He passed several men walking with some type of transformed females beside them. Naruto didn't know what they were, but whatever they were; they apparently played an important part in this dimension.

One thing that shocked and disgusted him though, was the way the females were treated. By body language and facial expressions alone he deduced they were treated like crap.

He didn't take kindly to that, having experienced it x10 worse before. The worst thing though? They made them dress in those… Rags, or nothing at all! He barely repressed a snarl as he saw one teenager walk by with one of the females held by a rope around her neck. She was crying.

Quickening his pace to get some answers and not kill everyone there, Naruto finally arrived at a large building with a neon red roof. Naruto stared at it for a bit.

'That's about as subtle as the Kyuubi,' he thought to himself dryly, before entering the building.

Once he was inside he was met with a strange sight, several of the males and their females were milling about, some distressed, and some angry.

Naruto quickly made his way to the front counter, where a woman was running around frantically, looking panicked.

"Excuse me," he asked, smiling politely, she didn't pay him any mind. After two more tries his smile grew a bit more strained. "Excuse me," he said a bit louder this time. Still nothing, a tick mark appeared on his forehead. "EXCUSE ME!" Nothing. Naruto growled.

"YO BITCH!!" Everything went silent.

Naruto was glaring angrily at the lady, who's eyes were wide as she stared in fear at him. "What the hell kind of joint is this!?!? I get faster service at a god damn cemetery!" He shouted angrily, he became conscious of the terrified stares he was getting, and realized he was emitting killing intent.

Sighing and trying to calm himself he smiled his most charming smile at her, and asked as smoothly as possible, " Excuse me, may I see the owner of this establishment?"

~Nurse Joy 5 minutes earlier~

Joy was frantic, today was the busiest this week! She silently cursed the idiot who designed this place to have one employee and one pokeball chamber.

Sighing she handed off one man's pokeball, and silently put another's in.

"Excuse me," a voice said behind her, she glanced at him and her face lit up in a blush, he was handsome! She quickly turned away though, he didn't have a pokegirl and she couldn't see any pokeballs on him, so he was her last priority.

It happened twice more before he got a bit louder, finally he shouted, but she payed him no mind.

"YO BITCH!!" She turned around shocked, and froze as she saw fierce blue eyes glaring at her. A silent force began to choke her, strangling her from within. He shouted some more things, but she couldn't her them in her terror induced haze.

Finally he looked at her and seemed to realize something, before the feeling vanished, and everyone was able to catch their breaths.

"Excuse me, may I please see the owner of this establishment?" Her knees wobbled and she blushed even brighter at the smile he sent her. She slowly answered, trying not to let anything leak into her voice. She hadn't been tamed since… Since… She didn't even know! She'd never heard of a feral Nurse Joy, but she didn't want to be the first one!

"Y-yes sir, what would you like to talk to me about?" She questioned slowly, trying to keep her voice even. He stared at her in confusion for a moment, before sighing and slamming his head onto the counter.

Her nursing instincts kicked in and she picked his head up, quickly scolding him for being so careless.

Naruto stood shocked, before a wide smile stretched onto his face. Coupled with the pink hair and how she was scolding him, it was almost like Sakura-chan was checking his face right now.

Seeing a smile spread across his face and a dazed look in his eyes, the Nurse Joy began to worry, had he damaged his brain? She sighed.

"Get Well Kiss," she muttered before gently pressing her lips to his forehead.

Naruto was immediately shocked out of his musings by that, he stared at her for a second, before groaning and slamming his head onto the counter again.

This continued for several minutes, while the inhabitants just stared in confusion. Finally after the sixth time, Joy caught his head before it could hit the counter again.

"Now," she began, flustered, "What is it you wanted to ask me sir?" His eyes lit up,

"Oh yeah! Here, come with me!" Her protests were ignored as he dragged her into the back, she looked back at the front where the customers were shouting and raving about not being able to heal their pokegirls.


Joy stared at the man in bafflement; had he just asked what she thought he just asked? Maybe he really had damaged his brain. "Are you serious?" She questioned him.

"Yup!" He chirped. She stared for a few seconds, before answering.

"Well, a pokegirl is a special type of female that has undergone certain changes and gains special abilities-," She began before she was interrupted.

"I know that already! I wanna know what they are and how they came to be!" He said, irritated.

"You've met one before? And you noticed her ability?" Joy asked, well, that was a stupid question, of course he'd met one. But if he was as clueless as he said how could he know they had special abilities?

"Well, yeah, of course, her special ability was to talk telepathically," he stated matter of factly. Joy's eyes lit up in curiosity, a phycic pokegirl? But the only ones they had here were A-Bra's, Ka-D-Bra's, and Alaka Wham's, and they were extremely skittish.

"Did you find out what her name was?" Joy asked, genuinely curious, all signs of work gone from her mind. His eyes seemed to sparkle then.

"Oh yeah! Of course! She said her name was Moan," He said happily, but his happy look soon turned to one of confusion and concern, when the Nurse Joy went rigid. "Uh, what's the problem?" He asked, confused.

"Y-you're a-a-absolutely sure that h-her name was M-moan?" Joy stuttered, as she stared at the blonde stunned.

"Well, duh, I just said it was her name didn't I?" He questioned, annoyance bleeding into his voice.

"A-and what did she look like?" Joy questioned.

"Well, she had really pale pink eyes, almost white, and long whitish-pink hair, along with this strange little tail that seemed really flexible," Joy almost missed the slight blush when he said that, she narrowed her eyes, but let him continue, "She had paleish skin, but not enough look unhealthy, and she was about 5'8"," He finished.

Joy could just feel the migraine on the horizon, so she quickly gave Naruto a 'STAY' motion, which he pouted at, and went back to the front.

"Alright everyone, I'm sorry for wasting your time but the Poke Center will be closed for the rest of the day, thank you!" She shouted over the immense groans and shouts of outrage.

She went back to the room where Naruto was in, and upon seeing the expectant expression, repressed the urge to slam her head into something hard. It was going to be a long night.


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