A Few Obstacles

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After a positively wondrous session of love making, Naruto finally found himself drifting off to a calm, pleasant sleep. His peaceful mood was quickly dashed though, when he found himself in the depressingly familiar environment of his subconscious.

What was unfamiliar was the scorching heat the permitted even to the dank coves that lay outside the Kyuubi's cell's perimeter.

Naruto growled.

Striding angrily toward the center ring of his mind, he didn't pay any heed to the scorching 120 degrees air temperature that was rapidly climbing. If that stupid bastard thought he could beat Naruto with a little heat, he was even more retarded than Naruto had first predicted.

Apparently the fox had forgotten that the seal had filtered everything from him to Naruto, including elemental mastery over fire. Sasuke and the others had no fucking IDEA how much he had been holding back in their final battle.

Wincing slightly at the memory, Naruto focused himself on the matter at hand; namely beating the shit out of the greatest demon to ever exist for interrupting his sleep.

Now, to most this would be an act akin to jumping off the Hokage Monument; Naruto had survived that before though, and in his mindscape, he was god. Years of scouting out this dreaded place led Naruto to the center with no real thought needed.

The first thing he saw upon entering was the bastard's smirking face; not a smart move.

Naruto stalked forward, and ignoring the demon lord's shocked expression and rabid protests dragged him across his cell by the scruff of his neck, and slammed him up against the far wall.

"Now listen here you arrogant little prick," Naruto snarled, his face set in the expression Madara saw in his nightmares, "I am sick and fucking tired of you, I'm not your pet to be called on whenever you see fit. I am your master and you will treat me as such," Naruto spat at the demon.

How had our favorite blonde dimension hopper achieved such a feat as lifting a body several thousand times larger than him? Well, as stated before, here he was god. So if he willed himself to be thousands of feet tall, then it was made so. The Kyuubi, having realized this, was just staring at the blonde ninja in shock and horror.

Naruto smirked upon seeing this, knowing that he had the bastard now. He continued smugly, "Now call me master," seeing its defiant look, Naruto growled in the back of his throat.

"Obey me!" He roared, and to his satisfaction, the beast looked down and muttered something, "What was that, prisoner?" he inquired, grinning savagely, pushing it further into the wall until spider web cracks emerged in the thick concrete.

"Master," It whispered in a low baritone, shamefully looking at its hind paws, which were still suspended several hundred feet off the ground.

"Louder," Naruto commanded, his grin widening until it nearly split his face in two. When it refused to say another word, Naruto frowned, tightening his grip and causing it to choke slightly, "Say it," he growled.

"Master!" It coughed out, clawing at Naruto's arms to no avail. Naruto smiled, and tossed it casually to the ground beside him. Gasping for breath, the fox glared at Naruto.

"Now," Naruto began, "Is there any reason besides annoying the hell out of me that you brought me here?" he asked, annoyance reflecting in his eyes.

It mumbled something in reply, but due to Naruto's large stature he couldn't quite catch it, whereas before it would have nearly deafened him.

"What was that Kyuubi-chan?" he growled in what he figured was a mocking voice. But instead of irritating the beast even more like he had predicted, it did something much different.


Hm; perhaps he should have seen this coming, Naruto mused to himself moments later. The widening of the eyes, while not too important, was unusual for the demon, who was always in control. The panting? That was strange, but not too weird. The strange smell that reached his nose though? That should have been a dead giveaway.

And so Naruto found himself on his back, the most powerful demon in the world vigorously humping his leg. At this point only one thought ran through his mind, "God fucking DAMNIT!"


Naruto finally managed to pry the horny demon off his leg several minutes of struggling later, and was now glaring fiercely at it, rubbing his now numb leg in agitation.

"What the fuck was that?" Naruto hissed, glaring at the newest source of his ire while it stared at the floor. Wait… Naruto's face quickly contorted into horror as he realized one simple fact. He hadn't felt anything.

"O-oh god," he gasped out, "You're female?" He couldn't even manage a grin when it snarled in indignation, quickly rising to its feet.

"Of course I'm female ningen," 'she' spat scathingly, but before she could utter anything else, she was kicked roughly in the stomach and slammed against the bars.

Despite the traumatic experience that he had just gone through; and Naruto was sure it would scar him forever, he would get some respect from this bitch.

"That is MASTER to you, you stupid fox," he snarled, "Do you understand?" Seeing her nod fearfully, he once again dropped her.

"Now, what was that?" He asked.

"I'm in heat," she replied simply, to which Naruto stared at her incredulously.

"And you saw it fit to bring me here so you could hump my leg?" He questioned dryly, and he could have sworn he saw her blush through her crimson fur.

"Well I'm sorry that I don't have the opposite sex currently throwing themselves at me, unlike some people," she growled… playfully? Had the Kyuubi no Kitsune just made a joke?

"Ah, yah, sorry 'bout that. It wasn't exactly my choice you know. But, once again, why are you willing to hump my leg numb but not have a civil conversation with me? And why the hell is this place so fucking hot?" He asked absent-mindedly, agitatedly rubbing his arm where he could feel blisters forming.

She gave him a flat look, "It's called heat Naruto, what do you expect?" Naruto didn't really hear the last part though, wondering if the surprises would ever end. Hoping to recover some of his dignity, he quickly scolded her.

"It's master, Kyuubi-chan, although my actual name is a large step up from ningen," he said, smirking lightly to her.

"Ah, but when did I become Kyuubi-chan "master"?" She purred, strutting seductively toward him, slowly circling him, before leaning up and dragging her tongue along his neck.

Naruto shuddered, stepping back from her. Quickly wiping his neck with his sleeve, he fixed her with an indignant stare.

"I'm sorry Kyuubi-chan, but I can't do anything even remotely sexual with you right now, at this point the thought of doing; that with a fox… Well, it's a bit disturbing to me," he finished lamely. The Kyuubi seemed to glare at him for a moment before dropping her head in resignation.

"Stupid picky masters and they're beastialphobia," she muttered to herself before she seemed to sigh. Everything else was momentarily lost on Naruto though as a blinding flash of chakra obscured his vision.


Groaning awake Naruto tried to take stock of his surroundings, but amidst all the white spots that had yet to recede from his sight, he could barely make out the bars of the cage.

Wait; bars, cage… Oh shit! Naruto quickly jumped to his feet in search of his prisoner, or tried to, but found himself trapped by an unseen force.

Naruto turned his head and gaped silently at the sight currently clinging to his abdomen. Sexy grey-silver eyes, a narrow defined nose, and a luscious wave of ivory hair completed the woman's face.

Eyes traveling farther down, Naruto found himself staring at a set of perky CC's with round pink nipples rising and falling gently with her breathing. Gaze lowering farther still, he gazed upon the toned stomach and nice wide hi-

Naruto stared at the beautiful, beautiful hips, oh kami he could feel himself getting excited. Yep, those were some fine hips! Mmmm, so smooth and toned, they fit right in with the rest of her body. It was an unknown fact to everyone but – his mind stopped before quickly re-iterating; unknown fact to anyone that he was a hips man.

It was one of the strangest and most bland fetishes out there and it turned him the fuck on!

Panting slightly his eyes traveled to her womanhood, and stared at the bare pink lips soaked with her juices. He eyed it hungrily for a moment, before slowly tearing his eyes away, the now heaving sage finally got to her legs, and shuddered in sexual glee.

So long and smooth…

After what seemed like hours he got a good look at her eyes again, and saw them filled with satisfaction and lust.

"Do I please you master?" The smooth, sultry drawl drove him crazy, but he managed to just gain control himself before he banged her through the floor.

Leaning in very close, Naruto gave her his sexiest smile, and whispered in her ear, "I do, very, very much Kyuubi-chan. In fact I like it so much, I think I'll reward you," he nipped at her neck, relishing in her breathy moan.

Kyuubi barely had time to scream before Naruto quickly rammed himself into her, groaning lowly in his throat. Panting, he regarded her with half-lidded eyes. He was ready, and she was going to be sore in the morning.


Naruto began slamming into her at lightning speed (1), quickly putting her over the edge. Minutes later she screamed her release, and came hard against him.

She was jolted out of her pleasurable haze when the blonde slammed her onto her hands and knees, and wasted no time fucking her from behind.


Hours later, they were on their 12th position; reverse cowgirl style if she was correct. Being in control of one's mind while in it gave one wonderful capabilities…

Oh god, she hadn't had sex in sooo long. Kyuubi was actually on the verge of slamming her head against the wall for not doing this earlier; her and her stupid demon pride.

Kyuubi came for the… 9th time? Kind of hard to keep track what with heat and the Adonis below her, she thought quietly to herself. Just as she was about to crawl off to change positions though, something slick, sticky, and hot shot through her.

A choked scream ripped through her through as the wonderful sensation of her lovers cum filled her body. Sighing in ecstasy, she gently rolled off of his body and snuggled up next to him, purring deeply in her throat.

He rolled over and gave her a tired smile, "Enjoy yourself, Kyuubi-chan?" He whispered inquiringly to her, curious to what her reaction would be.

"Ohhhhhhhh yes, Naru-kun, was the best sex of my life," she growled throatily to him. There was a large grin adorning her face and gratitude in her eyes. He smiled, trailing butterfly kisses up along her neck, causing her to gasp lightly.

"Mm, I must be pretty good then, considering all the time you've had to make comparisons," he joked, chuckling quietly when her face turned red with indignation.

"Are you calling me old?" She inquired huffily, "Because I can assure you that this body is most certainly not that of an old woman's!" She declared haughtily, a pleased smirk on her face. His lips quirked up; poor fox had just set herself up.

"No, no, it most certainly is not," he let his eyes roam her body for a few more moments, before bringing his gaze back up to her self-assured eyes, "So, who'd you steal it from?"

The room filled with screams and laughter.


The morning Naruto awoke in high spirits, feeling the comforting warmth of his companion beside him, he gently yawned before looking around. To his surprise, it was pitch black outside. Looking at the clock next to their bed, Naruto gave a start, it said it was only 2:30. But they'd fallen asleep at 12…

Time passed very slowly in his mindscape it seemed.

Shrugging, Naruto snuggled deeper into the covers, shielding himself from the cold. He smiled softly, before falling back to sleep, never noticing the form that had frozen after bumping into the pull-out couch in the room.

Moan mentally sighed in relief and berated herself for her carelessness. She just couldn't stand it though, she was sooooooo horny! Watching them fuck for two hours straight had gotten her wound up really fucking tight! Stupid Whore-Oh, stealing her man.

She slumped down onto the couch, accepting the fact that she would have to wait until morning to get any. She wasn't cruel, she'd let him rest before she had a go at him. She positioned herself and tried to meditate, but… couldn't.

Groaning mentally, Moan pondered this, it had been going since she'd met him come to think of it. She was more… high-strung, wired almost. It made her feel strange, but it wasn't exactly a bad feeling. Shaking her head she lay down; she wasn't getting any meditation done, so she might as well rest up for her sex to-, erm, Naruto, yeah that was it.




Moan awoke before the two bedmates, quietly concealing herself with her psychic powers. She was then put through torture as the two proceeded to do each other for another hour. What was that, round 5? She was rubbing herself gently, in desperate need to get some relief. She wouldn't let herself cum though, that would be reserved for Naruto.

Moan heard the whore whisper something about taking a morning fly, but ignored everything but the fact that the blonde haired human was alone. Giggling slightly, she quickly made herself visible. She watched as his eyes immediately found hers, he was also tensed up in anticipation, she was pleased to note.


Naruto meanwhile had frozen up, staring at the woman across from him; looking at him through half-lidded eyes. She was slowly advancing and Naruto cursed himself for letting Ai leave. Back to the matter at hand though, the horny traitor that was now much closer than he'd previously realized.

'SEX, SEX, SEX!!!' Moans mind screamed desperately to her, Moan didn't even have time to ponder the phenomenon of her having no control over herself. She simply sauntered over to the blonde even faster, sashaying her hips.

Unheeding of his wailing conscious, Naruto's eyes traveled down to stare at her hips as they moved hypnotically.

Quickly composing himself, he looked for a possible escape, and nearly wept with joy when he saw the window uncovered.

Moan had been very careful to cover all of the escape routes, except the window; but they were on the fourteenth floor and she doubted he was suicidal. It was with a satisfied smile that she advanced upon the blonde.

So imagine her surprise when he bolted toward the window, crashing through and plunging to the streets below.

She nearly screamed, and quickly darted out the window into the air. She saw him just as he hit the ground, and her eyes grew as large as saucers when she saw what happened next.

Naruto slammed into the ground roughly, making a small crater, and sprinted off toward the forest, a mere three seconds marking his escape.

When you really thought about it, ninjas were amazing beings. Being able to fall dozens of yards onto concrete with no injuries? Granted he was a jinchurriki, but that was still damn impressive for a human.

Meanwhile Moan and all the other people that had seen this were staring. Several civilians shook their heads dazedly, marking off the thing they had just witnessed as an illusion. Really, that was just silly. Nothing could do something like that except a pokegirl, right?



Ai touched down gently, ruffling her feathers and stretching languidly. She loved a good fly to start her day, sighing in content she started toward the city.

Right as she was about to head off though, a yellow blur appeared in front of her and spun her around several times before stopping. She gasped as she saw it was Naruto, staring intently at her.

"Naruto-kun what's-?" She began before being cut off by his wonderful lips smashing into hers.

After several seconds Naruto pulled back, a dreamy glint in his eyes, "Ah, I needed that," He said dreamily. Finally taking notice of his stunned companion, he began his sheepish explanation, "Er, you see, I –," he began, before he was cut off by a grey blur.


Ai's face slowly contorted in fury as she saw what it was that had just tackled Naruto. Moan! That little bitch! She seethed, staring at the woman currently forcing her vile tongue into her lover's mouth, she was going down!

Moan on the other hand, was busy enjoying herself. Her tongue felt very goodin his mouth, but as she began to furiously rub herself against him, she finally began to take notice of her surroundings. It was just a bit too late though, as she sensed the talon covered foot right before it hit her in the temple.

Ai huffed and blew a strand hair out of her face triumphantly, damn that'd felt good! She quickly helped Naruto up, shaking him by the shoulders a bit to clear his head. She found herself ducking to avoid the Tail-Slap sent her way though. Ai glared heatedly at the form next to her koi, who glared back at her just as fiercely.

"What are you doing here Moan?"

'The real question, Whore-Oh, is what you are doing with my mate,' she communicated telepathically to her. She was very protective of her fuck-buddies, and the reason was quite simple.

You see, Ai and Moan had come to a bit of an agreement a while ago. Since both of them were two of the more… excitable, or needy as it were; of the legendaries (not counting Macavity), they sometimes got into arguments over males.

This had led to them making the rule "Finders keepers, loser's weepers," and it had worked great since then. The only thing they had needed to do to mark their males was a bit of their aura signature to be infused with them.

Ai had broken this rule.

She was not one to back down though, contrary to popular belief. She clicked her talons together and ruffled her wings angrily, looking every bit the bird of prey she was.

"I don't care about the agreement Moan, and my name is Ai now," she spat; she would not let this bitch have her koi. Never, never god damn it, NEVER!

She seemed to snort, 'What kind of name is Ai? Are you really so self-righteous that you renamed yourself "love"?' Ai bristled at the insult, before something came to her mind and she smirked.

"I didn't come up with it Moan, Naruto-koi gave me it because I was faithful and stood by him even after he prevented me from going feral. Shocking isn't it?" She sarcastically asked the now fuming psychic pokegirl.

'You know the circumstances,' she mentally snarled, 'No human could possibly sate my desires for long, I had to cut it off after I calmed him so he didn't get attached!' Ai mentally scoffed at that, oh yeah, he had been totally unattached. The memory of him demolishing a tree with only his pokedex and strength briefly flashed through her mind, causing her to shiver slightly.

"Oh, but Moan, that is where you are wrong. So very, very wrong," she had a glazed look in her eyes that seemed to put out the pokegirl beauty.

'What do you mean? Besides him being very well-endowed,' Moan blushed slightly here in spite of herself, 'He isn't all that special, he couldn't last very long against me, or you for that matter,' she seemed puzzled at the other legendary's persistency, wondering why her fellow legendary was bothering with her mate. Sure he was verygood in bed, but he didn't seem all that special, besides that surge when he got here... No, she couldn't know about that, so what?

"You have become gravely stereotypical towards the human species Moan, and so, when you had the perfect lover in your grasp, you let him go. Do you even know how powerful he is? When he read your info on his pokedex, he got angry and grief-stricken, and threw his pokedex at a tree,"

'So?' She interrupted, irritated at Ai's seemingly rambling.

Off to the side, Naruto could only chuckle to himself ruefully. He had never been ignored in a conversation before. He was Naruto, it just didn't happen, so this was a first for him.

"He destroyed the tree," Ai grinned at the dumbfounded look on the other woman's face, relishing in her shock.

'What?' She questioned disbelievingly. She was about to argue at the impossibility of it before someone cut in.

"Well, it wasn't one my best moments," both women turned to look at their mutual love interest, it seemed they really had forgotten he was there.

"Why are you here Moan?" His voice was calm and controlled, but his eyes sang a different tune. Swirling with anger and pain, they made for a frightening sight. Moan gulped nervously.

'I, ah… wanted to see how you're doing,' Moan communicated, suddenly demure, hesitating slightly at the beginning. Something told her he wouldn't take "sex" as an acceptable answer.

He raised an eyebrow at her, "I don't believe that is why you're here Moan," while Moan tried to think up an answer to that, Ai was busy staring at Naruto strangely.

He seemed so… controlled. Peaceful even, it was different from how he'd been just moments before. It was a good different, she decided.

'Well, I need to have… sex, so that I don't go feral and I was hoping that-,' Naruto cut her off.

"And why can't you just go fuck some sleep-delirious person like normal, why am I so special?" Ai's jaw dropped at the way her koi was verbally manhandling the psychic legendary. This was unbelievable, un-freaking-believable.

'We-w-well…' Naruto stared at the pitiful sight in front of him impassively, this was pathetic, he was barely putting out half of his killing intent and she looked on the verge of a seizure!

He sighed gently and reined in his KI, watching as Moan's body visibly sagged in relief.

"Alright Moan, say I do decide to have sex with you, why should I?" Her eyes, which had been previously shining with hope, fell.

'Well, I just thought that you might want to, seeing as how you seemed to enjoy it before…' She trailed off uncertainly, not having expected to have to give a reason why she deserved it.

Said blondes eyes narrowed dangerously, "Yes, well, that was before I learned I was just a notch in the ol' belt," Moan shuddered at the tone in his voice.

Ai meanwhile, was know the one being forgotten. She was preening herself and watching in satisfaction as the source of her anger was given the tongue-lashing of a lifetime.

Naruto was suddenly very close to Moan, and despite the overwhelming fear that had suddenly consumed her, she could feel herself getting wet.

"I do not like being used Moan, it's happened far too many times to me," he said dangerously, Moans eyes widened in fear at his threatening posture.

Some part of her mind was screaming at the blasphemy of the situation; her, the great Moan was afraid of a human! That part was roughly killed, crushed, and spit on though, in the face of the overwhelming force Whore-Oh called her lover.

And even after all this, she couldn't help but get even more aroused.

Naruto finally took notice of the strange musky scent that reached his nose. It wasn't dissimilar to the one he had smelt in Kyuubi's-

Naruto's face scrunched in disgust, "You're getting off on this aren't you?" His tone wasn't one of accusation, it was matter-of-fact.

Ai jumped up in alarm at that statement, and quickly glanced over Moan, sighting the damp spot on her crotch and the shameful expression on her face.

"Moan!" Ai hissed contemptfully, glaring daggers at her sister.

Grabbing hold of Naruto's arm, she quickly shouldered his bag, "Let's go Naruto-kun, I can't stand having this thing in my sight any longer!" She bit out angrily at the disrespect her fellow legendary had showed her tame- er, equal. Yeah, that was it…

Slowly nodding, without taking his eyes off Moan, Naruto replied off-handedly, "Alright Ai-chan, go back to the hotel, I'll be there in a second," her face was very reluctant, but the pokegirl finally left for the hotel.

"Now," and suddenly, Naruto's eyes were blazing, his body stiff, and an angry frown on his face, "I am going to tell you something,

"I was wronged terribly many, many times in my childhood; but I got past it.

"Years later, mass murderers began killing my friends," his face grew dark. Moan could only stare in incomprehension as a crimson aura shimmered into view.

"I killed them back."

"And while fighting my traitorous best friend, my teammates, my family," Moan was shocked to see his eyes moistening. "Died. And I was transported to this little fucked up planet, after watching all of them get incinerated,"

"I will learn to accept that," his eyes were determined and sorrowful, before his face morphed into a snarl.

"What I will not accept, however, is being used as a living dildo," he grabbed her neck, and lifted her bodily into the air. The aura, which was light and hazy before, was rapidly solidifying. His eyes bled crimson and a crushing force slammed into Moan.

Moan began to choke, staring into the eyes of the frightening creature in front of her.

It never crossed her mind to teleport.

"Are you going to bother me anymore?" His voice brooked no argument, and she could only meekly shake her head in response, to which he grunted, before dropping her on the ground.

Without another word he turned and walked calmly away, not seeing the tears that trailed silently down her face.




Once the duo had made their way onto the trail that led out of town, Naruto sighed; his disposition not to hurt the female species of this planet had already been broken.

His brood-walking was quickly interrupted though, by a purring voice in the back of his mind.

'Nicely done Naruto-kun,' the voice said, dripping with satisfaction.

Naruto's lips quirked ever so slightly.

'Thank you, Kyuubi-chan,'


It had been several days since that incident. We now find our favorite blonde shinobi sitting at the hotel's dining lobby sipping a cup of coffee, his companion next to him, munching on some toast. Things had been a bit tense since Naruto had talked with Moan, and Ai hadn't exactly been sure how to approach him.

Things had smoothed out since then though, it was simply impossible not to feel comfortable and warm around the man. Finishing up their brief breakfast, the two set out to do… something.

"So koi, what are we going to do today?" Ai asked curiously. She glanced at him curiously when he placed their key on the front desk.

"We're leaving Ai, we've been here too long as it is and I've barely gotten anything done," he explained when she caught up with him. She stayed silent for a moment, before speaking up.

"Well, where are we going then Naruto-kun?" She nearly face-faulted though when she saw him shrug his shoulders.

"Not sure, but I'd like to cover a lot of land before sun down," He said nonchalantly. And so they proceeded out of the town and onto the dirt road, "Okay Ai, grab hold," already knowing the drill, Ai grabbed his arm and held on tight.

Everything was bright for about a minute and then they were in forestry. Beside her she noticed Naruto was panting, which meant they had covered a lotof ground. Yep, she thought glancing around, they were way into the forest.

They walked for a while, seeing many pokegirls, but all of them fleeing at the sight of Ai. Finally Naruto called for a stop, and they set up camp.

As they sat next to the fire, Naruto gained a conflicted look on his face. After several minutes of staring into the fire Naruto looked up at her.

"Come here Ai-chan, I have something to tell you," he called nervously, patting his lap. Blushing slightly, Ai obediently sat down, making herself comfortable. He cleared his throat nervously, and she looked up at him.

"What I'm about to tell you is something you musn't tell anyone. I'm about to tell you the reasons for my unusual strength and speed, are you ready?" He asked nervously, and upon seeing the excited glint in her eyes, he began his tale.

"Okay, here it goes," he took a deep breath, "I'm not from this world," he said. Seeing the look of confusion on her face he quickly elaborated.

"I lived in world where… There were no, pokegirls. Everyone fought for themselves, or they died. I've noticed everything here seems a bit mellower, almost shielded. In my world though, brutality was as common as air," Naruto internally was deciding on how to explain his interesting predicament, but in the end decided to wing it.

"In my world, the military was primarily built of Ninja's and Konouchi's," seeing the look of recognition in her eyes, Naruto curiously asked, "You've heard of them?"

"Yes, we have a certain breed of pokegirls here, named Konouchi's," she breathed, wondering if her koi was serious. Naruto's eyes lit up, this would make things a lot easier.

"Well great! Shinobi were only different than Konouchi's in the fact that they were male, we were mostly just called ninja's though," Naruto caught himself going off topic, and quickly got composed.

"Anyways, since you should basically know what we do, I just have to explain to you the other stuff. Ninja's were the worker bees of our world, they did missions, and afterwards they got paid depending on how difficult or important they were. Are you following me?" Seeing her nod, He continued.

"We used attacks which were based in five different groups: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, and Fuujin. They basically translate as follows: Energy Techniques, Style of Hand-To-Hand Combat, Illusionary Techniques, Art of Weaponry, and lastly Sealing," Naruto waited until she had everything sorted out before continuing.

"There were these things though, that some people got thru blood, we called them Kekkai Genkai. They were special gifts only given to certain clans. Their abilities ranged from complete control over ones bones to being able to see through solid objects and obtain 359 degrees vision," after a brief pause, Naruto furthered his explanation.

"There was one such Kekkai Genkai, called the Sharingan, which translates into Pinwheel Eye. It was a strange bloodline, and it came in different stages. The first stage was represented with blood-red eyes and a single comma shaped thing rotating around the pupil. The second was the same but with two commas. Same with the third, the fourth though, could only be obtained by killing your best friend." Naruto held out a hand at the outburst Ai was about to make.

"The stages gave enhanced reflexes, and sight, as well as the ability to copy jutsu. The fourth stage however, was different. It gave the same enhancements the first three did, but better. The comma's bled together in a shape that varied between users, and each user would gain a different set of powers." Who knew talking could be so hard? Naruto was struggling greatly and was just trying to get to the end.

"This form was called the Mangekyou Sharingan, which meant kaleidoscope pinwheel eye. My sensei had one, and we were being attacked by another mangekyou users ability, so he used his on me, his ability was to rip a whole in the space time continuum and send objects to different dimensions," Seeing the horrified look on her face, he grinned weakly.

"Pretty scary, huh?" He asked, to which she could only nod. This was, unbelievable; at first she'd thought he was just lying, or insane, but no one could come up with a lie that elaborate and sincere. She stared at him incredulously for a second before slowly asking him.

"So, what you're telling me is, that that red aura you get when you're angry is normal?" She put emphasis on normal just to get her point across, which seemed to work as his face fell slightly.

"Ah, not quite; you see in my world there were nine beings of immense power, called the Bijuu, or tailed beasts. They're kind of like your legendaries except stronger," he said seeing her about to cut in indignantly, he stared intently at her, emphasizing his next sentence. "They are powerful, so much so that the eight tails alone could probably go toe to toe with your Typhonna," he grinned in satisfaction as she stared in shock at him.

"A-and, there's one stronger than that?" She whispered, suddenly very glad that all they had here was Typhonna, who was in hibernation anyway. He nodded gravely.

"As you can imagine, they were a very real threat to ninja and civilian civilization alike. So the villages came up with a way to contain the beasts, by using the art of fuujin to seal them into human beings," Naruto continued gravely. "These people were called jinchurriki, which translates into Power of Human Sacrifice".

"So what you're saying," she began slowly, "Is that you contain one of these Bijuu?" Naruto nodded slightly, glad that she was catching on.

"The ninth one to be exact, called the Kyuubi," he quipped for her. Naruto stared curiously at her though as her gaze remained calm.

"That's, that's…" And Naruto felt sudden dread envelope him, he'd been cool and level-headed throughout this entire conversation, but; if she abandoned him here…

"That's wonderful Naruto-koi," she said, smiling warmly. It was at that time, that Naruto saw the true her; calm, collected, loving, and warm. He liked this woman, her confidence in him gave him a feeling of accomplishment, like he could take on anything; but first…

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her, "Why exactly is that great?" Here he would have expected her to blush, but she just replied smoothly without missing a beat. Where had this person been when they'd met?

"You want answers don't you? You want to find a purpose and a drive to stay here. That power will go a long way in this world, and the added stamina doesn't hurt," the last part was but a purr, and her deep smooth voice made it sound so sexy that his erection nearly ripped his pants.

Her eyes looked on to the large meaty piece of male anatomy and she grinned at him, tackling him to the ground. She was going to love the hell out of him tonight.

A pair of eyes narrowed, this was… Interesting indeed, no wonder her mother was so flustered around him. This power he spoke of though, if it wasn't a lie, it would be mind-boggling. She would have to watch this one…


"Sir, there has been a disturbance in the Edo league!" A stiff guard man stated, nervously eyeing the man behind the desk. The chair slowly rotated until the person was staring directly at the guard man.

"What kind of disturbance?" His voice was cold and edgy, and it scared the living shit out of the guard.

"Well sir, our men in Edo's reading have been going off the charts, they're saying…" He trailed off, the man's eyes dangerously narrowed.

"What, exactly have they been saying commander?" He questioned dangerously, his voice promising pain if his question wasn't answered properly.

"Th-the signals are saying that there are currently two legendary's near Mallat Town and-," he jerked suddenly, before slowly relaxing and falling forward. There was a small dart in the left side of his neck.

"Is this true?" The man asked seemingly no one, before a shadowy figure stepped out from one of the corners of the room. It nodded slightly, and he smirked, "Send team Alpha, Delta, and Beta, on the double!" He barked, watching the figure fade away.

With a satisfied grunt, he turned back to the large white board in front of him, the emblem of Team Trauma glinting off his back.


Several nights later finds our favorite blonde in his mindscape, talking with his tenant after another session of mating.

"Okay," Naruto began from his seat across from Kyuubi; still in her human form, "I've got a couple questions to ask you before I leave, are you ready?" Seeing the slight look of apprehension on her face, he smiled gently to her, to which she nodded.

"Good, okay then, let's start with your heat," he ignored her flushed face, continuing, "Firstly, I know what a heat is, and you don't literally start radiating absolutely bitchtastical levels of the stuff during one," he acknowledged her with a head bob when she made to talk.

"Well, as you can see, I'm not a normal animal. Being a demoness in heat is very different than being a normal animal in heat," she trailed off for a moment, seemingly contemplating something.

"As a demon, most if not all of our bodies are constructed of youkai, a more potent, dark form of your chakra," she raised a single finger when Naruto motioned for her to get on with it, showing that her point was coming.

"Thus, when we experience heat, our body emits youkai enhanced pheromones, to produce a mate. But since I was trapped inside of your mindscape, my youkai had to come up with another way to attract a suitable mate," she seemed a bit uncomfortable at this part.

"And so, my youkai brought you first to your subconscious, and then proceeded to give you a motivation to seek me out according to your emotions towards me, in this case the scorching temperature."

Naruto slowly nodded, "I, guess I can see how that would work. Alright then, second order of business," she mock cringed, causing him to laugh lightly.

"Moan's bio says she is the eptimum of calm, and yet she has acted like a horny little Sasuke-fangirl (2) since… then," his face was accusing, and she glared at him in indignation.

"And why do you think I have anything to do with this?"

Naruto quirked an eyebrow, "Ai was the same way until just recently, after we had our little romp," she blushed.

"When I went through heat, my pheromones were released out through you. So basically…"

"I was a walking fuck toy?" Naruto asked calmly, but Kyuubi could see the anger growing in his eyes.

"I didn't have any control over it!" Kyuubi hurriedly explained, not wanting to invoke the wrath of the ninja in front of her.

"Then why did Ai get over it when we had sex, but not Moan?" He asked her, that had been troubling him, and he'd be damned if he didn't get some answers.

She hesitated briefly, a contemplative look on her face.

"The only thing that I can think of is that since I didn't go into heat until sometime after you two got it on, while you and your 'Ai' had frequent sessions before and after my Heat was quenched, she is still being mildly effected," She said, unsure of herself.

He stared at her intensely for a couple of minutes, before heaving a sigh and turning away. Kyuubi released the breath she didn't even know she'd been holding.

When he turned back, his face was calm again.

"Why is it that your human form bares virtually no resemblance to your demon form?" Her face flushed, both at the question and the abrupt change of subject.

"Well, I think I look better with light colors, don't you Naruto-kun?" She growled coyly, rubbing up against him, a sly grin on her face. It was pretty obvious she was trying to appease to him at this point.

Naruto's bared his teeth in a vicious smile, further questions could wait; for now…

More noises and screams, this time ones of pleasure, echoed once again through the room.


The next morning saw the duo trekking further into the forest, in search of... well, they didn't know yet.

"Naruto-kun, stop," the abrupt command startled Naruto, who spun to look at her, his eyes questioning. She bit her lip cutely, before speaking up gently.

"We need to have a plan Naruto, if you just wander the world aimlessly, you'll get nowhere," Naruto's eyes bore into her, and she shuffled uncomfortably for a moment. Her eyes hardened, and she stood up straight, staring at him in defiance.

Naruto sighed, sliding down the base of the tree his back had been to. He looked so much older than he should, Ai wondered what had happened to him in his previous life to leave him this mentally damaged.

It worried her.

"I know, Ai, I know. I've been putting it off for far too long already, I just..." He paused here, looking troubled. "I'm just a little troubled at the thought of enslaving women," Ai knelt beside him, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

He smiled up at her, and she got the feeling this one was real. It left her warm.

"All right," he eyed the forest in front of them, a glint in his eyes that had quickly become the bane of Akatsuki and Nuke Nin's existence.

"Let's do this."


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