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This is another small drabble I came up with tonight on a mere whim. It is also based upon some art work of Jeff Thomas (Azuzephre). They are just so darn cute. Look him up and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. It is all just manipulation of the beloved characters born of J.K. Rowling herself.

Italics-are me adding in slight commentary or side facts

Bold-are Harry's own thoughts


While He Was Eating

"Now let's see….Bertie Botts…..mmmm...No." Last time Harry devoured these deliciously mysterious beans…let's just say he ate a pellet of a sort we will not name.

"Do you want one of my Chocolate Frogs?" Ron offered from behind a mouthful of Licorice Wands while holding a half eaten Frog out to Harry.

Harry took one look made a disgusted face remembering the last time he had a Chocolate Frog.

Harry looked under his bed for the two chocolates he had dropped earlier after reading the front page of the nightly edition of The Prophet (He can't quite remember the headline because of what he saw next)when he saw them. There in the back corner were two small frog-like figures doing unmentionable things that will leave the poor green eyed man scarred for life.

"What about some pumpkin pasties?" Fred…no…George?...well for our purpose we'll just call him Forge…Forge held out a suspicious hand with, what an unsuspecting person would believe were pumpkin pasties, suspicious looking items that could just be one of their new products.

"I think I'll pass" Harry said keeping a wary eye on Forge and Gred as well for that matter.

Then uncharacteristically Hermione held out a bag which Harry quickly snatched.

"Thanks Hermione! You're the best!"

Hermione gave a nod and went back to her book with a small smile knowing glint in her eyes.

The bag that Harry was currently opening was filled with brightly colored Gummy Bears of all things.

You may ask yourself why Gummy Bears and why would Hermione be smiling when she should be admonishing her companions for rotting their teeth out with all this sugar (her parents are dentists after all). Well Hermione knows that Harry has very little control over what happens in his life and for whatever reason whenever Harry sinks his teeth into these delicious morsels a wondrously carefree and radiant smile of the lost child within Harry shines brightly for those to see.

Little does she know…

Harry smiles and bites into yet another Gummy Bear on the long ride back to Hogwarts. As he does this he thinks to himself "My favorite thing about eating Gummy Bears is knowing they can't fight back when I bite their heads off."


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