More drabbles to ruin your minds with.

Teen Titans © DC Comics

Mr. Big Hair

Speedy gazed at himself in the mirror. His chiseled face, sparkling emerald orbs hidden behind a mysterious, but suave mask, and his orange hair that he worked on for about two hours stared back. A bright sneer plastered onto himself and the mirror, and he sighed in complete bliss.

He was in his room, door open along with the window. Sitting comfortably on his bed, he quietly laid back, humming to himself as he continued to stare at his face. Speedy smoothed down any randomly misplaced strings, pulling them out to not ruin his "sculpted", as he would claim, face.

"Ah, the face of a Greek god," he cooed, sighing contently.

"Wow, you're not vain or anything."

Whirling around, he found Aqualad leaning against the open door's frame. Speedy inwardly cringed, now wishing he had shut the door. The Atlantean chuckled, crossing his arms as Speedy instinctively snatched for his arrows before relaxing as he stated that Aqualad was not a threat.

"Oh, come on. 'Face of a Greek god'?" he mocked as Speedy reddened.

"…Oh, like you don't spend four hours in the bathroom fixing up your hair! I only take two!" Speedy retorted.

"Okay, I spend an hour because I need the water to breathe."


Aqualad laughed, patting his friend's back. "Don't worry. I won't tell the twins and Bee about this."

Speedy shot a warning arrow at Aqualad's head, meaning him wince. "Yeah, because if you do, let's just say that the pool will be drained and the windows will be barred."

Aqualad gulped.

Truths and Lies

"Ya know what, Robin?"

The Boy Wonder looked over to changeling as Beast Boy paused his video games. "What's up?"

"Did you know that apparently Starfire was sold to be a sex slave to save her planet?"

Robin choked on the soda he was drinking, eyes bulging at the news. Shaking his head to calm himself, he was about to reply when Beast Boy interjected.

"And that Slade got shot in the eye from his estranged wife because he let their kid get his throat cut open?"

"Beast Boy, how do you-?"

"Or that Argent, Hot Spot, Thunder, and Lightning are half-alien?"

"Beast Boy…"

"And that Kid Flash used to have this girlfriend named Francis Kane, but then they broke up and she and Jinx got into a catfight over him that Jinx thought was stupid? Then Kid Flash filmed it so they beat the crud outta him."

Robin remained silent, blinking at Beast Boy as he started to count off his fingers.

"Oh! Pantha and Red Star adopted a cute little guy named Baby Wildebeest, and Cyborg is a pimp and so is Kid Flash and Jericho, and that apparently I'm an angst-ridden adolescent who uses humor to mask his pain, and that Slade is in love with you or you're in love with him and that's why you're so obsessed with him, and your real name is-"

"Beast Boy!"

He paused as he stopped counting his fingers, having gone onto the next hand when he ran out and did not use thumbs.

"Wh-where did you get all of this?" Robin stuttered, blinking behind his mask.



Pairing: One-sided See-more/Jinx, implied Kid Flash/Jinx

Jinx glanced over to See-more, blinking blankly as he called her name for the third time. A delirious air hovered around her, and her pink, cat-like orbs seemed to glaze over. She was sitting on the Hive Five's couch, staring ahead at the pot of freshly plucked roses that was filled halfway with water.

"Uh, Jinx?" See-more waved his hand in front of her face, and she gasped at the glove's intrusion.

"Oh, sorry!" She quickly shook her head, stretching and feigned a yawn. "What's wrong?"

See-more hesitated, looking over to the crimson flowers Jinx blearily gazed at. "I was asking where you got those, uh, gifts. Oh, hey, no way! Did that sonic-runnin' guy come back again? Did he hurt you and try to cover it with that?"

Jinx noted the sudden animosity in his voice, taken aback as See-more sat by her in a huff. "Yes, Kid Flash came and gave them to me, and no, he did not hurt me. He delivered them to me a few minutes ago when you guys went off to annoy the Titans."

"We were robbing the mall, something you like doing." See-more leaned forward towards her, placing a hand to her forehead, asking, "You feeling alright?"

"I'm fine, See-more," she insisted, pushing his hand away with a slight grin.

"But you don't come out with us ever since that…that guy came around." See-more sighed, shaking his head. "I heard what he said to you, and I don't like it. You've been acting strange, like, you ain't been stealing, haven't been as interested in jewelry. It's like you're a whole new person ever since that guy came around!"

"There's more to life than petty thievery!" she snapped, shoving him back.

See-more yelped, falling off the couch and watched in shock as Jinx stormed off. He saw her wipe her eyes as she hurried to her room. He heard her sniffle, getting to his feet as she entered the elevator a few feet away. He watched her morbidly, lips a tight frown as Jinx stared sadly back at him.

"I'm sorry, I'm starting to change," she whispered as the doors closed.

See-more wondered what she meant. The first two words were rare for any self-respecting villainess, but the last four haunted him. She was becoming different than the cocky, tricky girl he had fallen for. Biting his lip, he turned back to the roses Kid Flash gave her and snarled. Snatching the white vase, he chucked it against the wall and incinerated the roses with his heat vision function from his eye. He inwardly cursed Kid Flash for this new Jinx. Why wasn't he good enough? Was he that much of a loser?

On the elevator, Jinx looked at her paler-than-usual reflection. Under her eyes were dark rings of sleepless nights, thinking of what Kid Flash proposed. She smacked the elevator, shouting as she felt the sting of See-more's agonized expression. Running to her room, she shoved the door open and cried openly once they shut safely behind her. Grasping a dark pink unicorn plush, she loathed herself. Weakness seemed to devour her along with self-pity like a wave.

"I am only living on a lie," she whispered through sobs.

Suddenly, a hand clutched her shoulder, and she looked up with shocked eyes to her savior.

"Kid Flash…"

Arm Wrestling

Pairing: Red Star/Pantha

"Aw, come on, Thunder, you cannot be chicken," Pantha sneered, ruby lips curving up to a smirk.

Thunder frowned as Lightning snickered tauntingly. "I am not a fowl."

"Sure, you're not." Pantha continued grinning as Thunder inwardly fumed.

"But why won't you, Thunder?" Red Star asked curiously. "It is only us."

Thunder continued glowering at Pantha. "Because this is utmost annoyance. I do not wish to partake."

Lightning smirked, arms crossed. The four were hanging out in Titans South's living room where Red Star and Pantha had been invited over to help stop a super strong villain named Sarge. Through the combined efforts of Pantha, Red Star and Thunder, they were able to key in victory. However, Lightning mocked his brother on his lack of strength and challenged Pantha to arm wrestle his brother in hopes of saving Thunder's faltering pride that he caused to diminish. While she was ecstatic on proving her dominating power, Thunder was not as keen.

"Come now, brother! She is only a woman," Lightning urged, patting his shoulder. "She is weaker."

Pantha blinked at Lightning's statement. She walked over to Lightning and snatched his alabaster hair. Whipping him across the room, his shrill cry was music to her ears as he landed into the cabinet. Lightning's eyes rolled in his head before flopping onto his stomach.

Red Star whistled, smiling at the Latina. "Very nice."

Pantha blushed at the attention, crossing her arms as Thunder nudged Lightning with his foot. "Eh, he was being a brat."

"Though, Thunder…" Red Star gestured for him and Pantha to sit, and they did. "…I made a bet with your brother. He is optimistic for you, but I truly believe that Pantha can defeat you. I'm sorry, but that is what I think."

Perplexed, Thunder sighed and placed his arm on the table with a confident. "I shall prove you wrong. For my brother, I shall win."

"Now, we are talking!" Pantha jeered, slapping her hand into his.

Red Star continued to grin, and Lightning limped back to his brother, cheering him on. Their strength matched, moving each other slight centimeters in their favored direction before pushing back to the middle. Pantha growled, glaring at the blue elemental darkly as veins started popping up on her hand. Thunder grunted, eye twitching and gripped her hand tighter. Gasping, she kept her strength pinned on her wrist to prevent Thunder from pushing anymore.

"Yes, brother! Another push, and you are victorious!" Lightning gleefully clasped his hands together, laughing in amusement.

"Rosabelle, you can do it. Do not give up," Red Star gently urged.

Something inside Red Star's words inspired a spark to rise up within her. Pantha suddenly gave short roar and actually heaved Thunder's arm to crash into the table and throw him out the window. The last part was by pure accident and an adrenaline rush. Thunder screamed until he hit the pavement below.

"Oh, Hsuan! Thunder!" Lightning wailed, flying out the broken window. From below, Pantha and Red Star could still make out his whining. "Hsuan, that was pathetic. I cannot believe that you lost!"

"Do not start with me, you brat!" Thunder snapped, face embedded into the ground with his arm waving wildly.

"I swear, I didn't mean that," Pantha quickly stated as she and Red Star watched Lightning tap Thunder with is sandal until he swatted him away. "I think I just stripped Thunder of whatever dignity he had going for him."

"That was incredible," Red Star replied, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

A meek redness came to grace her cheeks. "W-well, it was, uh, thanks to you." At his confused stare, she smiled bashfully. "Uh, what you said when Thunder was beating me. It sorta…jumpstarted me."

Red's Star kind, pacifistic grin melted her heart as he kissed her cheek. "I am glad I could be of help."

Meanwhile, Thunder and Lightning were having a brawl in the middle of the street. Moving on.


Starfire was ten when Blackfire killed right in front of her. Blackfire, older, wiser, stronger, and more cynical, merely stared right at the Gordanian's corpse that had attacked them in hopes of capturing the favored princess. The monster's green blood was splattered on her arms. Galfore stood behind Starfire, than known as Koriand'r, with his eyes wide in shock. Blackfire, then known as Komand'r, calmly disposed of the blood by wiping it off, smirking as she stepped towards her frightful younger sister.

"Just look at this, Kory," she sneered in their planet's tongue, shoving her back into Galfore, "the 'beauteous, normal heir' to the throne is what the peasants call you. Just because I look different, it means nothing! Black hair, purple eyes, ha! I look better than you, sister. I can kill. That's what makes me better. We're at war. There's no way you could lead."

With that, Komand'r flew off until she was a violet streak in the sky, wearing her proper black dress. The Gordanians were ruthlessly attacking, stirring up war. Koriand'r was unsupportive of the way, but she knew that they were after the princesses which included herself and her brother, Prince Ryand'r. This made her want to become stronger, mentally and physically, but killing seemed extreme, especially since it occurred right in front of her eyes.

"Princess," Galfore whispered, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"No, Galfore, I am fine. My sister…she feels the pain of persecution. Since she is different, people think she is an unworthy heir, but she is the first-born, the rightful heir to the throne, not I." Her head went to her chest, clenching the rims of her white dress. "This has made my sister bitter and angry. I wish I could understand, but I cannot."

Galfore hugged the young princess, picking her up and whispered, "Don't worry. Your sister is strong, but vain, and her heart cannot match the valor in your's."

Koriand'r smiled, emerald orbs shimmering as Galfore carried her back to the castle on his broad shoulder. However, pangs of agony came for her beloved sister. Komand'r would glare and taunt Koriand'r, defeating her in vicious battles, races, being better than her each time. Yet, she could pity Komand'r for the secret, jaded whispers from the darkness. People would jeer at her for her megalomania and appearance. It was the only advantage Koriand'r had over her older sister, and she wished she did not.