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They have been friend's since childhood. Closer than most sibling's. Always there when things go wrong, and aways there for the best things that happen. But Bella is having feeling's for both , confusing and heart racing feelings. Her desires have changed , friendship - want - need. But for which one ? How could she choose between them ? Lately though , she's been thinking , why should she choose?

Chapter 22


That fucking little whore! Spreading her legs for him...Jasper fuckin Whitlock! I'm going to fuck-up that so-called pretty face of his! Bella, dear,sweet...fucking-little whore, Bella...I guess I need to make her remember her place!

Scowling and still muttering to myself, the screen door slam behind him and he could hear giggling from 'his significant other.' Stupid, irritating thing she is. But, she has a hole, and well, I'm all man. She was standing in front of me, smiling and giving me a once over. Why are all women whores?! Grabbing her to me, lifting so she wraps those long legs around me, I turn back into garage and half sit and half lay on closest car.

Like a good little whore she's rubbing against me, pushing up into my hard cock. Good, right to the show. Reaching into between her legs, and finding what she considers panties, I reach top of the them and quickly rip them from her. She moans and reaches for the button and then zipper of my jeans tugging them down. She coos and looks up at me through her lashes. Why the fuck to women think that works for them?! Most of time it makes them look a simpering idiot!

Whatever, I just want a fuck, a quick relief and energy expending diversion. Pushing her knees even further apart and pulling her lower off car, I take the plunge. She lets a small squeal. Another fucking annoying habit women have! In...out...stupid-bitch huffing like she's doing all the work! A freaking dead woman gives more action!

I reach out, cup her so fake, high breasts and give the a good squeeze. But...well I wanted to see how far I could push her. So, I squeezed until she started to squirm and then gasped and let out small cry. I start pounding into her harder and harder, her gasped turn into grunts and startled cries. She tries to push her self up, I grabbed her neck and pushed her back down, holding her there.

Faster...harder...squeeze just a little more. Ohhhhh fuck, I need this! But, the face looking at me starts to fade and is replaced by one that I've dreamed about for so long now. My beautiful Bella...the fucking little whore! Suddenly, her eye's seem to bulge and grow bigger and I could feel her hands and nails as she tries to me to release her.

Throwing my head back...of yea...fuck...one, two, three more thrusts...ARRRR! God, needed that! Dam, laying on her...I almost laughed out loud seeing her looking at me...what does she really think I'm going to kill her? Or something?! So, give her what I hope is a sheepish-look, but also a small quick squeeze and release her from my grasp. I pull away from her and step back.

She slid from back of car onto the floor of garage like a rag-doll. I do chuckle then, quietly to myself and turn around so she doesn't see the smile. After tucking away and zipping and straightening myself, I turn back to her and she still resembles that overly fucked rag-doll. Looking closer, I see big tears in her eye's and that...well, wholly fucking shit! I did laugh out loud then, "Don't even try that shit," waving my finger around my own eyes, "You came to me, and I gave you exactly what you wanted." I turn away from her, and start walking to the house, stop and half-turn, "You should be happy that's all I needed tonight."

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