Author's Note: Got bored and had the strong urge to write more lovely Joker/Crane pornography...Enjoy.^^

Joker was hard as hell and he would be damned if he wasn't going to get Jonathan in a similar mood tonight. His brown eyes locked on Crane's pale ass as he unzipped his fly and guided his member, flushed with sexual heat, through the opening. The shirtless clown spat on his bare hand and ran his slick palm back and forth over his hard cock. Jonathan watched his dominant partner out of the corner of his eye with anticipation as he was pressed up front-first against the wall. Crane had absolutely no idea where the parking garage they were in was, and he didn't care - all he wanted was Joker inside him, Joker licking him, Joker touching him, Joker loving him. . .

Impatient, filled with lust, the clown gripped Jonathan's waist and entered him, eliciting a moan from his partner. He snarled with feral hunger and licked and nipped at Crane's neck as he began the old in-out, in-out, feeling the weaker man writhe between himself and the wall, Jonathan's mewls encouraging him. Joker grabbed Crane's dick and began to massage it as he moved faster.

His bright blue eyes fluttered shut, and Jonathan's awareness faded to the sense of touch alone: his fingertips, with their long nails, clawing at the concrete wall before him; the cool night air wisping along his bare torso; Joker's breath, exhaling in beats upon his neck; Joker's teeth and tongue, raking his skin; Joker's calloused hands, caressing his pulsing, erect cock. . .

The clown felt Jonathan shudder, and watched as gooseflesh rose on Crane's body, his nipples hard; Joker pulled at the pink flesh, relishing Jonathan's moans.. He had brought Jonathan here naked, a prize of the war on keeping Gotham's insane locked up, shall we say. He knew Crane had to keep the psychos locked up lest the authorities raise questions - and besides, enclosing them in cells did have its experimental advantages, even the clown could see that - but it provided a hindrance for henchman-gathering. And, after realizing that the man he had just ineffectively sprayed with fear toxin was his lover, Jonathan had come with him willingly. Oh, so willingly. . .

Jonathan arched against the Clown Prince, whimpering for more, the feeling as if he were being split in two rather welcome and quite pleasing. His dick felt like it was going to burst open from the strain.

"You whore," Joker snarled, giving up on Crane's neck and concentrating solely on his more-important thrusts; it was part of the game, the doctor simpering under the names like a true member of what he was as the clown pounded into him for all it was worth. "You slut. You give yourself so easily to me - do you like this?. . ."

Jonathan whimpered and nodded vigorously. "M-more, oh god. . ."

The Joker chuckled. "I am god."

Crane moaned again, turning his head towards the clown as Joker leaned around and caught the doctor's lower lip between his yellowed teeth. He chewed lightly; Jonathan moaned slightly louder as the pad split with a sharp burst of pain and blood trickled down his chin. Joker licked the crimson away and growled with pleasure as his tongue was allowed into the doctor's mouth; Crane's neck was twisted painfully tight, but at this point he didn't really care.

All too soon the clown broke away; they could both feel their loins tighten more as it neared - nothing this good ever seemed to last. . .

Jonathan cried out as he spilled his seed upon the pavement, feeling Joker ejaculate within him at that same instant. The clown pulled out, their cocks wilting as their lust was temporarily sated; Jonathan leaned against him, sighing.

Joker gazed out into the night, grinning. "Gets better every time."