A/N: Spoilers for chapter 100.

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"Lieutenant!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. He watched in horror as she collapsed with a thud on to the cold, hard, concrete floor. Crimson blood began to pool around her, staining her golden tresses which were splayed about her. His heart started beating rapidly while his stomach twisted in knots.

"Lieutenant!" he shouted again. She didn't respond and remained motionless. This couldn't possibly be happening, not to his indestructible first lieutenant. This had to be a nightmare. He clenched his eyes shut and willed the abominable sight that was burned in to his eyes to disappear. Yes, it had to be a nightmare. And as soon as he opened his eyes it would be over. Gradually, he opened eyes and silently prayed that she would be all right. Unfortunately, the nightmare was real, and she was still lying on the floor covered in her own blood.

"Damn it Lieutenant! Get up! I ordered you not die so don't you dare disobey me!" he screamed. She still didn't respond and he struggled desperately to escape from the grasp of the monsters that held him down. He wanted to, no, he needed to be by her side. Without her he was nothing. Without her he would have died long ago. Without her life wasn't worth living. Without her he was useless.

Yes, she had said once before that he was useless. Now he realized just how useless he really was. He was useless because he couldn't do anything to save his dearest, most loyal, most trustworthy friend. All he could do was watch helplessly as her life slowly drained away. It shouldn't end like this, she deserved so much better. He continued to struggle to break free from his captors but immediately stopped when he heard something that made his blood run cold.

"I'm…so sorry…Colonel".

Sorry? What could she possibly be sorry about?

"I'm sorry" she repeated with a shaky voice, her body trembling ever so slightly. "I'm sorry that… I have… to disobey you".

"Damn it Riza! You can't die on me! Do you hear me?! I need you to keep on living…please!" he begged. His eyes locked on to hers. She was crying. He said that he wanted to see her beautiful, pure tears again, but he never imagined that their current situation would be what triggered the tears. Suddenly, he felt something wet against his cheeks and realized that he was crying too. He cried because that was all he could do for her.

I really hope that Riza doesn't die in the manga. She's my favorite character.