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This IS a spin-off of the vocaloid song Prisoner. I love Vocaloid! I actually came upon the idea while listening to the song on my mp3 player and imagining that video playing out- except replacing Len with Alfred, Rin with Arthur, and the evil camp soilder with Russia. lol I hope you guys like this fanfic! I'm really looking forward to writing it!

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Summary- As Alfred hits rock bottom in the Russian prison camp, a boy named Arthur appears on the other side of the fence. As the two form a strong friendship, the prison owner starts to act- in most brutal and unfortunate ways! USXUK, RussXUS.

Warnings: Much angst. and blood. Thats all in this chappy.

I apologize in advance for my crappy grammar!


Chapter One- Reality and Chance



"No! I dont want it. You eat it, Ravis."1

Alfred quickly pushed the plate of mashed potatos and bread pieces back to the small boy. Ravis looked up. His round blue eyes were filling up with tears. He quickly brought his hand up and wiped the forming tears away, his face changing abruptly into a scowl.

"Fine! But please promise me you wont do something like that while he is watching, okay?" Ravis took Alfred's hands and gave them a soft squeeze.

Alfred gritted his teeth and looked away from Ravis, "Look, I didnt know he was watching me, okay!?"

Ravis gave a small smile. He grew very sad for Alfred. Alfred usually held such confidence and courage; he was always cheering him up whenever he came back with new scars. Lately though, Alfred only held Ravis when he came back. He never told stories of hope and freedom, and it was all that mans fault.

"I know, Alfred. Just be aware of who is around you."

Ravis let go of his hands and reached for his plate. He pulled his spoon from his pants pocket, then scoped up some of the mush.

"Here!" Ravis smiled, holding his outstretched hand holding the spoon towards Alfred.

Alfred rolled his eyes but smiled back warmly, his vibrant blue eyes crinkling at the corners.

"You never give up, do you?"

"Thats what I learnerd from you!" Ravis grinned.

Alfred gave a chuckle and reached out to take the offering.

"And what do you think you are doing? Ravis?" A voice asked with a cheerful yet cold tone from behind Ravis.

Alfred froze. Ravis was suddenly yanked upwards. The spoon clattered on to the cement floor, the food splattering in all directions. Ravis gave a strangled cry as he was slammed against the building wall.

"Well? You have a answer, da?" The man pressed his arm firmly across the small boys throat, cutting off his air. A smile played upon his full lips.

"Dont! How can he answer you if you are choking him to death!?" Alfred sprang from his sitting posistion on the cold floor and fisted his hands at his sides.

The man turned towards Alfred, putting more pressure on Ravis's throat. His smile spread wider.

"Ah! Little Alfred. Playing hero again, da?"

Alfred narrowed his eyes, glaring at the tall man. The man, in return, grinned now. He had a perfect set of teeth that was snow white. Almost as white as his hair which was layered and hung down to his chin in the front, though shorter in the back. His deep violet eyes piercing through Alfred's clear blue ones.

Ravis let out another gasp, his squirms starting to lessen. Alfred stopped glaring and glanced, panicked, at his best friend who was getting closer to deaths door. He rushed over to the man and pulled at the arms holding Ravis captive.

"Please! He was trying to share his food. But I wasnt going to eat it! I swear!" Alfred's eyes betrayed him and spilled a trail of tears. He blinked them back in vain.

The tall man smiled and finally let go of Ravis who gave a cough and fell to the floor. He began to tremble harshly, his eyes unfocused and unseeing staring at the floor.

Alfred placed himself in front of Ravis, shielding him, "Dont punish him. I take responsibility."

"Da? You will?" He smirked darkly. Just what he had hoped for.

Alfred let out a shaky breath.


"Yes what, little Alfred?"

"Yes Ivan." Alfred spat out.

Ivan leaned forward and quickly grabbed Alfreds chin. He gave a chilling smile.

"I cant wait, little Alfred. Same time then, da?" Ivan then brushed his lips across Alfreds. Alfred gasped at the unexpected warmth and flinched back. Ivan chuckled at his reaction then let go and walked away.

Alfred took a few seconds to stop shaking then knelt down to Ravis and helped him up.

"I- I'm so- so sorry Alfred! I let you down!" Ravis whimpered, and like a dam breaking, a new cascade of tears welled up and spilled from his eyes. He was still trembling badly.

Alfred shushed Ravis and whispered that it was all going to be fine. He helped Ravis get to their sleeping cell, and gently lay him upon the bed. Alfred gently began combing Ravis's golden-wheat hair, calming the boy. Ravis quickly fell asleep. Alfred got up and exited the cell. He walked out of the building, passing people coming in from their days work. He and Ravis had the weekends off for some unknown reason. But Alfred suspected it was Ivan who gave them the days off.

Alfred finally reached his favorite place of the prison yard. It was the only grassy patch in the whole prison and it was right up against the fence wall. Small flowers were starting to pop up from among the grass. While there was still snow about, it was the start of spring. Alfred smiled at the sight then took a seat, his back agaisnt the barbed wire.

"Where are my eyes?
Where is my lip?
Why is here a place
cold darkness here? "

Alfred heard a twig snap behind him and stopped singing. He peered through the fence behind him. But he couldnt see anything and decided it must have been a chipmunk or some other animal. Ha turned back around and began to sing the again.

"There are children playing
in a mirror.
laughter does not leave under the

Red blood gets my body wet.
And who is killing me?

Where is my hair?
Where is my foot?
Why is here a place cold darkness here?

want to feel warmth of
skin gets wet as having got wet
and rain.
And who is killing me?"

Alfred finished the haunting song that never leaves his memories. He sometimes sings it to Ravis at night. It strangly calms them both. Another snap of a twig sounds, this time followed by someone muttering.

"Bloody hell!"

Alfred's eyes went wide as saucers and he quickly got up and backed away from the fence.

"Who's there! Come out and show yourself!" Alfred edged further away.

"Dont be scared. Its just me." From out of the trees stepped a boy about Alfreds age.3 He had sandy-blonde hair that was of medium length. Alfred let out a snort which he quickly tried to cover up. The stranger had very large eyebrows. Somehow though, it suited him. Alfred saw the man narrow his eyes at him from the snort he let out. The mans eyes were a shocking emerald.

"Whats so funny?" The man huffed out, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Sorry. Nothing." Alfred smiled at the strange man.


Alfred gazed at the mans attire which consisted of a green sweater vest over a white-collared shirt. He wore green and blue plaid slacks. Alfred raised a eyebrow.

"And where did you come from? You certainly are not a native to Russia by the sound and looks of you."

The man flushed a bright red.

"My name is Arthur Kirkland. I'm a decoder clerk for the British Navy." The man shuffled his feet nervously.

"And do you know what you stumbled upon Arthur?" Alfred asked silently.

Arthur looked up and glanced past the fence. His eyes bulged and his mouth hung open unspoken.

"I- It can't be." Arthur whispered out.

"Yes, it is. You just found yourself a Russian prison camp." Alfred replied coldly.

"I never knew.....We didn't know one was by this town." Arthur choked out.

Alfred gave a harsh laugh which ended in a cough.

"Yea, ugh, they usually are pretty well hidden."

"Whats your name?" Arthur looked at Alfred in concern.

"My name is Alfred F. Jones. I am an american who was captured in the city of Minsk in Belarus.4 Me and my division were trying to sneak into Russia."

"And how long-?"

"About four months." Alfred cut in.

Arthur counted back. It was April 8th today, so four months back would be....

"Since December." Alfred replied quickly, not waiting for the man to do the math.

"Oh my god." Arthur was horrified, "I must inform my troops at once!"

Arthur started to turn around and leave, but Alfred shot his hand through the wires and grabbed Arthurs shirt, wincing as the barbed wire sliced his hand.


Arthur jolted and turned back around.

"And why the bloody hell not!?" Arthur whispered out angrily.

Alfred froze. He didn't know. Why did he say that? Alfred glanced back towards the buildings and found a pair of piercing violet eyes gazing at him. He choked and quickly let go of Arthurs shirt, giving a feeble push.

"GO NOW! RUN!" Alfred glanced back at Ivan and saw he was walking briskly over to where he was. His stomach knotted in fear and he looked back into the brits alarmed emerald eyes.

"But...." Arthur pathetically whispered out.

"Go! Please!"

Arthur nodded and turned from Alfred. He leaped over a fallen tree and vanished into the forrest. Alfred turned around quickly and crashed into something.

That something was Ivan.


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