Five Things the Walburga Black Wished She Had Said

i. "I don't want to marry him"

She didn't want to marry Orion. It wasn't anything against him, but who wants to marry their second cousin. Even though she believes that purebloods are superior in every way, she happens agree with that one muggle who said that you shouldn't marry anyone you know how closely you are related. She promises to herself that if she ever has a daughter, her husband wouldn't share her last name. She thinks about refusing to marry him. But when her father comes in to tell her of the offer, she dutifully nods her head and tells him she will begin plans immediately. She is a Black and a Black is all she will ever be.

ii. "Be more like your brother"

She did say this often, but to the wrong son. She always tells Sirius that he should be more like perfect, poised Regulus who will sit still for family gatherings and never questioned anything. Inside, she wants to scream at Regulus to remember that he was child and deserves to have some fun. That didn't mean he needed to become another Sirius putting worms down Narcissa's dress and breaking five hundred year old vases, but he should crack a smile more often. It made her sad that he was already a Black, old before he had a chance to be young.

iii. "Come home"

She cried when Sirius ran away for good. It didn't matter that they fought often and bitterly. He was still her son and she loved him as much as her Black emotions would let her. She understood that they were simply two sides of a coin, stuck together but unable to see the other side. When he split them apart, the house became too quiet, too still. All the emotion had disappeared with Sirius. She hated herself for the rage that caused her to blast him off the Tapestry. She hated that the last emotion the house had was so ugly. But mostly she hated her ridiculous Black pride that kept from telling Sirius to come back home. Besides, he wasn't a Black anymore; he was a Potter, a Pettigrew, a Lupin, or according to Regulus, a Marauder. Only Blacks can call Grimhold Place home and Sirius wasn't a Black anymore.

iv. "I am proud of you"

She never said to either of her sons. The closest she came to those five words was to Regulus when he got to the Mark and that was "You did your duty to your family." Regulus always tried to make her proud with his efforts in school or in the family. She should have rewarded him with those five little words, but they didn't come. She just watched coolly as the next time he tried harder. She should have told Sirius she was proud of him for his spectacular O.W.L.S or ability to use spells outside of class. She should have told him how proud she was that he didn't cave into the pressure of his family. She was proud of both her sons, but emotion wasn't something Blacks show and she was always a Black.

v. "How could you?"

She wanted to storm into Azkaban and demand he tell her. How dare he fall from grace. He was the best and worst thing that the Blacks had ever produced, even if he wasn't a Black anymore. It amused her that fact didn't matter to most people. To be honest, it was the basis for their case against him and it was a lie. It didn't matter to Barty Crouch that Sirius hadn't been a Black for years, he still shared the last name. She didn't know if she wanted the accusations to be right or wrong. She frankly didn't care. She wanted to know why he ruined everything for a man that he turned down so many years before. She wanted to know how he could betray his friends. But, mostly, she wanted to know when he did he become a Black again?

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